7 Fun Games To Help Your Child Have An Interesting Halloween Season

Despite its origins in Western countries, Halloween has become a much-awaited festival in many other countries every end of October. On this day, many parents want to design for their kids some fun games with hope to help children enjoy the special atmosphere of Halloween and know about mystical legends in Western countries associated with the festival, but does not cause the child to be obsessed with fear.

Here are some fun games that parents can design and play with their children.

1. Spider Web Walking



Materials: 1 roll of masking tape, some plastic spiders, rewards (example: 1 glowing stick) and some paper ghosts (to increase difficulty if the original version of the game is too simple simple for children).
Game Design: Stick the adhesive tape on the floor in a complete or partial spider web shape, depending on the floor area. Clearly mark starting position and ending position. Place a few prepared plastic spiders around the web and place the reward in the center of the web.
How to play: This one can be considered as a survival game for kids, take your child’s task and walk on the web and pick up all the spiders and rewards without falling off the web. To complete tasks, children need to make good use of balance and problem solving skills.
The advantage of this game for kids is the difficulty – the ease of the game can be adjusted easily depending on the age of the child. For example, to increase the difficulty, parents can ask the child to walk with their toes, they can step through without touching the paper ghost (if adding paper ghosts on the spider web) or limit the time for each child’s play.

2. Pumpkins smashing

Materials: 1 plastic sheet or plastic board, 1 sheet of cloth just enough to cover the board, cloth tape, some wall hangers, 35 orange balloons, confetti (using chopped paper), candy, balloons, green cardboard for cutting pumpkin stalks, ribbons, T-pins, plastic pins.
Game Design: Cover the board with cloth, fix the back with tape. Attach the panel to the wall with a wall hook. Pour confetti (using a funnel) and candy into the balloon. Leave some of the balls blank to increase the suspense of the game. Pump balloons and knots. Attach the balloons to the plastic sheet into a pumpkin shape. Cut the stem of the pumpkin in a pattern and attach it with a T-pin. Tie the ribbon to a plastic pin and have it play with your child.
This game is best suited for children 6 years and older. Plastic pins make it easier for small children to break balloons, but replacing them with darts will increase the difficulty of the game for older children.

3. Spooky Bowling
Materials: 1 wooden board 135x9x3cm size, sandpaper 60 roughness, spray paint, gloves, multicolored marker pens, fake eyes, craft paper, scissors, bouncing ball and glue gun.
Game Design: Cut the wooden board into 6 wooden pieces with size 22x9x2cm. Edging of edges. Paint one side of the piece of wood with your favorite color, let it dry for 1 hour. Repeat the process with the other side.

Decorate each piece of wood with craft paper, artificial eyes (using glue guns) and marker pens. Use a whiteboard pen to draw an eye on the bouncing ball and use it as your child’s bowling ball. Position wooden blocks to simulate your bowling goal.

4. Monters Hunting

Materials: 14 pictures of monsters (the number of pictures depends on the number of words in the phrase children need to guess), a blank sheet of paper, pen.
Game Design: Print each picture of the monster on paper. Write “HALLOWEEN HAPPY” on the white paper. On the back of each monster picture, write one of the letters in the phrase “HALLOWEEN HAVE FUN”, so each picture will correspond to a letter in that phrase. Hide pictures in different parts of the house.
How to play: Children will go find each monster. Once found, the child will place the monster on the corresponding letter on the paper until all the monsters are found and all the letters are covered by the monster. When your child completes the game, give them an incentive.

5. Balloons catching

Materials: orange balloons and funnel (minimum one ball and one funnel per child).
Game Design: Blow balloons and knots. Give each child a funnel and a balloon.
How to play: In this game, your child has to bounce the ball and try to catch the ball using the funnel. The game will only end when the child has “exhausted” from running and playing for a long time.

6. Throw the witch ring

Materials: 1 colored plastic sheet, black cardboard, throwing ring (the number of rings corresponds to the witch’s hat), colored paper corresponding to the ring color, glue gun.
Game Design: Cut the round base of the hat and the top of the hat from the black cardboard. Use a glue gun to attach the base to the hat to the colored plastic sheet and the tip of the hat to the base of the hat. Cut colored paper into any shape and attach to the top of the hat to mark the location to throw.
Parents can be more competitive in the game by calculating points for each successful throw: the harder the throw position, the higher the score will be scored; Or increase the difficulty by choosing rings of different sizes: the smaller the ring, the harder it is to hit, but the more points you can score if you hit it.

7. Hit the pumpkins

Raw materials: 1 cardboard, watercolor, scissors, scissors, a paper knife, a few small balls.
Game Design: Use scissors to cut the cardboard into a pumpkin shape. Note: cut the bottom of the pumpkin into a flat base to keep the pumpkins standing. Use a paper knife to cut the pumpkin’s eyes, nose, and mouth so that it looks like a pumpkin lamp face. Note: the eyes, nose, and mouth of the pumpkin need to be big enough for a small shadow to pass through. Color the pumpkin.
How to play: This game is suitable for groups of 2-5 children. Each child can throw small balls 3 times. To increase competition for the game, parents can award prizes to their children based on the number of times they hit, for example: win 0 times = Consolation prize, win 1-2 times = First prize and win both 3 times = Special prize.
In conclusion, during the COVID 19 pandemic, we should keep social distance to protect health. For children, we believe above are the best games to enjoy at home on Halloween season.