7 Tips for Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for Winter


Winter is almost here, and if you haven’t
already, now is as good a time as any to prepare. Winter
can be quite harsh on your home’s exterior
, which is why these preparations
are so important. If you don’t prepare, you leave yourself open to a lot of
serious issues. Thankfully, getting your home prepared doesn’t take too much
effort, all in all. In order to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 7
tips for preparing your home’s exterior for winter.


a house during winter with snow everywhere


1. Check your home’s exterior for problems

The first step in preparing your home’s exterior for winter is checking
for any problems which might be present
. Take a close look at your home,
and be thorough when looking at the roof, drainage, gutters, chimney, walkways
and driveways, hard exterior surfaces, and your patio or deck. If there are any
problems you can spot, make sure to have them fixed as soon as possible. What
might seem like a minor issue can quickly escalate into a much bigger one. And,
all things considered, these more significant problems can be much more complex
and expensive to deal with. Additionally, you should also give some attention
to your home’s interior as well. Consider some
ways to declutter
your home
before winter so that you can stay organized.


The first step when preparing is to check for any problems.


2. Get your roof

Taking good care of your roof is fairly important, no matter the time
of year. But, all in all, it becomes even more important in winter, and getting
your roof cleaned in time is essential. Roof cleaning helps you prevent the
buildup of mold, mildew, and dirt. Additionally, a properly maintained roof can stay dry longer, which is pretty important. That said, cleaning your
roof by yourself isn’t something we can recommend. This is because cleaning
a roof can be dangerous
, so consider hiring professionals as
pros can do this
. Another great reason you shouldn’t clean your roof but leave it to
professionals is that it can reveal cracks and leaks. Needless to say, these
should be fixed as soon as possible, as they can escalate very quickly. And
when these problems escalate, they can lead to structural damage to your home.

3. Check your
home’s siding

Siding is a big part of curb appeal, but that’s not why you should
check it before winter. Siding is an important part of your home’s
since it’s essentially a jacket for it. So, if your siding is
damaged, your home’s insulation won’t be effective. And, if left for too long, it will likely get damaged as well. Insulation can be particularly
complicated to replace during winter, so making sure nothing goes wrong is
fairly important. When checking the siding, keep an eye out for any holes or
cracks, and if you spot any, make sure you fix them ASAP. And when it comes to
staying warm, you should consider what
the best fireplace
for all seasons is
. After all, you should make sure you can warm up
the interior of your home effectively.


Your home’s siding is an essential part of the insulation.


4. Protect your
deck or patio before winter

If you have a deck or patio, then you should give it some attention before
winter comes. No matter what kind of material it’s made of, it needs to be
properly protected to make it through undamaged winter. This involves
preventative maintenance, such as sealing both wooden and concrete patios.
Cleaning is also an important step, as it allows you to protect the materials.
Restoration is a good idea for any wood surfaces on your deck or patio. All in
all, doing a full round of maintenance before winter is a must.

5. Seal cement
walkways and driveways

Seen as though they’re the main access points to your home, you must
also prepare your walkways and driveways. Concrete sealing is a process that prevents
concrete from developing new cracks
, which is essential for winter. During
winter, concrete cracks much more easily, and since replacing concrete takes a
lot of time and money; you should make sure this doesn’t happen. Of course,
this should be done after filling in all cracks which are already present.


Protecting your walkways and driveways is vital when preparing for winter.


6. Check your
gutters and downspouts

Another essential tip for preparing your home’s exterior for winter is
checking and cleaning your gutters and downspouts. This is because clogged
gutters and downspouts can lead to many problems
that are pretty costly to
fix. This includes water damage, structural damage, ice dams, flooding, etc.
All in all, cleaning your gutters and downspouts before winter is a vital
step in your preparations
and shouldn’t be ignored. Additionally, the
process is neither long nor particularly difficult, so there are no excuses to
leave your gutters untouched. That said, if you wait too long, the cleaning can
get much more difficult. For example, if your gutters start to freeze due to
the cold, it will take much longer to clean them properly.

7. Caulk around
windows and doors

Windows and doors are the most significant weak points of your home when it comes to keeping out bad weather—reapplying exterior caulk before
winter is generally a good idea. Especially if you notice that there is a gap
between your doors or windows and the home’s siding. Even if the gap is small,
it needs to be fixed immediately. The tiniest opening can mean that the
caulk has weakened and is letting in the cold
. And talking about staying
warm, you should make sure your fireplace is safe if you have one. Consider a
safety magnetic
fireplace cover,
and stay safe during winter.

7 tips for
preparing your home’s exterior for winter – closing thoughts

Preparing your home for winter is very important, all things
considered. Especially if you live somewhere with harsher winters, making
sure your home is prepared is vital
. Thankfully, most of the preparations
are part of regular maintenance, so it’s not too difficult to prepare your home
for winter. We hope this list of seven tips for preparing your home’s exterior
for winter helps you out, and we wish you a good day.

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