8 Best Portable Air Conditioners Under $100


If you are frequently on road-trip in the hot summer, you have to carry all the necessary items for all your needs. However, another essential thing to add to your journey is portable air conditioning which is highly needed during the such sizzling hot time. But if you are looking for portable Costway air conditioners at cost-effective rates, here you will find out the eight best portable air conditioners under $100, such as:

1, 14 Inch Mini Oscillating Tower Fan Electric Desk Fan with 3 Speed and Timer

This mini tower fan has three speeds that will satisfy all your different cooling desires. Its perfect 90-degree oscillating option will let you get breezy airs that will roll into each corner of houses. It can be placed anywhere in the room due to its slim design. With a lightweight design option, you can move and place it in the kitchen, bedroom and office. However, it provides excellent and efficient airflow and comes with a soundless option that offers maximum comfort and a serene environment during nighttime.


 2, 40 Inch Tower Fan with Remote 75˚ Oscillating Fan with 3 Wind Modes and 4 Wind Speeds

This fan offers the perfect cooling buddy on scorching days to eliminate heat and provide cooling effects. These portable air conditioners are designed with multiple working modes and wind speeds that let you choose according to your needs. Its excellent function of 15H timing assists to decreases energy utilization, and it will shut down automatically. In addition, you can use the remote control to operate anywhere without standing. Designed with a wide oscillating angle that brings complete coolness to every room, its compact and space-saving design is best for various events, including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and offices. 


3, Portable 48 Inch Oscillating Standing Bladeless Tower Fans with 3 Speeds Remote Control

This tower fan is quite effortless to run and features three wind modes and three wind speeds to get smooth airflow. With its wide-angle oscillation, the fan provides a broad exposure of cool air, allowing one and all in the room where people can get proper coolness. Use an air conditioner that increases airflow, which decreases energy use; additionally, the ultra-quiet sound and its 15H timer also provide a feeling of baby-like sleep. Portable air conditioners come with a bladeless design and a stable round base, although the fan offers protection and safety to your children and pets. Its stylish design fan is an excellent addition to your living, bedroom, study, office, and many more. 

4, Portable 48 Inches Tower Fan with Remote Control

This fan is lightweight and bladeless, which matches various operating systems such as its unique, compact, and energy-saving design. It is the best addition for the living room, bedroom, dining room, office, etc.; 3-speed settings and three wind modes help you meet your exact airflow needs. We are thankful for the 80° wide oscillation, although the device provides freshness and coolness or airflow, which will be conveyed all over rooms. The device incorporates a low-noise process, and its incredible design 0-15h timer brings a comfortable night. This air conditioner improves airflow in your rooms, which saves energy. With a great design of built-in knobs takes your device anywhere quickly. 

5, 3-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler with 3 Modes

This cost-effective mini evaporative air cooler helps to cool air and is used as a regular fan or humidifier that meets your daily cooling needs. This air cooler is created with three operating modes, and three fan speeds are an option to opt from. The free adjustment option of the device has better airflow direction, providing maximum air circulation and fast cooling. Costway air conditioners have a 5L water tank which will reduce water loading frequently. It comes with a 1-15H timer which helps to set a timer, and it is also an auto shut-off option. This evaporative air cooler can be used everywhere in the home, office, and others.

 6, 3-in-1 Evaporative Portable Air Cooler with 3 Modes including Remote Control

The three setting modes and three wind speeds of the air cooler you can pick as per your needs provide fresh air everywhere. Costway air conditioners provide mild coolness during hot days. The 7-hour long timer allows you to sleep under a comfortable roof. In the meantime, its noise-friendly function offers silent indoor surroundings. A suitable remote control assists people in controlling and adjusting the cooling process is best for all places. However, portable air conditioners are widely utilized in offices, humidifiers, purifiers, and indoor places. 


 7, 42 Inch 80 Degree Tower Fan with Smart Display Panel and Remote Control

In this air cooler, you can find various operating modes and wind speeds that can be preferred as multiple arrangements according to your unique requirements and needs. You can operate this air conditioner from any place, sitting on a sofa, chairs and others. In addition, its wide oscillating range is best for one person, and also it covers your whole family and can enjoy maximum coolness with its fresh airflow at the same time. It can add to your home and office, providing a comfortable and relaxing life.


 8, 110V Portable Cooling Evaporative Fan with 3-Speed and 8H Timer Function

The small air cooler can flawlessly fulfil your needs and demands and also assist in providing a cooling area during hot weather. The air humidifying technology can reduce the air expels’ high temperature and prevent air ventilation. It comes with a vast capacity water tank that can fill up to 6L; it can endlessly offer cooler air without often filling up water. The intelligent panel is also equipped with a remote control which is easy to control or operate. In addition, it’s 3-level adjustable to meet your range of needs and reach the most favorable comfort. Also, the 8hrs timing provides good and quiet sleeping. Furthermore, the casters and smooth knobs provide straightforward portability; portable air conditioners can help to take anywhere you want. In addition, it has an effortless and graceful style that can meet your decoration style, which provides sophistication to your space.



These are all said to be the best portable air conditioners that serve your cooling needs according to your needs, and their different feature offers unique stylishness to your places.