A Kids Art Easels to Enhance their Hidden Skills

Thinking of a task for your kids to keep them busy and keep them away from boredom so you can do your task as well? These kids’ art easels are one of the best solutions that you can have. Every kid that will receive this art easel will surely bring a smile to their face. The good thing about kids’ easel is they can play while learning something. 
Children’s easel has lots of benefits and learnings that your child can get and here are some of them: 
1. It will encourage them to think more which will enhance their thinking and imaginative ability.
2. It will also bring out their artistic side on their own. 
3. Your child will learn how to express their feeling through drawing. 
4. Your child will learn to make decisions by choosing which color they prefer to use. 
5. They will learn how to hold the brush to help them develop muscle control. 
6. It will help them improve their verbal language by asking them what the painting is all about. 
7. They will build self-confidence and independence by accomplishing a simple artwork.
8. If they use wet paint, it will teach them patience to wait for the painting to dry to see the outcome. 

Easel drawing is not only for toddlers but for children of all ages. Having one will make their time fun, exciting, and productive. If you’re looking for one, here’s a great deal that you can get from Costway.


Flip-Over Double-Sided Kids Art Easel

Flip-Over Double-Sided Kids Art Easel

Flip-Over Double-Sided Kids Art Easel


Key Features
3-In-1 Art Board:Children’s easel is matched with a double-sided magnetic drawing board and a paper roll. Blackboard can be written with chalk, which’s characters and drawings are more delicate and exquisite. And whiteboard painting contains less dust and supports children’s healthy use. Besides, equipped paper rolls will also give children more creative space.
Best Childhood Gift & Develop Children’s Hobbies:This beautiful looking easel is an outstanding childhood gift for your child! You can increase parent-child relationships by interacting with your children and guide them to the right interests. It will give your child a romantic and artistic atmosphere.
Abundant Accessories:Including 2 red storage bags, 5 plastic cups with red lids, 6whiteboard pens (2 each for red, black, and blue), 2 white chalks, a whiteboard eraser on the back One, a set of 26 English alphabet magnetic stickers, 4 fixed iron clips and a set of drawing paper, this easel will provide your child with a complete and convenient experience.
Sturdy Construction & Materials:Consisting of tight screws and solid triangle structure, the children’s easel is very stable and durable, which can provide children with long-term use. Besides, environmentally friendly solid wood material is very in line with the artist’s style, providing both practicality and beauty.

Easy to Assemble & Clean:Our instruction manual with very detailed installation instructions, including graphic diagrams and detailed parts, will help you complete the assembly quickly. At the same time, the white board is very easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth or a wet eraser.