It’s Springtime once again! Having indoor plants makes the home interesting, inviting, and attractive. A touch of green leaves in the corner and a flower vase full of bursting dancing lady orchids make a great difference of what the house like.  Whether you live in a big house or in a small pad, there’s nothing like the capability of the plant and flowers to completely transform the environment of the room.

See how can you get some benefits of having indoor plants and flowers inside your home.


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Minimize Allergy
For non flowery plants, the leaves and other parts of the plant serve as a filter to catch allergens and other airborne particles.  Violet colored leaves and and textured ones are good trappers of pollen. Having plants in a room have less dusts and mold. Spider plants is a good sample of common indoor plant and great for noses with asthma and allergies.

Lift Up Moods
Stress and anxiety are part of daily life. What is it in flowers and plants that makes you in good mood? Not just liven up surroundings, but also boost up your mood and makes your emotion feels better. Colorful plants may help calm your blue feeling and help lower anxiety. Green plants create freshness and positive energy are released. 


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Moisture In The Air

There are some plants helps the relativity dampness in a room. Plants add moisture to the air. Not only adding dampness, house plants can soak up VOC (volatile organic compounds) that causes irritation of the eyes and skin or make it hard for you to breath. Indoor plants improves the indoor climate of the room. They are also very useful because they maintain a lower temperature in the room during the hot summer months. 


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Clean The Air
Plants do more than just cheering up a room, but also like a utility air that cleans up the air. House plants have the ability to clear out a hefty amount of toxins in the household air within a few days. It also helps reduce the levels or suck up carbon dioxide and spits out oxygen the air we breath. There’s no stuffy air when plants are just within the sniffing distance.