Balancing social media with other aspects of your life

Ideally, technology can enrich our lives, not take something away from us and yet finding a healthy balance between our online and offline lives can be extremely difficult. Only have to be a little optimistic and want to improve.

There’s a constant problem with social media where we want to remain associated with others and not be overwhelmed by them. If you’re looking for ways to cut back and set social media limits, here are a few ways to get started.

Balance is important. Are we too caught up in the relentless stream of knowledge brought to our fingertips every second of every day? I ‘m concerned how many people will put their phones down, lock up their computers, and really listen. Listening and listening to the ear of the heart is the most crucial part of every conversation and is essential for creating and sustaining a true bond.

Most of us now spend an average of eight hours a day consuming media, and the regular use of the Internet has risen in the last five years (with the rise in smart phones mainly due to growth). Basically, we spend more than half our days wired in, and only five years ago, we spent twice as much time in the physical world around us — whether it’s going for hikes, talking to others, or just looking out a window.

Find a way to tally or track the number of times you go on an app, and write down your approximate minutes spent on social media to increase your awareness before creating a schedule. For instance allow 10-15 min 3-4 times per day for posting, commenting, replying, interacting.

Are you trying to learn something? Find your motivation or inspiration? Find trends in fashion and beauty? Fresh recipes, huh? Keep up with your friends? Promote a corporation or a brand? Know your reason to be in the social media room. Write down your life goals. It helps to remind you where your focus really ought to be.

Being completely present in a world full of social media profiles and text messages can be challenging. However, shutting it down entirely doesn’t seem to be a particularly viable choice for most of us. That’s why finding ways to align your social media and offline life is really super important for a meaningful life.

And I know that many people say that technology is our friend, that it makes it more convenient and that it makes people and ideas much more connected than before. And while that’s certainly valid on certain ways, deep down, I think most of us wish we were more present in our lives and just do more on a daily basis.

I urge and even challenge you to unplug and get out of your mobile phone or laptop for 24 hours. Does the thought send you in a panic on your own? Do you think it’s too risky? Let’s add the limits and harmony back to our routines. You’ll find that boundaries will build space and make it easy for us to be. In doing so, we will hear, see and live in the present moment. Our senses can be awakened, and we can become more aware of our lives and what really matters.