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Benefits of Having Your Own Treadmill

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Super fit treadmills remain one of the most popular exercise machines for good reason.  Treadmills offer a wide diversity of exercise routines, whether for running, jogging, or simply walking. 

An ordinary treadmill is an  exercise equipment that has a belt that moves underneath the feet in a continuous loop which is powered by a motor. The nonstop loop allows a person to walk or run on the treadmill in place. With the growing number of treadmills in the market, these are some additional factors or innovations  that tag along with them:

Treadmill with LED display could track time, speed, calories, distance, and heart rate.

Portable treadmill can be easily folded and placed next to corner, or bed, reducing the floor space and making it ideal for any room. The transport wheels are aimed for smoother and easier relocation, you could place it wherever you wish.

Considering buying a treadmill? Here are some benefits of having one:

Burn more calories: burn more calories per hour than any other exercise machine.

Exercise whenever you want: you have the freedom to workout anytime of the day, no waiting lines in the gym

Wear whatever you want: can wear whatever you want without worrying about matching outfits or whether too ragged.

Can place it anywhere: can set it up in front of your t.v. and watch your favorite shows or movies and before you know it you have gone farther than you realized.

So without further ado, here are our countless picks to take you whether folding treadmill,  treadmill for home office gym, and led display walking jogging you can  use. Read below and find the best value treadmill for whatever workout type, budget friendly range, or even a spare remote control for the treadmill. So let’s get into them. 

3.75HP Electric Folding Treadmill with Auto Incline 12 Program APP Control

15 Training Programs and Automatic Incline: This functional treadmill features 3 training modes and 12 preset programs for meeting different needs from users of all levels. You can use the auto incline control to adjust the incline angle within 1″ to 15″ and experience different exercise intensity.

Powerful Motor and Humanized Details: The 3.75HP strong motor can support wide intensity range of cardio training with adjustable speed range from 0.5mph to 10mph. The solid and durable steel frame can bear up to 265 lbs and is suitable for various users. Four volume-adjustable Bluetooth speakers can add more entertainment to your workout. Moreover, the safety key can ensure your safety in emergency.

Multi-layer Running Belt: The 5-layer running belt features premium diamond texture and shock absorption for enhanced safety guarantee and protect your joints and muscles. Meanwhile, the treadmill offers you a quite large 52″ x 17″ running area with great comfort.

Convenient Console and Smart APP Control: The blue-ray control panel allows you to change mode and adjust speed and incline conveniently. It displays time, distance, calories and speed and records your pulse with the heart rate sensors. You can also connect to our smart GYMAX APP to control the speed and get extra functions.

Quick Folding Mechanism and Easy Storage: You can achieve fast folding or setup by stepping on the hydraulic rod. The treadmill is also equipped with 4 transportation wheels for easy movement. Plus, the folded treadmill can stand upright by itself to save space.

Italian Designed Folding Treadmill for Home

Intelligent LED Display: Featuring an intelligent and large LED display with rotary button, this folding treadmill is convenient for you to track your performance in time, distance, speed and calories while adjusting the speed and turning on/off treadmill easily. Meanwhile, the program mode indicator window includes 10 preset programs for your selection, which customizes your own fitness. And you can connect your electric device with this running machine through bluetooth named Bluetooth.

Powerful and Quiet Motor: This premium electric treadmill is equipped with a high quality motor that offers adjustable speed from 1 MPH to 9.9 MPH, greatly meeting your jogging, walking and running needs. Likewise, the ultra-quiet design provides a comfortable environment without disturbing others.

Shock-absorbing Running Belt: Designed with 5-layer anti-slip and shockproof running belt, this portable treadmill not only reduces the impact on your knees, muscles and joints for perfect protection, but gives a wide space to make running more comfortable. Moreover, the adjustable foot pads increases its stability while using it.

Fatigue Button and Heart Rate Belt: Vary from other common treadmills, this walking running machine comes with a considerate fatigue button, which is able to slow down the speed to 2.5 MPH immediately by pressing. Furthermore, the heart rate belt is more accurate and convenient for tracking your heart rate.

Effortless Movement and Easy Storage: There are 2 transportation wheels on the bottom. At the same time, this treadmill can be folded. Therefore, you can move it effortlessly and store it conveniently.

Italian Designed Folding Treadmill for Home

4.0 HP Foldable Electric Treadmill Jogging Machine with Speaker LED

Convenient Touch Screen Panel: The premium LED touch screen allows you to observe your sports data in real-time, including speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate. And the smart speed down button can switch the treadmill into a walking mode, which is quite useful when you feel tired.

5-layer Wide Running Belt: The running belt consists of 5 advanced layers with high technology, which make the belt not only wear-resistant but also shock-absorbing. Therefore, your knees and muscle will be well protected. What’s more, the running belt measures 47″ x 18″, which is wide enough for you to exercise on it.

4HP Strong Motor: The treadmill is equipped with a 4HP high-performance motor enabling you to exercise at home with different training intensities. Moreover, powerful though the motor is, it doesn’t make any loud noise, so you can run in a quiet environment without disturbing others. This treadmill is perfect for indoor use.

High Stability and Safety: The treadmill is made of high-grade iron and ABS, withstanding the test of time. And it features a strong weight capacity which is up to 265lbs. The adjustable footpad in the middle ensures the treadmill stands steadily on different surfaces. And the base with a wavy pattern avoids any wobbling.

Quick-folding Design and Easy Connection: The treadmill can be quickly folded within two steps: step on the foot pedal to lay flat and fold the handrails. Additionally, this treadmill can be connected to the APP OVICX through Bluetooth. And you can find your historical exercise data and learn some training tips on OVICX.

4.0 HP Foldable Electric Treadmill Jogging Machine with Speaker LED

2.25 HP Folding Electric Motorized Power Running Fitness Machine

Heavy Duty Construction and 2.25 HP Impulse Max Motor: The treadmill is made of high-quality steel that supports up to 250 lbs of weight. Built with 2.25 horsepower quiet impulse motor delivers incredible power for interval, speed, or endurance fitness training.

Blue-Ray LCD Display and Rubber Running Belt: Features with 5″ blue-ray LCD display that shows Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Pulse, and Incline for providing a better watching experience. 17″ x 47″ big rubber running belt provides a comfortable and stable workout experience.

Adjustable Incline Level and Speed: The inclination of this 0.5-7.5MPH treadmill could be manually adjusted in 3 levels, helps you burn more calories, tone more muscle, and build greater endurance for different workout purposes.

The foldable design and Cushioning Design: Easy folding mechanism and a soft drop system to help you fold and unfold the running machine safely. This treadmill also features 4 silicone pads, 2 on each side of the machine, which can reduce noise and decrease vibration to your floor efficiently.

Safety Key and 12 Built-in Workout Programs: The folding treadmill has a safety Key that connects you and the machine, emergency stop button on the handrail, which double protects you while working out. 12 built-in programs help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat.

2.25 HP Folding Electric Motorized Power Running Fitness Machine

2.25 HP Folding Electric Motorized Power Treadmill Machine with LCD Display

Motor and Weight Capacity: This running machine delivers a 2.25 horsepower quiet impulse power motor for an interval, speed, or endurance fitness training. 220 lbs of weight capacity and low-noise as far as possible to meet your needs.

Foldable and Adjustable Incline Design: Easy folding mechanism and a soft drop system to help you fold and unfold the treadmill safely and with ease. It has 3 level incline board to choose from for burning more calories, tone the muscle, and build strength and endurance.

Speed levels and P01-P12 Programs: With 0.5 to 7.5 MPH speed levels available, you can select different speed base on your physical condition and exercise based. The fitness machine is equipped with 12 programs that improve your cardiovascular fitness, boost your health, and burn fat.

Blu-ray LCD and Rubber Tread Belt: 5″ Blu-ray LCD screen and 16″ x 47″ running belt give you the best workout experience. The electric treadmill with iPad and mobile phone holder you can use for watching videos while you workout or having video calls with your friends.

Safety and Cushioning Design: Safety key connect you and the running machine, emergency stop button on the handrail, for double protection and safety. Cushioning design on both sides of the treadmill will reduce noise and discrete vibration on the floor.

2.25 HP Folding Electric Motorized Power Treadmill Machine with LCD Display

Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill Home Fitness Running Machine

Large Running Surface: The base is solid and stable, provides you a large running surface of 49″ x 16″, ideal for your brisk walking, jogging or speed running at home, which also relieves your annoyance of going to the gym and worries of bad weather.

Track Running Data Easily: You can track the data of your distance, speed, BMI , and heart rate easily at any time during your running with the large 5” blue backlit LCD display, thus better control and adjust your tempo, to have a more scientific and effective workout.

Multiple Running Options: Speed ranges from 0.6-9MPH, suitable for runners of all fitness level; 12 preset programs offers various workout modes; 3 manual incline settings simulate different terrains, let you experience rich varieties of running.

Space Saving and Load Capacity: Foldable design with a compact size, the treadmill takes only small space. Assembly can be simply done with the parts and detailed instructions we provided. With a maximum load of 265 lbs, it fits for the use of common people, especially for young ladies.

Quiet Running and Easy Transport: Shock absorbable base is with extremely low noise when you running indoor; rolling wheels at the bottom provide easy and simple transport and also better protect your floor. A compact foldable size is easy for storing under bed or at the corner.

Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill Home Fitness Running Machine

4.75HP 2 In 1 Folding Treadmill with Remote APP Control

2-In-1 Treadmill: With the 2-in-1 design, this Superfit treadmill offers 2 different running speeds. When the risers are raised, the running speed is 0.6 – 10.5 mph for you to run. And when it serves as an under desk running machine, the speed is 0.6 – 3 mph for you to walk or jog. Under this mode, please use the remote control to start it.

LED Touch Screen and Colorful Light: The LED touch screen allows you to easy adjust the speed, volume and feeds back your sports data in time, such as calories, pulse, time, distance and speed. And the colorful light will flash according your running speed.

Powerful Motor and Shockproof Running Belt: Equipped with 4.75HP powerful motor, this high quality Superfit treadmill provides quiet environment. And the 5-layer running belt is shockproof and anti-slip which protects your knees from accidental injury and offers a comfortable running experience.

Exercise Conveniently: This premium running machine with the bluetooth speaker and phone shelf allows you to enjoy perfect sound quality. All you need to do is connecting your phone with the treadmill through bluetooth. Meanwhile, you can use our APP to control it as well.

Foldable Running Machine: Considering your convenience, this 2-in-1 Superfit treadmill with 2 built-in wheels can be folded so that you can easily transport and store it to save your home space. Please remove 2 handles before folding.

4.75HP 2 In 1 Folding Treadmill with Remote APP Control

2.25 HP Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill with LED Display

Large Running Belt with Shock Absorption: The running machine is designed with a 5-layer running belt (measures 43.5″ x 16.5″) that not only provides you with a spacious area to run comfortably and freely but also reduces the impact on your legs and joints. More than that, the diamond-grain belt is characterized by excellent wear resistance and skid resistance.

Powerful 2.25 HP Motor and Quiet Operation: Equipped with a powerful 2.25 HP motor, the treadmill can reach fast running speeds that can raise to 8 MPH while ensuring enough stability and durability. Moreover, the high quality ensures quiet workouts without disturbing others. And the maximum loading weight is 264.5 lbs.

Smart Bluetooth Speaker and APP Connection: The multifunctional treadmill can be connected to your device via Bluetooth connection, and you can download Gymax APP to control the running speed and record your workout data. Not only that, it provides various training courses for you. And you can listen to music, watch videos, and accept phone calls via Bluetooth speakers.

Multifunctional LED Display: The electric treadmill comes with a clear LED display screen to showcase time, speed, distance, steps, and calories in real-time. Besides, it has 2-speed shortcut buttons (3 MPH and 5 MPH) for convenience. And there exists a phone/PAD holder to watch TV or chat with friends, adding more fun.

Humanized Design: The running machine comes with a safety key for immediate stops in an emergency and adjustable footpads to guarantee stability even on uneven floors. Other than that, the treadmill can be folded which can be stored leaned against the wall or under the bed or sofa. And the transport wheels help move easily.

2.25 HP Electric Motorized Folding Treadmill with LED Display

Compact Folding Treadmill with Touch Screen APP Control

Multifunctional LED Touch Screen: This treadmill possesses an HD digital display with a touch screen, offering you a comfortable using experience. The screen clearly shows speed, time, distance, calorie and heart rate to you. You can choose from 3 preset modes or 3 fixed programs according to your needs before start.

Shock-absorbing Running Belt: The 5-layer running belt features multiple functions: wear resistance, noise reduction, strong support and shock absorption. Other than that, the belt adopts a mild-rebound design, which will largely reduce the damage to your knee joints after long-time exercise.

Remarkable Exercise Efficiency: With a powerful but quiet 3.0HP motor, this treadmill allows you to walk or run without disturbing others. The speed you can adjust ranges from 1mph to 7mph, meeting all your exercise needs. With this treadmill, you can get the same fitness effect as working out in the gym.

Humanized and Safe Design: The footpad in the bottom middle is adjustable to ensure the treadmill stands still on different surfaces. And the phone holder with a round sticker allows you to entertain with your phone while during exercise. What’s more, the foot pedal on the left side is designed for quick folding of the treadmill.

Easy Movement and APP Connection: The transport wheels on the bottom save lots of time and effort when you store or move the treadmill. And this treadmill can be connected to the APP OVICX through Bluetooth. On this online platform, you can not only view your historical fitness data but also learn more training tips.

Compact Folding Treadmill with Touch Screen APP Control

1 HP Electric Mobile Power Foldable Treadmill with Operation Display

Low Noise Electric Treadmill: Features with high-qualified motor drive and low noise system guaranteeing stability and great fitness experience. And the running machine has the largest bearing capacity of 220 lbs for casual running or walking.

Space-Saving Design: The overall design of the treadmill causes it to folded from 46″ x 20″ x 43″ (L x W x H) to 9″ x 23″ x 51″ (L x W x H) after your run for compact. And the folded treadmill can be laid near the shelf or stored under the bed which helps you save a lot of space.

Operation Display: Equipped with a round display on the panel stop/start, speed, distance, calories, and time, and there are 2 different modes or workout programs for the effective running and cardio training.

Durable and Stable Running Experience: The motorized fitness treadmill has good stability and support that allows you to run as long as you want and achieve your fitness goals.

Safety Guaranteed Design: The running machine is equipped with a safety key that connects you and the folding treadmill for automatic shut-off in the event of an emergency.

1 HP Electric Mobile Power Foldable Treadmill with Operation Display

Folding Electric Compact Walking Treadmill with APP Control Speaker

2 Ways to Know Your Data: Unlike the traditional treadmills, this electric running machine not only has an LED display to show your different sports data, such as time, speed, distance, calorie and heart rate, but also can be connected with GYMAX APP to record your fitness data. Besides, you can use the GYMAX APP to control the treadmill, share the results with the community and compete with others, etc.

Excellent Shock Absorption Ability: Designed with 5-layer running belt, this compact treadmill brings comfortable running experience. At the same time, the shockproof and anti-slip surface reduces impact on your knees, joints and ankles, offering safe protection for your legs.

Running in the Quiet Environment: This electric treadmill is equipped with powerful motor, which allows you to adjust the speed from 0.6 MPH to 7.5 MPH. Meanwhile, it provides 12 preset programs and 3 modes for you to select in order to achieve your workout goals. And the quiet performance avoids disturbing others while running.

Bluetooth Speaker and Device Holder: By connecting bluetooth which is called “EsangAudio” with your device, this high quality running machine with bluetooth speaker makes fitness more interesting. Likewise, the device holder is perfect to place your phone or tablet.

Foldable and Portable Running Machine: With foldable design, this compact running machine is a great solution for small spaces so that you can store it easily for space-saving. Furthermore, the 2 built-in wheels are convenient for you to move this electric treadmill.

Folding Electric Compact Walking Treadmill with APP Control Speaker

Convenient Remote Control for Treadmill with Infrared Technology

Great Replacement: This is a replacement remote control for treadmill SP37146 (B081JDMJ4J), SP37036 (B07ZRSBP5S), SP37148 (B0842LPY98). It is exactly the same as your original remote control. So you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing the original one.

Precise Control: Adopting infrared technology, this remote control can control the treadmill even at a distance of 33 ft. 360-degree effective angle allows you to easily control the treadmill without laborious alignment.

Easy to Operate: This remote control has a very simple control panel, through which you can control the treadmill to start or stop as well as the speed. Every button is in good contact. It feels good without pause when pressed.

Durable Material: Using high-quality PET material, this remote control has good high/low-temperature resistance. The buttons can withstand 80,000-100,000 presses. This durable remote control will serve you for a long time.

Pairing method: Unplug the safety lock on the treadmill. Point the remote control at the display window of the treadmill within 10 seconds, and simultaneously hold down the start/pause button for about 3 seconds. When the system will beep, it means the pairing is successful.

Convenient Remote Control for Treadmill with Infrared Technology

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