Benefits of Playing Kitchen Toys for Kids

Kids at a very young age always want to play. Most of the time they don’t listen and more often imitate what they see. We can deny the fact that most of the habits, actions, development skills, and how the kid’s responses in a different situation were inhibited by imitating especially what they see in the people around them. 

A play pretends toys such as Kitchen toys, dress-up clothes, and play house plays an important role in the development skills of the child such as mainly focusing on their creativity, sense of responsibility, developing their motor skills, and pattern recognition of the child.

The kid kitchen set is not just a toy but has numerous reasons why you should have it for your kids. It really helps not only your child’s development but also your parenting.

Benefits of Kitchen Toys

Trained your kids in following the directions. In real life, cooking has instructions to follow, and by introducing your child to pretend kitchen playset, they can learn and easily adapt the step-by-step procedure and they will know how essential is to follow the 
directions to make good results of what they’re doing.

Improve Childs Creativity. Kids are naturally creative, especially with their imagination. Playing kitchen toys would bring a lot of fun to the kids by creating and making their own unique recipes. They can also, create some reenactment they see in their real kitchen.

Teamwork. The kitchen also requires someone to play with. It engaged your child in social development. The toy allows each kid to talk about their ideas together. This will help them realize the importance of listening to others and to be more patient. Additionally, kids will learn that doing things as a team and having cooperation with each other will make their work easily and finish faster. 

Responsibility. We would like our child to grow as a responsible person in the future. With the use of this kitchen set toy, we are teaching them at an early age how to become responsible at home. They would learn how to take good care of their kitchen set.

Communication. Playing this kind of toy requires communication with the other playmate. Kids would learn the importance of proper communication. They will also learn different new things from the other perspective of their playmate. This will also enhance the vocabulary of each of the kids as they will share their ideas.

Organizational skills. We all know that if you’re working in the kitchen things must be organized and smooth sailing from the beginning to finish. Also, all the ingredients and tools, utensils must be in one place. By playing pretend kitchen playset, your kids will learn how to be organized. Kids would learn how to plan first to do a single thing. They will also have rules to follow for example the recipes, this way the cooking was organized. Doing things without planning makes the final out or the whole process messy and improperly done. 

Improves Childs Motor Skills. Working in the kitchen requires a lot of movement like sorting, measuring, and operating the appliances in the kitchen. Training your kids on how to work in the kitchen using this toy will help them to improve their motor skills as this toy needs several moving parts like doors, cabinets, and drawers.

Now, did you see how kitchen toys help you improve the learning development of your child? Here is one of our Costway wooden kitchen toy that will surely love.

Vintage Play Kitchen Pretend Kids Cooking Playset Toys with Water Dispense

After cooking an imaginative meal, children can use the tap to simulate washing the tableware in the sink to learn practical skills. 


Vintage Play Kitchen Pretend Kids Cooking Playset Toys with Water Dispense

Vintage Play Kitchen Pretend Kids Cooking Playset Toys with Water Dispense


The water dispenser features a light and simulated sound, making the simulation game more lively and interesting. This wooden play kitchen with a sturdy frame is certified by ASTM, which will not pose a threat to your kid’s health. There is a pot with lids, a pan, 3 cooking utensils, and a telephone to attract your child’s attention without taking care of it when you are busy cooking.

Key Features

Highly Realistic Appearance: The realistic kid kitchen will provide your little one with an authentic cooking experience, which features a stove, sink, fridge, clock and knobs with sound. The water dispenser is designed with light and sound effects, which realistically simulate pouring water. Additionally, this kitchen toy set can avoid the dangers of real kitchens.

Large Space for Storage: Various cabinets help eliminate storage problems to keep the room tidy. Cabinets with doors and a drawer can offer ample space to store toys without dust. Additionally, 2 cabinets with glass can increase visibility. Meanwhile, there are 2 open shelves for easy access to frequently used items.

Safe Material & Stable Frame: In order to ensure your safety, the selected engineered wood and PP have passed ASTM certification, so these kids pretend cooking food playset is absolutely safe to use. Compared with a plastic children’s kitchen, this kitchen toy set features a more stable structure and provides longer service.

Educational Kitchen Toy: This carefully crafted kitchen toy set is a good way for your children to learn about cooking and time recognition through fun role-playing games. The kitchen set allows your kids to share and play with friends, thereby increasing creativity while developing social interaction.

Complete kitchen Accessories: This wooden kitchen toy set for kids comes with various accessories, including a pot with a lid, a pan, 3 cooking utensils, and a vintage telephone, therefore your kids can immerse in the joy of cooking for a long time. Besides, the user manual gives you clear installation instructions to avoid wasting too much time.

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