Creating Relaxing Moments with Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella

Children love having their own special place to play, may it be it’s indoor or outdoor. In any event, you want to have your kids’ friends get together and enjoy playtime, or crafting outside so they don’t go to muddle inside, or just wanna have a picnic in your backyard, you need a trustworthy kids picnic table with umbrella to create relaxing moments with your kids.

Having a children’s picnic table designed for kids is also a great way to incline family meal times outside, with manageable wood kid picnic table heights for flyspeck arms and legs. A small outdoor table with an umbrella placed in your courtyard is a great way to inspire kids to spend outdoor and savor the fresh air, ambient sounds and mild weather can combine to be a real treat.

When it comes to picking out the right lifetime kids picnic table with benches, Costway got you covered.

Outdoor 4-Seat Kid’s Picnic Table Bench with Umbrella can take up a fair amount of room. Enough space to well move around the table and get into and out of the benches.

● Reinforced Structure and Easy Assemble: Boasting a sturdy A-shape frame and horizontal bars on two sides, this picnic table and bench can hold up to 135 lbs, separately. Plus, the steel shank of the umbrella will not wobble even on windy days. With the detailed instruction, you can install the picnic table in a short time.

● Removable and Folding Umbrella: The table area stays shaded with a large umbrella that slides through the table’s center hole, which is wear-resistant and waterproof for outdoor use. It keeps children cool and protected from the dazzling sunlight. Moreover, it is foldable and removable if kids want more play areas or enjoy indoor pleasure.

● Child-safe Material and Smooth Corner Design: Made of high-quality wood with water-based painting, this table and bench set is impact-resistant and tough for long-term use. It is non-toxic for kids’ health, so parents can rest assured. In addition, all corners are rounded to avoid any potential clothes or skin scratches.

● Kid-sized Table Set with Roomy Space: This picnic table set is scientifically designed to fit kids’ height. Two built-in benches seat up to 4 children, thus your little one can comfortably share their seat with their friends face to face. The 35″ x 13.5″ table provides a spacious surface to display abundant food and beverages.

● Adorable Children Gift: This stylish children’s activity table set is perfect for craft time, snacking, board and card games, and more with friends! It can be used for both indoor and outdoor such as the living room, garden, backyard, or playground. It is sure to be the perfect present for boys and girls on birthdays, Christmas and other holidays.


Outdoor 4-Seat Kid’s Picnic Table Bench with Umbrella

Outdoor 4-Seat Kid’s Picnic Table Bench with Umbrella

Outdoor 4-Seat Kid’s Picnic Table Bench with Umbrella


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