Engine Hoist: Lifting Heavy Objects without Any Hassle


Engine hoist is very known as a helping tool for lifting heavy objects such as engines getting out of the car. This is very recommendable for those persons who have car repair shop which allows the mechanic to lift the engines and heavy objects out from the car to another which cannot be done by his self. 
The tool has its basic design features that have the main lifting arm, which is responsible for vertical movement with the help of a hydraulic pump is actuated by a lever at the base of the crane. A folding hydraulic engine crane is the basic type of hoist. It is a manual engine hoist that manually pumps the jack to increase the hydraulic fluid pressure which makes the boom raise to its desired height to make the grab hook attach to the engine itself.
Also, this kind of engine hoist is very known for its portability as it has a caster that can easily move from any direction as it carried the engine which is attached. In terms of power and versatility, the hoist uses heavy-duty chains and ropes to lift engines and other industrial parts. 
Having an engine hoist also lessens the manpower specifically if your run an automotive repair shop you don’t need to hire 3-4 people to help your mechanic to get the engines out of the car as the engine hoist will do the job without any hassle. But having a tool like this made you think about how you can store them if you didn’t use it, as I mentioned this is a folding hydraulic engine crane meaning the legs of the hoist can be lifted upwards and the boom can be lowered down, so the hoist takes up a lot less space and you can just store it in the corner of your workshop or garage.
Why does the folding hydraulic engine crane is the most recommendable style of engine hoist?

  • ● Simple to use
  • ● As long as there is a level, firm surface, it may be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  • ● Lifting capabilities are often greater than in other forms.
  • ● Good alternative for the electric hoist
  • ● It helps to lessen the cost aside from using electric hoist.

We know that not all need this but for some people who do heavy-duty jobs we care about them and we want to lift them to make their job easier because Costway has 1 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane Hoist.


1 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane Hoist
1 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane Hoist
1 Ton Folding Hydraulic Engine Crane Hoist

The 1 ton folding hydraulic engine crane will be a great help for your repairing work. Its max lift weight can reach 2200lbs, which means it can lift most heavy parts, such as axles, transmissions, and transfer cases around the shop. This will lift almost any gas engine and some smaller diesel engines. With its folding feature, you can fold it and put it away when you do not use it, which will save your shop space. Made of heavy gauge structural steel, this hydraulic crane will be durable and sturdy. It has 360-degree rotating wheels and it can be folded when not used. For its portability, it has 3-1/2 Casters and 4 Front wheels and you can transfer your industrial parts to your desired area. Additionally, it has a push handle with rubber grips for easy maneuvering. So, if you’re looking for a power tool that can lift heavy objects without any hassle, Costway has a 1-ton engine hoist for you!