Essential items for a productive study space this quarantine

The pandemic has really taken a hit on many essential activities in daily lives, this would include our jobs and the education of many students. The rest of the world must be willing to adapt in this change and we must have the materials and items that is essential for education. This includes:

An adequate light source 


LED Adjustable Gooseneck Energy Saving Desk Lamp

5 Ft Adjustable Deluxe Natural Light Floor Lamp

Modern Metal Tripod Floor Lamp with Chain Switch


Studying can take very long, and this might strain our eyes whenever there is no light source near, so a tip is to make your study space near a very bright area, this would be a window that lets as much light as possible, A lamp can also be used for late night studying. This tip is one of the most essential tips in this list.

A desk


2 Person Computer Desk with Cabinet and X-Shaped Frame

Home Office Study PC Laptop Computer Desk with Drawer

2 Tier Home Office Study Workstation Computer Desk


A desk can affect a student’s mood, and this can also assist the student in many ways. You need to make sure you desk is stable and is able to withstand any weight. You also need to make sure that an organized desk can also affect a student’s mood, so you should always keep it organized.

A chair


Adjustable Office Task Desk Armless Chair

Low-back Computer Task Office Desk Chair with Swivel Casters

Modern Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair


A chair is very essential as well, no one would like to study on the ground, so a chair can help students focus without any discomfort. You need to make sure this chair can be very comfortable to you. An office or gaming chair is a recommended type of chair for students and professionals.

A bookshelf


4-tier Bookcase One Fixed and Three Adjustable Shelves

3 Shelf Adjustable Antique Organizer Bookcase with 2 Drawers

5 Cubes Ladder Shelf Corner Bookshelf Display Rack Bookcase


A bookshelf can also help you organize with your books, you can put many items in bookshelves. Notebooks, supplies and such. Your bookshelf should also be able to withstand heavy weight since your book might be heavy. You should also consider the space available in your study area and make sure it is compatible with the size of your bookshelf.

Materials (like pencils, pens, and etc.)

You need to make sure you study space has the perfect amount of materials. You need to make sure that you don’t have less or too many materials. You should also have a water bottle and snacks to keep you from standing up and you should remove distracting materials from your study space.
A study space isn’t always defined as a fixed area. You can study any place in your house, but a fixed study space can help you focus and it can also make your brain relax without distractions.