Essential Kitchen Gadgets for New Homeowners

Among the many
other rooms you need to fill with new
your first apartment or house, there is the kitchen. And, it’s easy
to get caught up and overwhelmed by the ever-growing list of essential kitchen
gadgets you have to buy. That’s where proper prioritizing comes in. The first things you’ll be
getting are usually small multi-purpose or quick-cooking gadgets, and
then gradually move up to the big things like a new oven (if one is necessary).

It is also very
easy to get lost when looking at the pretty decor pieces and cool gadgets
available for purchase. But, when it comes down to it, most of those things
should definitely be put off for later. We hope this list will help you get
started with the right things for
new kitchen


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A multi-functional panini press

When working
with a small space or a small budget, every appliance you take into
consideration has to be put under a microscope. While you might be
tempted to get something like an ice cream maker, you’re better off going for
something with a little more utility. A perfect example of such a gadget would
be a panini press. It can be used as a toaster, an indoor grill, and of course,
a panini press. And one of the biggest advantages of this gadget is that it’s
small enough to store when you
re not using it.

An egg cooker to make a super
easy breakfast 

Eggs usually
make a pretty easy, healthy breakfast. However, when you are running late in
the morning, the process of turning on the stove and waiting for the water to
boil can become more trouble than it
s worth. Getting one of those specialized small egg cookers is a great
idea. They are easy to use and allow you to multitask since you don
t have
to check on them every few minutes. You can rest assured that they will come
out just the way you like them.



Caption: Putting a pot on the stove and waiting
for the water to boil can feel like too much work for eggs in the morning.


A pressure cooker that can be
used for everything

Instant pots and
pressure cookers are the MVPs of kitchen gadget versatility. You can make
anything from delicious soups to slow-cooked meats, rice, chili, and plenty of
other dishes just by pressing a few buttons.

Expert movers
Michael Brooks Moving NH recommend getting this inside your
new home before even starting the move-in process. Your new home will be messy
and hard to get around, and your kitchen won
t even be half done for a while. So, having one of the
most versatile essential kitchen gadgets there and ready is going to take away
many headaches whenever lunchtime comes around.

A quick coffee maker

A small coffee
maker will give you a quick and easy way to get your caffeine fix each morning.
ll help
you save time and money. If you do buy this gadget, remember to buy a few
reusable pods as well. This will allow you to always brew your favorite coffee
and save some plastic too.

An electric kettle

While we are on
the topic of hot beverages, if you’re a tea lover, you will probably be getting
a kettle at some point anyway. Buying one now shouldn
t set you back a lot. However, if
you are going to get one, you should go for a nice electric one. They can heat
water very quickly, and most of the newer, smart ones allow you to pick the
for the perfect brew. Additionally, you won
t have
to worry about leaving the stove on when you
re done.


Caption: An electric
kettle is one of the essential kitchen gadgets for tea lovers.


A food processor

A high-grade,
good-quality blender is definitely one of the essential kitchen gadgets you should
have. Primarily due to the large number of different things you can
with it. As long as it
s strong and has sharp blades, you can make any of the following:
smoothies, hot soups, ice cream, frozen margaritas, nut butter, freshly ground
coffee, and so much more. A good blender will quickly become a staple in your

since you will probably be using this appliance a lot, it
s a good idea to practice proper
upkeep with it, so
you can
extend its life
beyond the first few months of settling in.

Prioritize with large

When it comes to
buying and replacing larger appliances and gadgets, you should choose where to
start based on the condition of the appliances that came with your new
home. For example, if you have an old stove and oven that looks bad but works,
but the fridge both looks bad and is no longer functional, you should first
work on replacing the fridge. Replacing and moving large kitchen appliances can
be hazardous, so make sure to
do this

A simple hand mixer

Because they are
small and light, hand mixers are both easy to store and portable. This means
you can mix at the stovetop, sink or counter, whatever the recipe calls for.


Caption: A simple, cheap hand mixer is sure to
do the trick for new homeowners



Plus, you can
use any of your bowls or pots. The three main benefits of choosing this as a
starter gadget instead of buying a stand mixer right away are that they are:

1.        Easier
to operate

2.        Less

3.        Easier
to clean

An air fryer

Air fryers
circulate hot air incredibly efficiently to create a “fried finish” on foods
with little to no oil. Aside from being a healthier option for making fried
food, it
s also a quicker option.

Most air fryers
can pack immense versatility into a compact gadget. It
usually small enough to keep on a kitchen countertop. Here are just a few ideas
of what you can make in an air fryer:

1.        Air
fried chicken

2.        Buffalo
cauliflower wings

3.        Air
fryer baked potatoes

4.        Air
fryer doughnuts

5.        Potato
(and any other kind of) chips

If you are
willing to spend a little extra, look out for reheat, baking, roasting,
dehydrating, and grilling functions. These will open up the option to cook
entire meals
more easily
than ever before

To conclude

We truly hope
that our list of essential kitchen gadgets will help you get started on the
right foot and go in the right direction toward getting your dream
kitchen.  Our final tip for you is to
remember that you have time. These are some essentials, but even some of them
can wait. You should be fine if you’re smart with your purchases and stay
within your budget plan. – featured image – picture 1 – picture 2 – picture 3



New homeowners
can get overwhelmed by the growing list of essential kitchen gadgets. Ours
should help you prioritize easily for your kitchen.

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