Fabric Dresser: Storage, Organizer and Space Saver

We often look for the better way to organize our clothes. In some cases, home owners have made their room with cabinets attached to the walls. Some utilize the bed by adding some drawers. These can be seen mostly on big and fancy houses but how about those people don’t have the capacity to have a built-in cabinet and having an aesthetic closet where they can store their clothes?

Fabric dresser have been known as the most effective furniture in each of the bedroom that can be can stored, organized your clothes. It is also a great addition to those closets which cannot accommodate more clothes. Also, main reason why people buy dresser is for storage purposes. A fabric dresser organizer cannot only organize your clothes but also can store so much as the dresser have more drawers which means more stuffs can be store on it. Most fabric drawer dresser are designed for foldable clothing which you can easily store and organize. On the other hand, fabric dresser is more stylist and decorative which can also a great addition to your home décor.

This kind of furniture also save space in your room as all your stuff will be stored in the dresser and add your room a bit of warmth and brightness. This also helps eliminates those storage box that makes your room uncomfortable and look messy.

However, fabric dresser is not the same. Some features of one dresser may be absent from the other dresser. That is very frustrating that you cannot get those features in one fabric dresser. But, Costway always got your back. We have a fabric drawer dresser for you not only for foldable clothes but designed also for your clothes that needs to be hang.

It’s the 5 Drawers Fabric Dresser with Hanger Metal Top Storage Closet Organizer. This fabric dresser will keep your bedroom tidy which comes with cloth hanging rod that you can hang your favorite or cloths not ideal to be fold.  The dresser comes with 5 drawers which have 2 different kinds of drawers which is help you store clothes, toys, towels. he hanging rod is wide enough to hang clothes and other accessories. Made of a sturdy steel tube and high-density materials, the entire organizer is stable and features a high weight-bearing capacity. With four adjustable feet at the bottom, this organizer can even be used on uneven surfaces. Our multifunctional organizer can also be used without the hanging rod to meet different needs. The top of the cabinet can be use also as an alternative table in your room where you can put you stuff such as books, and phone.

Dresser with 5 Fabric Drawers: With 2 kinds of different fabric drawers, you can store underwear, blankets, socks, pajamas wandering, toys and other things in dresser. It not only makes your room tidy but also you can take things conveniently. And every removable drawer features ergonomic handle for easy opening and closing.

● Solid Clothes Hanging Rod: Comes with a 32.7-inch hanging rail, it is convenient for you to prepare your next-day outfit and don’t have to dig around the closet to find right match. Both ends of rod have raised area for hanging your accessories like bags and hats.

● Study and Durable Materials: The frame of this storage organizer is made of heavy-duty metal and the top board is made of durable density board. You can place vase, photo frame on the top to be great decors. In addition, the front and bottom board of drawer is made of premium density board which ensures long usage.

● Multifunctional Storage Organizer: The storage organizer is designed in compact appearance and can be placed in the corner in your bedroom or living room for household essential without taking too much space. What’s more, the organizer can be used without cloth hanging rod to meet your different needs.

● Easy to Assemble and Use: It is convenient to install the storage organizer with installation manual and required accessories. And you can assemble it by yourself in short time. With four feet at the bottom, their height can be changed slightly to apply for uneven surface.


5 Drawers Fabric Dresser with Hanger Metal Top Storage Closet Organizer

5 Drawers Fabric Dresser with Hanger Metal Top Storage Closet Organizer

5 Drawers Fabric Dresser with Hanger Metal Top Storage Closet Organizer


If you’re looking for a great storage, space saver and great furniture that will help you organized your cloths and other stuff, visit our Costway website and start adding to your cart our fabric dresser.