Guide to organizing your bathroom

Having a well-organized home is a big deal for a lot of people. However, no matter how much you’re into cleaning and organizing, there are always some rooms that are tougher to deal with than others. Taking the time to organize these rooms and making sure they stay that way isn’t the easiest task. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to try. Dedicate some time to organizing your bathroom with the help of this quick guide.

Divide and conquer

To truly organize your bathroom to its fullest potential, you need to understand your habits when using it. Seeing how you mostly use the bathroom for practical purposes and don’t spend much time in it otherwise, it would be wise to organize by prioritizing practicality.

One of the easiest ways to organize your bathroom in such a way is by having a good storage cabinet ,  where you will store most of your items. Think about getting a cabinet with see-through doors. That way, you’ll be motivated to keep the content much tidier.

If you’re looking to organize your bathroom, having a lot of cabinets is essential.

A bathroom with a lot of cabinets.

Another thing that you shouldn’t skip on is keeping your drawers organized as well. More often than not, we keep the things that we regularly use in plain sight while letting everything else clutter in the

drawers until we’re unable to clean or organize anything.


One of the best-proven methods of organizing a bathroom is labeling. It’s easy, and it will help you get to anything you might need quickly. Also, use containers for spaces that aren’t visible. Understandably, these spaces won’t look as pretty and organized as the rest. However, this way, you’ll at least keep your items separated into categories.


Although minimalism isn’t a suitable lifestyle for everyone, you can always adjust certain choices to make organizing easier on yourself. Decluttering anything you don’t use regularly is a prevalent method. If you cannot seem to let go and you’re used to leaving unnecessary stuff behind, try it. You should organize your bathroom to the degree that’ll allow you to be ready for a move in no time . As a matter of fact, take this approach to organize your entire home. It will make your life easier if or when you really have to move.

Don’t go overboard

Sometimes people declutter so much that they end up throwing everything away. Don’t be wasteful; find a balance. If you don’t think that you have enough room to keep some items you use from time to time, consider getting additional hanging storage . It will take up a tiny portion of your space but could help you out immensely.

The devil lies in the details

Having an organized bathroom should be about dividing it into categories and calling it a day. If you’re into interior design, you can add some final touches to this space that’ll elevate it completely. For example, for a vibrant room with a touch of nature , you can add some plants near your bathroom window.

Organizing a bathroom takes time and effort. However, make sure that you decorate it as well. Adding some plants will make your bathroom pop.

A bathroom that’s organized and decorated with the help of some plants.

People seldom realize that you can decorate your bathroom by getting prettier shelving or merely repainting it. Hang some towel racks or shelving units above your toilet. You can also creatively use wall space by placing some subtle paintings or mirrors that’ll make your bathroom feel more modern. Don’t think that you need to spend a lot either. You can always DIY or find whatever you’re looking for in thrift stores or garage sales.

Upgrade your bathroom

While you’re decorating, decluttering, and organizing your bathroom, you can get some appliances and other items that’ll make your bathroom a much more functional place.

An air purifier

Getting an air purifier, especially if your bathroom doesn’t have a window, is a great idea. However, don’t do this if it’ll make your space cluttered. Nonetheless, if you have a bigger bathroom, try it out. It’s a game-changer.

●Upgrade your first aid kit

Having a well-equipped first aid kit in your bathroom can mean a lot if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you’d need it.

●Amp up your cleaning collection

Take the time to explore new products that’ll help you clean your space more efficiently.

It’s important to remember to personalize all these upgrades and make them work for you. A lot of different factors will affect how you’ll do this. For the most part, you need to think about the size of your bathroom since it’ll affect any other changes you’re planning to make. Use whatever space you have wisely.


No matter if you’re renovating your home or organizing it, you mustn’t skip this step. To have a truly organized bathroom that’ll be ready for use, you have to clean it thoroughly. Make sure to furnish it in a way that won’t make cleaning too big of a chore.

To clean and organize your bathroom successfully, get the best cleaning supplies you can find.

A person cleaning and organizing their bathroom.

Find some help

If you have a bigger bathroom, it’ll take a bit longer to organize it. Although this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, you can always make it easier on yourself by hiring the right people. If you need help with renovating, hire contractors. If you need help with additional storage, for the time being, find movers. Make sure that whoever you hire is the best you can find. Cooperating with Bluebell Relocation Services and similar moving and storage companies will allow you to finish this part quickly and efficiently and move on to the more important steps of organizing a bathroom.


Apart from organizing your bathroom this one time, you also need to maintain it. Don’t forget to make a plan that’ll help you achieve a balance without having to put in too much work. Be organized and efficient, and everything should be just fine.

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