Having Outdoor Umbrellas is a Great Way to Enjoy Summer


Your backyard is not complete when it doesn’t have an outdoor umbrella, like 10ft umbrella. Wouldn’t it be better when you are underneath of 10ft cantilever umbrella whenever you’re relaxing and feeling the summer breeze air with family/friends, having a picnic, or just taking a break from household chores? Not only that, but it also adds a style and great shade to your green grounds?

When it comes to outdoor patio umbrellas, there are so many different styles and designs to choose from, like the Portofino comfort 10ft resort umbrella and sunny glade 10ft offset umbrella. Keep on scrolling down to some perks provided by outdoor umbrellas.

UV Rays Protection: High-quality umbrellas made from thick and durable materials, like nylon and polyester, provide protection against harsh UV rays. Adding an outdoor umbrella to your courtyard lessens your exposure to UV rays while enjoying your time outside.

Outdoor Furniture Protection: Though outdoor furniture is being built for outdoor, still susceptible to water and sun damage. The outdoor umbrella can somehow help protect from the fast degenerating of the products.

Add Coziness and Elevate Style: Some umbrellas come with led lights, e.g. 10ft offset umbrella with led lights so that you have a dinner date under the moonlight and shining stars and feel the great ambiance in the evening while the sun goes down.

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional patio umbrella, then consider purchasing a 10ft 3 Tier Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Double Vented. The pole is made of aluminum which makes it sturdy. You can pair it with an umbrella stand to keep hold. Plus it’s easy to set up.

10ft 3 Tier Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Double Vented

● Three Tiers and Dual Vented: Unlike other patio umbrella, the 3 tier patio umbrella with dual wind vents which not only adds fashion and elegance to the patio umbrella but good for air circulation. It is worth mentioned that multiple vents facilitate the flow of hot and cold air that not only make the umbrella more stable but cooler underneath.

● Auto-Tilt System and Crank Operation: The 10ft outdoor umbrella comes with built-in user-friendly crank which is easy to open as well as close. Besides, replace tilt push button with auto-tilt system, the patio umbrella is super easy to adjust tilt by crank and maximum shade for your outside enjoyment.

● Heavy-duty Aluminum Pole and Ribs: Support by premium aluminum pole, the outdoor umbrella is durable and not easy to get rusty that will be an ideal patio furniture for a long time. Besides, 8 solid aluminum ribs of the outdoor umbrella enhance durability to the patio umbrella. Additionally, the patio umbrella is lightweight yet solid.

● Bring More Shade for You: 10ft patio umbrella comes with heavy-duty fabric which is waterproof and breathable. So It is ideal for you to shade and rain protection. And it is also suitable for both residential and commercial locations. More, unique tilt design maximize shade by tilting the canopy as the sun’s position changes.

● Multifunctional and Easy Assembly: Outdoor umbrella can works in a lot of places such as patio, garden, balcony, or deck. In addition, a properly sized rod can be inserted into the hole in the center of table. Of course, this outdoor umbrella can also use with base( not include). With strap, the umbrella can be fixed when close. More, it is easy to put together without hardware.


10ft 3 Tier Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Double Vented

10ft 3 Tier Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Double Vented

10ft 3 Tier Outdoor Patio Umbrella with Double Vented


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