Home Gadgets That Will Save You Time and Money

Meta description: The tech market is full of devices that promise to make our life easier. Here’s a list of gadgets that will save you time and money.

In this day and age, the tech market is absolutely flooded with various gadgets, devices, appliances, and trinkets, making big promises and claims of improving our lives. So how do you tell which ones will save you time and money, and which ones will waste both? We’re here to help. Let’s go over some of the most useful home gadgets that will save you time and money and make your life simpler.

Smart thermostat
One of the best gadgets that will save you time and money is the smart thermostat. These devices will regulate your home’s temperature according to your needs and habits, which they learn over time. No more overheating rooms that aren’t in use, no need to wait for the temperature to become comfortable once you get home – just set it and forget it. Keeping warm or keeping cool has never been easier!

Smart plugs and power strips

With these, you can turn any device/appliance in your home into a smart device – turn everything on or off from your phone, set it on a timer, or create complex routines. Turn on your coffee maker when your morning alarm goes off, or turn on the AC on your way home. Also, many of these plugs/strips allow you to monitor precisely how much electricity the devices connected to them are using. This means you’ll always know the biggest culprits for the high electricity bills and adjust your power usage accordingly.

Smart lights
Though they can cost significantly more than your regular light bulbs, the smart ones let you get rid of many other items and allow for greater convenience. Even though lighting can affect your mood in many different ways, you don’t really need several lamps and sconces for a diffused and relaxed lighting. You don’t need expensive dimmer switches if you want to control brightness. You don’t need additional colored bulbs if you want to “set the mood”. Just put a few smart bulbs around, and control everything with your voice, or your phone. As a bonus, these lights are built to last much longer, so they really are worth their price.

Wireless chargers
These can be game-changing. How many times have we all fumbled around the dark with the charger cable and the phone, to the point where we damage the said cable and have to buy a replacement? Well, fumble no more. Just plop your phone (or wireless earbuds, or smartwatch) onto a wireless charger, and you’re done. One more thing – did you know that using your smartphone while it’s charging (like so many of us do in bed all the time) shortens the lifespan of the battery? Just another problem that a wireless charger takes care of.

Home assistant
Whether you go with Alexa, Google, or something else entirely – these serve as the central hub that connects all your smart devices. They let you control all your devices in one place, and help them interact with each other in various ways. Moving professionals from cardinalvanlines.com say that they see this home gadget more and more in modern houses, as people of all ages are using them successfully. The home assistant has practically become one necessary part of our everyday life, allowing us to live more comfortably. It’s one of the most popular home gadgets that will save you time and money. There’s no doubt that everybody needs one!

Water filtration
There are many ways you can go with – water pitchers, filtration bottles, faucets, dispensers, etc. If you’re the kind of person who always buys and drinks bottled water, the time and money-saving benefits are apparent. If you’re the person who drinks tap water already, your body will thank you for this.

Coffee makers
There’s a reason why Starbucks is as successful as they are. People love coffee. Cold-brew, espresso, or whatever your personal favorite caffeine poison is, there is A LOT of time and money to be saved by making it yourself rather than buying one (or four) outside every day.

Food preservation
From vacuum-sealing devices to high-quality containers that extend the freshness of your produce to food dehydrators – anything that results in less food being wasted means less time and money spent buying groceries and more time enjoying them.

Food slicers
A package of pre-sliced meat or cheese products usually costs quite a bit more than buying in bulk. And waiting in long lines at the deli is just so tedious. So, get yourself a food slicer; it will become an essential part of the kitchen – the focal point in your home. Start buying your ham and bacon in bulk, and slice them yourself. Congrats, you’ve saved yourself both time and money. Just watch your fingers!

Save money when moving into a new home
Moving into a new home and furnishing it according to your needs and taste is very exciting. And, if you want to be practical and organized in all parts of your life, you should also opt to make your relocation as affordable as possible and try to save money. As always, the key to success is in planning.
If you hire a reliable moving company with all the necessary logistics and packing equipment on time, you may save on your move significantly. But, before the packing process even starts, you’ll need to declutter your home and categorize items that you can sell, donate or throw away.
Keep in mind that moving price will largely depend on the number of items being transported, so less stuff means more cost savings. Also, set the moving date during the workweek and in the off-season (October through April). All these tricks will help leave more money in your pocket, so you’ll be able to afford even more smart home gadgets when you settle into your new home.

Final thoughts
While many gadgets will save you time and money, only you know what is really important to you and where you can make the most significant savings. One is for sure – these gadgets are all meant to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, so use them to your advantage.