How long does real christmas tree last?

How Much Time Does A Real Christmas Tree Last?

  • It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Christmas is here!

  • Christmas brings so much joy and happiness to our lives. There are so many elements that make Christmas the best holiday season of all times. The fun of getting presents, the happiness of decorating the Christmas tree, the excitement of shopping for new things for the home, and many more – it is moments like these that make Christmas a memorable festival. 

  • The Christmas tree is indeed one of the most important elements of Christmas. There are many things that go into consideration before buying a Christmas tree – the size of the room, location of the tree, size of the tree, the right time to buy, the type of tree, and many more. Exactly, it is not as easy as it seems to buy the perfect and prettiest pine on the lot. This article will help you get rid of all the ifs and buts that come between you and the perfect Christmas tree.

1. Start With A Fresh Tree


If you have decided to buy a real tree, then you have to keep in mind a majority of three things. 

  • Time

  • A Christmas tree stays fresh for about four to five weeks, so it is important to buy it just at the right time. The best time to purchase a Christmas tree is between Cyber Monday and the first week of December because they are super expensive on Black Friday.

  • Variety

  • There are different options for Christmas trees according to their shapes, sizes, and varieties that you can choose from. The ones that are best known for their excellent needle retention are Fraser, Concolor, White, and Canaan Fir. You can also go for these additional tree characteristics, namely, soft needles, strong branches, a Christmasy scent, and good for allergy sufferers.

  • Dryness

  • Pick out a tree that looks healthy and green. Before buying it, gently shake it off to check for any dry and brittle needles or branches. A healthy tree has smooth bark, a fresh scent, and soft and pliable outer branches with an evenly spread out green color.

2. Transport And Store Your Tree Safely


After choosing the perfect tree, there comes another hurdle of how to safely transport it to your home. Transport is a crucial part of getting a perfect Christmas tree because improper handling during transportation can damage the tree or even your vehicle. 

Go shopping on a sunny day when the weather won’t take you down. Make sure your truck has ample space for the tree and, after rightly placing it, tie it firmly and cover it with a plastic sheet to avoid any damage on the way home. Drive slowly and keep a check on the tree at regular intervals. 

And if you want to save yourself from all this hassle, just hire packers and movers!

3. Christmas Tree Stands


Finally, you are home with your Christmas tree. Another task is up to get your Christmas tree straight and place it in its stand. This is a crucial step because it should be done as soon as possible. If not done right in time, it can hamper the tree. If you are planning to wait for some time and then plant it, then keep the tree in water as soon as you come home.

It is a tricky job to stabilize a newly acquired tree in a finicky, fussy stand. There are a plethora of options available for easy-to-use sturdy stands that will keep your tree stable and standing tall. 

Many stands require you to make a cut to the tree and then drill a hole to make it stand. Often, farms and stores where you buy your tree can do the job for you. If they do not provide you with cutting and drilling services, then you need to pick up the tools. 

You need to make a fresh cut at the base of the tree that is somewhere between half and one inch. This will make the tree stand easier. Also, some stands require you to drill a hole in the center of the tree base. 

4. How To Keep A Christmas Tree Fresh & Green?

If you have bought your Christmas tree one month before Christmas, then it is important to keep it fresh and green at least till the new year. And this could be a huge task if you do not care for it properly. You can keep the tree fresh and lively in three major ways.

  • Water it daily

  • You need to water the tree daily, especially the first two weeks after it is cut down. 

  • Use wilt-stop

  • This plant-protecting spray will keep your tree green for a long time. It creates a protective layer on the needles, which makes moisture stay in place. 

  • Keep it away from the fireplace

  • The fireplace is not the ideal location for your Christmas tree; it makes the tree dry out sooner. The same is the case if you place it near the radiator or stove.

5. Christmas Tree Reuse

Try to keep the life of your Christmas tree longer by using the tips mentioned above. After the festive season, you can place your tree against other trees in your backyard and add some bird seeds to attract birds and squirrels. It can act as a small habitat for some time. 

After it has dried out completely, you can shake off the needles and put them in a compost pit to improve the quality of the soil. Branches can be used in the fireplace or in the garden bed to protect it.