How Many Lights For Christmas Tree


Whether you have a real or artificial Christmas tree, every tree needs Christmas lights to appear festive. Getting the correct number of lights, on the other hand, might be difficult. Follow these tips to ensure you get the appearance you want.

How Many Lights Do I Need For An Indoor Christmas Tree?

About 100 bulbs are suggested for every two feet of unlit indoor Christmas tree for optimum coverage. A string of 300 LEDs is required to perfectly illuminate a 6-foot artificial Christmas tree.

Using this as a guideline, below are the number of lights you’ll need for various-sized Christmas trees. Please keep in mind that this is the bare minimum of lights required to cover your tree. Adding more will only enhance the lighting show, while falling below the minimum may make your tree appear barren.

Tree size Number of lights
3ft tree 150
4ft tree 200
5ft tree 300
6ft tree 400
7ft tree 500

How Many Lights Do You Need For An Outdoor Christmas Tree?

However, many people like to use nearly twice as many Christmas tree lights to achieve the most shine when it comes to outdoor Christmas trees.

  • 360 lights for a 4-foot fake Christmas tree
  • 600 lights for a 6-foot artificial Christmas tree
  • 1,000+ lights for an 8-foot artificial Christmas tree are some examples.

Another element to consider is the number of windows and ceiling lights in your home since these lights can alter how your tree looks, especially when the lighting changes throughout the day. You may add lights to your tree and then measure its brightness in the afternoon, evening, and night.

Christmas Tree Placement Lights Guide

  • 1. Before you begin, plug in the lights to ensure that all of the bulbs are operational. Leave them on as you work to see how they appear on the tree and simply correct any dark spots.
  • 2. Traveling around and around the tree to wind in the lights is the most conventional approach to putting your artificial Christmas tree lights. To give your Christmas tree a more professional appearance, wire the lights a bit haphazardly to give your lights a more organic, natural feel. Place some lights further into the branches and some closer to the front as you work to create depth.
  • 3. A light dead zone happens when you link one string of lights to another: Hide the unattractive green plug deep inside the branches.
  • 4. If your lights aren’t hanging precisely where you want them, tie a little floral wire around the cable and branch to secure it. To avoid injury, bend the wire’s loose ends towards the rear of the tree.
  • 5. If you have a drooping or unsightly branch, just remove it by pruning it from behind with a pair of florist shears.

What Is The Spacing Between Christmas Tree Bulbs?

Have you ever had to double or triple-wrap a Christmas tree in lights to get it to shine brightly enough? Bulb spacing (the amount of wire between each bulb) in a typical set of tiny lights is 12 inches. That is nearly always too far apart.

For a Christmas tree, gutter, or home trim, the maximum bulb spacing should be 6 inches, not 12. Tighter bulb spacing of 4 inches is preferable for wrapping an exterior tree trunk, pole, or staircase. You may even go with 2.5-inch spacing for wreaths, garlands, and other small-diameter things.

Types Of Christmas Lights

When planning an interior or outdoor lighting show, there are several varieties of Christmas lights to select from.

  • Ø  Miniature String Lights
  • Mini string lights include little bulbs and have been popular for decades.
  • Ø  LED Mini Lights with a Wide-Angle
  • Wide-angle LED microlights to have low-profile, conical bulbs that emit more light than other types and blend in flawlessly when not in use.
  • Ø  Big-Bulb Lights
  • Large-bulb lights (also known as C5, C7, C9, G40, and G50) make a statement and have a classic vibe.
  • Ø  Battery Lights
  • Battery-operated Christmas lights are ideal for displays that aren’t near a power supply or in areas where cables may be hazardous.
  • Ø  Colour-Changing And Animated Lights
  • Animated and color-changing lights provide life to your Christmas display.
  • Ø  Net Lighting
  • Net lights are already strung together into formations, making it simple to generate a consistent appearance when draped around plants or structures.
  • Ø  Icicle Lights
  • Icicle Christmas lights add a whimsical, snow-covered look to your house.
  • Ø  LED Rope Lights
  • LED rope lights are perfect for highlighting entryways, windows, and walkways. They’re also an excellent choice for making complicated shapes and decorations.
  • Ø  LED Spotlights for Projection
  • LED projection spotlights do not need to be installed and are a more time-efficient alternative to traditional string lights. Simply put them in, aim them anyplace (indoor Christmas trees, outdoor trees, or houses), and they will instantly project vivid colors or patterns.
  • Ø  Lights for Pathways
  • Pathway lights, which come in a number of sizes and patterns, include built-in anchors that allow you to quickly illuminate a sidewalk or driveway.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety measures you should always take:

  1. If it’s raining, windy, ice or your roof is covered with snow, DON’T GO UP! It’s simply not worth it.
  2. Test and check all of your lights before decorating
  3. Don’t use nails, screws, or tacks to hang lights
  4. Use extension cables that are certified for the location where you’re hanging them and the electrical load you’re placing on them
  5. Don’t overload electrical sockets
  6. If you must use a ladder, be sure that your neighbor did not damage it when you last rented it out.
  7. Secure the ladder or have a helper hold it to avoid sudden movement.
  8. Purchase the appropriate size ladder to keep you from reaching the top rungs.
  9. You should not be going up if your ‘spare tire’ is touching the rungs.
  10. Never allow your “belt buckle” location to protrude over the side rail of the ladder. This will keep you from being kicked out.
  11. Think about each motion to avoid losing your equilibrium.


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