How Much Is A Christmas Tree Real?


The most appealing factor of a real Christmas tree would be its quite impossible to replicate aroma. This is one of the biggest reasons why people go for real Christmas trees rather than any other alternative option; however, with less supply and more demand, real Christmas trees have turned out to be an expensive affair. In today’s time, other than real Christmas trees, you will also come across artificial Christmas trees that offer the same look the same feel and are pretty cost-effective too. 

However, there are several factors that one needs to consider before one starts hunting for a real Christmas tree. Does your home have enough space to accommodate the tree once it is unfurled? Prices of real Christmas trees vary on different factors, but the average price point would be $83- $85. Christmas trees occupy a lot of space when they are in all their glory, and if you are traveling during the holidays, having a real Christmas tree at home can be quite a hassle. 

Why Are Christmas Trees So Expensive Right Now?


Nothing means Christmas more than decorating a Christmas tree with lights and DIY ornaments, but with the prices rising, the question arises, why are Christmas trees so expensive right now? What are the factors behind these trees getting so expensive? Not a lot of people can afford such expensive trees, and hence experts are now advising people to purchase trees way ahead of the festivities. Here are some factors that are crucial behind the rising costs of real Christmas trees. 

  • Location Plays A Crucial Role: Christmas trees do not grow well in all kinds of climates; therefore, location plays a huge factor in determining what would be the cost of these trees. Locally grown Christmas trees would be cheap, but the moment they are transported domestically or exported, their prices would increase. The further away from the location, the higher the price of the tree would be. Shipping and handling are the major factors behind this pricing. Christmas trees are not easy to ship because nobody wants trees with broken branches; hence, they need a lot more care during packaging, shipping, and handling. 

  • Size Factors In: Another contributing factor to the rise in real Christmas tree prices is their size. The bigger the tree would be, the higher the price. Therefore, a 9ft tree might be what you want as the showstopper of your Christmas decoration, but be ready to spend a hefty amount on that too. However, if you want an average height tree, 6ft to 7.5ft trees fit the range and also the budget.

  • Popularity Plays A Great Role: Certain Christmas tree types play a crucial role in determining what the price point would be. Certain trees are a lot more popular than others because they fit the description of the picture-perfect tree. These types sell faster and are always low on supply and high on demand. The most common types would be pines, spruces, firs, and cedars. 

  • Freshness Matters: Another crucial factor behind the rising price of Christmas trees is freshness. Anyone would want their trees to last a long time and look fresh, even sometimes beyond the holidays. The greener the tree, the fresher it would be. Try to avoid dry and non-fresh trees, as the chances of them catching fire are higher. 

Why Are Artificial Christmas Trees More Cost-Effective?

Every year, households go through the confusion of whether they should go for a real Christmas tree or an artificial one. With the increase in demand for artificial Christmas trees, here are some of the reasons why it would be the right choice for your festivities this time. 

  • They Are Comparatively Less Expensive: You can use artificial Christmas trees year after year, which is not the case for the real ones. Artificial trees might cost you a bit more than real ones, but in the long run, it would be a wise investment. If you are trying to save more, then going artificial is the way.

  • It Is Convenient: For people who have a really hectic schedule and go on office trips, artificial trees are a really convenient option. Artificial trees do not require any maintenance like watering. The needles would not drop every now and then, making them an easy-to-go option.

  • Transportation: Artificial Christmas trees, when compared to real Christmas trees, are comparatively lighter in weight, so they are easier to transport. Once they get delivered to your place, you can store them all year long and use them during the festivities.

  • Longevity: For people who decorate real trees, they know the hassle that comes with maintaining real Christmas trees. Christmas trees will deteriorate with time and might even start browning before the final festivities. Artificial trees would maintain their look throughout. 

Costway Christmas Tree Types

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