How to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Christmas is knocking on your door with the music of the jingle bell, and it’s the time for celebration. So, enjoy the Christmas you deserve while creating the memories you want. There are a few things that you may consider before you start purchasing, so read on before you decry the halls to decorate an artificial Christmas tree.
Choose the ideal Christmas tree for your family with the help of our staff of horticulturists. To manage the solution that works for your family, we wrote this guide.

Types of Artificial Christmas Tree 

The ideal artificial Christmas tree is waiting for you among our amazing selections. Look at several tree species and design options that can suit your tastes. Our trees are inspired by nature, although the degree of realism varies depending on the materials and finishes. Materials made from a combination of PVC and PE provide the most lifelike artificial Christmas tree.

PE – Realistic – You must hunt for PE-made fake Christmas trees if you want the tree that seems the most natural. Because of their elegant appearance and rich green branches and needles, you can distinguish between these trees.

PVC – Affordable and Lush – PVC is used to make artificial Christmas trees, as you may have heard from the plumber. The filler branches are often constructed from PE in the front of the tree and PVC in the back. According to the American Christmas Tree Association, PVC trees are among the most accessible.

PVC and PE – Affordable and high-quality – A mixture of PVC and PE is your best bet if you want an artificial Christmas tree that won’t break the bank yet looks realistic. Even though PVC is frequently of worse quality than PE, you can’t see the PVC needles in the tree’s trunk. They serve more as fillers to give the tree a fuller appearance.

What can be Spent on an Artificial Christmas Tree?
The National Christmas Tree Association, a trade organization representing tree merchants, said that the average cost of a genuine Christmas tree was $75. A fake tree cost, on average, $107 in 2017. To get a Christmas tree for less money, follow these tips: Pick your retailer carefully.

Guide to Buy an Artificial Christmas Tree

You can make exciting plans for this Christmas. It doesn’t take much time to follow the ultimate guide for buying an artificial Christmas tree. Take a look at some tips: 

  • ● Check the Right Size
The standard ceiling height is around 8 to 9 feet. A tree that is around 12 inches shorter than the height of your ceilings would be ideal. If you don’t intend to add a tree topper, you could choose a tree of this size. Think about how stands and tree toppers may increase the height of your tree. Remember this when looking for Christmas decorations to get fitting accessories for your tree.

Choose Right Tree Shape

By looking at its form, you can get a basic notion of how much space a tree occupies. Choose a wide, full tree for a vast area and a narrow or skinny tree for those little places. 
Measure the area of your floor and compare it to the specifications on our website. These measures are based on the tree’s broadest point and its tallest tip at the top. This is a broad guideline, although these measurements might vary based on how you form your tree. Christmas trees come in a variety of forms, such as:

  • Slim: Since their small profile, slim Christmas trees are becoming more and more popular because they provide beauty to various locations of all sizes. However, you don’t need to be in a small space to appreciate these trees’ marvels; you can use them to decorate a little nook with a festive feel.
  • ● Sparse: Sparse, real-looking artificial Christmas trees are the most recent craze to sweep over social media. These sparse trees, which were inspired by nature, are perfect if you want a tree that looks realistic. Perfectly crooked branches provide a very Scandinavian and minimalist appearance.

Pre-Decorated Christmas Tree
They have enhanced safety and effectiveness. Pre-lit Christmas trees may strike a good mix of convenience, safety, and energy efficiency thanks to the development of cooler, more energy-efficient LED (as opposed to incandescent) lighting, and artificial trees don’t dry out or provide a potential fire threat.

Types of Branches in a Christmas Tree

We have put up a guide with information on the many Christmas tree kinds to assist you in finding the ideal tree for you. It is classified according to its most prevalent traits and attributes. This year, celebrate the happiest time with a Christmas tree that’s top on your wish list! Check out the various Christmas tree varieties below:

Fraser Fir
The yellow-green branches of the Fraser fir have a conical form with branches that curve slightly upward and are known for their pleasant aroma. Because of its extra-sturdy branches, the Fraser fir is a wonderful choice for heavy ornaments, Christmas garlands, and other festive decorations. 
Its spiralling, needle-like leaves have a pleasant aroma and are located along the tree’s trunk. Typically, the Fraser fir may reach heights of up to 50 feet.

Balsam Fir 
The balsam fir tree is an evergreen most recognized for its conical form and thick, dark-green, flat, needle-like leaves. The leaves of the balsam fir are frequently used for Christmas wreaths and bouquets because they frequently feature traces of sparkling silvery-white. This type of artificial Christmas tree always looks great. 
This evergreen tree is attractive and has a pleasant scent. It only grows in popularity due to emitting that smoky Christmas fragrance. Small- to medium-sized and reaches heights of up to 66 feet.

Canaan Fir
The Canaan fir is known as the Fraser and Balsam first hybrid because it resembles both. Like the Fraser fir, the Canaan fir is a medium-growing evergreen tree with excellent needle retention. The flat, needle-like leaves have a lovely green tint. The Canaan fir is rare since it is only found naturally in the West Virginian highlands and is a recent arrival on the Christmas tree market.

Choose the Best Materials for Christmas Tree

The two most popular materials used to make classic, realistic, and lifelike fake Christmas trees are PE and PVC. They are not particularly realistic but intend to imitate evergreen trees. Traditional trees have supple, bristle-like tips made of sturdy PVC for a classic appearance.

Number of Attached Tips
You don’t necessarily want to get an artificial Christmas tree that is 8′ tall just because your ceiling is that high. Consider some of the reasons it’s not a good idea to get a tree that is the same height as your ceiling:
  • ● If you already have a topper, like an angel or star, measure its height and deduct it from the ceiling to determine the tallest tree you may use.
  • ● Generally, give a topper at least 10 to 12 inches.
  • ● Leave an inch between the topper and the ceiling.
How is Christmas Attached Stand Beneficial?

The tree stands upright no matter the curvature of the trunk in just 10 seconds. The legs of the Christmas tree stand are detachable and fastened with a pin in the middle. The difficulty associated with standing your tree is eliminated by aligning the pin with the hole in its base and then simply putting the tree on the pin.

Buy the Artificial Christmas Tree from COSTWAY
You should ensure the lights are of the highest calibre with regard to the holiday glow. The greatest lights may be purchased from a wide selection of trustworthy internet retailers – COSTWAY. However, many individuals are confused when choosing between a large and a small artificial Christmas tree.
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The tree is lush and was made with 673 PVC branch tips and snow-flocked leaves. It will make a full-bodied, real tree appear to you. 450 Bright LED lights were placed along the thick, genuine pine branches to create a festive and cheery ambience. This artificial Christmas tree will remain upright for many years thanks to its strong metal stand.
This pre-lit Christmas tree requires no setup and is simple to operate. It has 450 warm white LED lights on branches. These LED lights have a long lifespan and use little energy. Thanks to the pre-lit design, your time is saved on setting up electric wires. Warm white lighting effects produced by energy-efficient lighting contribute to the festive atmosphere. Buying the product from COSTWAY can be beneficial to you.

The 516 branch tips of the tall, lush, and fluffy pre-lit artificial hinged Christmas tree make it a wonderful holiday display. The tree is enhanced by 300 LED lights, 32 clusters of pinecones, and red berries that create a cosy festival ambience. PVC branches are long-lasting, fire-resistant, and good for the environment.
The tree doesn’t tilt, thanks to the iron stand’s stability. In addition, hinges link the branches to the trunk, enabling a quick and easy setup. Get the product from COSTWAY at an affordable price. Both residential and commercial usage is acceptable.