How to Choose a Perfect Side Table for Your Home

Tables are the most commonly used furniture at home. Every section of the house such as kitchen, dinning room, living room and bedroom is incomplete without having one. 

There are three types of tables can be seen in every house, the (1) Living room tables which includes coffee table, side table with shelf, end table, ottoman tables and etc., (2) Table for meals such as dinning and kitchen tables somehow includes Bedside table and Pub table and lastly (3) Working tables where in computer and conference tables are included. 

Each table have its on purpose in your house. The side table is sometimes the underrated table as many of the house doesn’t need or not necessary to have it. But most of them didn’t know that it plays an important role in providing us its functionality within our house and giving our home an aesthetically vibes. 

The side table can be use in many ways not only an extended table for your living room tables but can be convertible dining table or coffee table where in you can put your coffee while sitting in your living room watching movies or reading books. Mostly side tables can be seen in most of the bedroom and used as nightstand. Your lamp, books, phone and other things you usually used at night are placed. 

And like the other furniture’s in your home, this kind of tables bring balance to your room. It also comes with simple and modern styles that doesn’t require matching techniques with the other furniture. It also has designs which will suite to your needs some are portable which has caster where you can move along. The portability of every furniture is very essential if we think we need to move them on the other part of your house and used as alternative table depending on your needs. 

But how can choose a side table which can gives you the functionality and bring ambience to your home? We need to consider the following:

● Cost – the cost of the item is the number one we consider first when buying something. Yes, it is, but it doesn’t mean that the higher or the lower the prize of the item will always be the best side table for you. You can also consider the item that will save you from yearly replacement of the item. Also, based on the cost, think if the side table you want can be multifunctional. If the side table can be a nightstand and end table would that be great than buying 3 different tables with its own different purpose. You can save most of your money.

● Height – this is very essential, you need to identity the height of the side table you want to add in your home, having a side table/end table which is higher that your sofa chair will not be ideal and cannot be an end table anymore. Select the side table which is perfectly match on your needs.

● Width of the side table – If your space is very tight, select a side table which will suite to the space allotted. Providing your room, a space to breathe is very important and will not look like the furniture are suffocated.

●  Storage Space – are you planning to place some stuffs on the top of the table or you would like to have some storage such as shelves and drawer underneath? This is very important for You to identify how you will use the table. Some side tables come with drawers and shelves. You can use those spaces as your storage for your stuffs you mostly used. 

● Functionality – this is the reason why we want to buy a side table. They can serve you with storage, as for other things. For example, you can make it to function as a small writing desk or a powder table. At the same time this desk or table could also feature several drawers to store some things.

Like the 3-tier Side Table with Wheels and Large Storage Shelf Costway have, this is a very simple but a modern 3-side table with storage shelf.  This can be using not only a side table but also a sofa end table, nightstand, etc. 


How to Choose a Perfect Side Table for Your Home

How to Choose a Perfect Side Table for Your Home

How to Choose a Perfect Side Table for Your Home


This side table is very sturdy and very durable as it was made with quality board and hardware that ensured long term used without easy deformation of shaking. It also comes with casters which can help you easily move and prevent the table from slipping and let the table placed stably even on the slope parts of your house. It also comes with storage rack or shelves wherein you can place your other stuffs such as books, vase that you widely used in your daily lives. Also, because of its modern appearance and compact in size, which is not only a piece of decorative furniture, but also an ideal storage solution for small spaces. This is a very functional side table as it can be used as your nightstand in your bedroom and provide you a wide table top and giving you an ample space to place your stuffs.

This is only some of the basic guide on how you can pick your side table. It will always be you and based on your personal needs and style on what side tables will you choose and Costway is giving you an option to choose what side table with shelf will fits to your needs.