How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree

You might consider purchasing an artificial Christmas tree this holiday season if you still swept up pine needles from your carpet in July. There is no need to water it, it won’t shed, and you won’t have to carry it up three flights of stairs yearly. Additionally, you may change every aspect, including the color and kind of needles. It has a positive side benefit: The American Christmas Tree Association claims that recycling an artificial tree for at least five years has a better environmental impact than utilizing a real tree. Are you looking for a fake replacement? Here are some things to think about.

Steps to choose an artificial Christmas tree:

  1. 1. The Height of The Tree
  2. 2. The Shape of The Tree
  3. 3. Christmas Tree Needle Type
  4. 4. Christmas Tree Species
  5. 5. Christmas Lights Colors
  6. 6. Types Of Christmas Lights
  7. 7. Christmas Tree Price
  8. 8. Christmas Tree Decorations
  9. 9. Care & Storage

1. The Height of The Tree

Our trees are measured from base to highest tip. As a general guideline, the top of your tree should be at least 6 inches from the ceiling. This also considers the tree’s topper or any other ornamental stand that increases its height. Therefore, you would need a 7.5-foot Christmas tree if your ceiling is the normal 9 feet tall and your angel topper is 12 inches.
An artificial Christmas tree for the holidays is available in one of three widths: full, slender, or pencil. Various heights are available for artificial trees, starting at the tabletop size and rising typically in half-foot increments up to around 12 feet. Give yourself at least 6 inches from the wall and 12 inches from the ceiling. Measure the area where you need to place the fake Christmas tree and allow enough space to move around it to decorate to choose the greatest artificial tree for your home.
The width and height should be considered, and you should also consider the compressed size. Additionally, consider the area the tree must pass through to reach its ultimate location and check whether you can transfer the tree there.

2. The Shape of The Tree

Christmas trees are lovely, but just as you prefer to coordinate the ornaments on your tree with the other ornaments in your home or workplace, you also want to coordinate the tree’s look with your overall decorating theme. This is more of an aesthetic problem compared to a functional one. Most fake trees attempt to resemble an authentic evergreen tree in shape and look.
An artificial tree has this advantage over a genuine one. When choosing a genuine tree, you can be picky, but eventually, you must accept what you got. You may match your decoration ideas with an artificial tree’s many specialized options. Others will be straighter and thinner, while some will be huge and fluffy.
The form of a tree seen from the front is referred to as its “profile” in Christmas tree slang. Choose a complete profile if there won’t be a problem with space. If you don’t have much floor space, pick a tree with a thin profile. You’ll still have plenty of limbs to hang decorations from.

By looking at its form, you can roughly estimate how much space a tree occupies. If you have a large room, choose a wide, full-size fake Christmas tree; if you have a little space, choose a narrow or skinny one. Measure the available space and compare it to the specifications on our website. These dimensions are based on the tree’s broadest point.

  • FULL

The most common design is the traditional Christmas tree silhouette.

  • SLIM

Our smallest trees, created for nooks and small places


Artificial Christmas tree in complete shape that conserve space by resting flat against a wall or corner


Lifelike trees with gaps between the branches for decoration display

  • WIDE

Wide Christmas trees have a wider profile, making them perfect for adorning areas with more room and hanging more decorations.

3. Christmas Tree Needle Type

Artificial trees are a fantastic substitute that simplifies life by removing the need to water and care for a tree and preventing pine sap and falling needles from getting on your hands and carpets. The needles of artificial trees are typically constructed of one of two materials: PVC or PE (polyethene). Depending on what you’re searching for, you may want to choose one over the other because they both offer advantages.
In addition to being fire resistant, PVC is far safer than a genuine tree or even one made of PE. For instance, PVC trees will always be green since their colour won’t fade. However, PVC needles are typically attached to branches, making the artificial tree more noticeable.

A PE tree will be a better option if authenticity is your goal. The needles on trees made of PE will be constructed as an essential part of the tree and may even be better moulded to give them a more realistic appearance. Certain trees may employ both materials to give their needles an even more natural and variegated appearance.

4. Christmas Tree Species

Because they make you think of the Christmas tree you had as a child, several species may have special significance for you. For this reason, we draw inspiration from nature and develop moulds from actual branch trimmings to produce artificial Christmas tree that are incredibly lifelike.
Check out the types of species mentioned below:
  • ● Individual sprouts of dense branches with flat, flexible needles emerging from the stem
  • ● Rough branches that branch out from the stem in singles. In contrast to firs, spruce needles have four sides and sharp tips.
  • ● Sparser branches surrounding the trunk with clusters of two, three, or five tiny needles connected to the stem
Check out some of those species in Costway:

6 Feet Snow Flocked Artificial PVC Christmas Tree 

6 Feet Artificial Christmas Spruce Hinged Tree 

Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree with Pine Cones – 5 / 6 / 7.5 Feet

Prelit Artificial Half National Christmas Tree with 8 Flash Modes

5. Christmas Lights Colors

Many fake trees will have lights connected and already set up. However, setting up a pre-lit tree will be considerably simpler. You may get trees with numerous lights and various configurations on them. Make sure the arrangement you choose will make you pleased for a while because they will be set, and you won’t be able to remove or rearrange them.

Artificial trees that have been prelit are a terrific method to reduce setup and cleaning (and avoid the holiday trauma of a giant ball of tangled lights). Prelit artificial trees, on the other hand, are often more expensive, and the size or colour of the lights cannot be changed from year to year. This implies that the remaining lights will continue to operate even if only one bulb on the string goes out. Changing out burned-out lights for new ones might be difficult as well. Look for a prelit artificial tree marked “continuous on” or “with burn-out prevention” if you decide to buy one. 

6. Types Of Christmas Lights

Purchasing a pre-lit tree with the lights already strung on it will save you the time and hassle of doing the lighting yourself. Get colour-changing LEDs that you can control with a remote or an app if you want to host a light show in your house. Your lighting choices determine whether the room seems comfortable or lively. You can select one over the other or adjust it to suit your mood.
Here are the options: 
  • ● The traditional candles glow
  • ● A vibrant combination of colours
  • ● Exclusive lights that provide 30% greater coverage and allow you to select between clear, multicoloured, and both
  • ● Lights that are animated and produce an amazing spectacle
7. Christmas Tree Price

Artificial trees are expensive. However, a 7 1/2-foot premium artificial tree from Balsam Hill costs between $600 and $1,000, whereas “the same genuine tree, without lights and shipping, would be approximately $100 and last one season,” according to Harman. To determine whether purchasing a fake tree is worthwhile, do the arithmetic.
Christmas tree sizes, needle kinds, light types, and setup features all affect price. Because they may be used year after year, Artificial Christmas tree sometimes cost more than genuine ones. Choose from big, realistic trees to thin space savers to find one that fits your budget.

Costway comes with a range of Artificial Christmas trees, ranging from $40 to $200 and above.

8. Christmas Tree Decorations

Additionally, an Artificial Christmas tree may be pre-decorated in various ways. It may be accentuated, meaning plastic berries and pine cones may already be affixed. These additions can provide some lovely tiny touches and decorations, but they are often permanent and cannot be removed.
Flocked trees have been painted to look like they are coated with frost or snow. The quality of this ornament varies, and it frequently looks tacky. But when done right, it may look extremely attractive. The limbs of a fake tree flocking appear to have been sprinkled with snow or glitter. Your imitation tree can be flocked to the level you like; some are dusted more thickly than others. Pinecones, berries, and other artificial tree accents may have a natural appearance. An artificial tree that is flocked or embellished may not complement your decorating style if it varies from year to year. Keep in mind that these things cannot be removed.
Check out these pre-decorated trees from The Costway website:

These artificial, pre-lit branches appear incredibly lifelike and realistic. Even this robust tree is as beautiful as it is. This Christmas tree will undoubtedly offer visual interest to each space throughout the festive season. This season might bring more excitement.

This Christmas tree is shaped like a slender pencil to take up less room, making it perfect for placement in compact spaces, cramped quarters, and places with little floor space. It might be a festive centre in your home if it has a distinctive appearance.

This 6.5-foot Christmas tree, made of 673 branch tips and snow-flocked leaves, is vibrant and lush. It will make a full-bodied, real tree appear to you. The crimson berries and pine cones on the trees make them quite attractive. It will give any room’s decor life.

9. Care & Storage

To maintain your tree in excellent shape, store it somewhere cool and dry. Storage bags are advised to prevent dust and the weather from injuring your tree. All Balsam Hill trees are packaged in lightweight bags or bags for simple storage from year to year.


Artificial trees are becoming more and more common since they are much easier to maintain and endure longer. You may be able to find fake trees that are more environmentally friendly, depending on your preferences. But because your fake tree will be with you for years to come, it is worthwhile to do some study and pick the perfect tree for you.