How to Clean An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Your artificial Christmas tree is fully prepared for the holidays in its storage box or bag. The tree can be put together and decorated in minutes. However, after a few uses, an artificial tree, like other favorite decorations, can come out of the storage box looking untidy and smell an odor. In which case, it’s necessary to clean your manufactured Christmas tree.

Cleaning that tree is easy, but it takes time. Plan your decorating schedule, so you have time to clean the Christmas tree before adding all the trimmings. Your manufactured Christmas tree will be clean and fresh with just a few pieces of domestic equipment.

How often should a Christmas tree be cleaned?
You should ideally clean a Christmas tree at the end of the holiday season and when it is reassembled. However, thorough cleaning before adorning will make your holiday season brighter.
Cleaning manufactured Christmas carnations and trees is essential before displaying or storing them for the season. If your plastic greenery isn’t too filthy, gently vacuum it or wipe it down with a soft microfiber piece of cloth. A thorough washing might be required for filthier faux firs.

Tools and equipment required:

  • ● Sink, bathtub, or large plastic tub
  • ● Sprinkler nozzle for a garden hose
  • ● Shop-vac
  • ● Vacuum with hose connection
  • ● Vacuum with hose connection
  • ● A tarp or an old sheet
  • ● A large plastic trash bag
  • ● Bottle for spraying.


  • ● Dishwashing liquid or a gentle washer is required.
  • ● Clothes made of microfiber
  • ● Salt is an electrostatic duster.
You can clean your Christmas tree in two parts. First, clean the tree with attached lights, and after that, clean the tree without the Christmas lights.

Clean your Christmas tree while the lights are there:

  • ● Remove dust with a vacuum: Use a light touch when using a handheld vacuum, a shop vac, or a canister suction with a hose attachment. You don’t want to vacuum the needles away or harm the lights. To capture dust and debris, keep the suction device a few inches away from the branches or cover the closure of the nozzle with mesh.
  • ● Make use of a duster: A gentle hand brush, feather duster, or microfiber cloth can be used to remove the dust. Beginning at the top, wipe down each tree branch and the base stand. You may use a torch to avoid damaging the beautiful lights.
  •  Gentle shivering to remove dust: Unload the tree and gently shake each section outside to loosen the dust. You should work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the lights.

You can also use a big plastic garbage bag and table salt to shake away the dust. It works best for trees that do not have unattached lights. Fill a trash bag with two cups of salt. Add one artificial tree section. Shake the bag vigorously. The salt will capture the dust latching the branches, making the tree appear brighter.

Taking down an artificial Christmas tree:

Whether your tree is artificial or else, taking the tree down could be the most difficult part of the holiday season. You must properly separate the tree before storing it unless you want to be “that” friend or family member who leaves it up all year.

Clean your Christmas tree after removing the lights:

  • ● A cleaning solution should be thoroughly mixed: Fill a spray bottle with two cups of warm water and one teaspoon dishwashing agent. Shake well to mix.
  • ● Surface protection and colorfastness testing: You can spread an old sheet or plastic tarp on it or work outside to protect floors. Add a small quantity of soapy water to a hidden area of the tree. You should allow it to sit for 30 seconds before wiping the surface with a clean cloth. You should not wet clean the tree if any color transfers. You can do the dry cleaning instead in this case.
  • ● Spray and gently wipe the tree branches: Begin by lightly spraying the branches at the top of each section. To remove soil, wipe each branch with a microfiber cloth. Continue spraying and wiping until each branch and middle support segment is free of debris. You shouldn’t forget to clean the stand as well.
  • ● Air-dry: Enable each tree portion to completely dry before arranging your Christmas tree.

In a spray bottle, combine three parts of distilled white vinegar and one part of water to clean and brighten a yellowed white Christmas tree. You can use hydrogen peroxide if you’re worried about the various metal branches of the tree corrosion.

Rinse the tree with a gentle spray nozzle from a hose and let it air dry. You can spray the tree lightly and leave it outside for two to three hours of direct sunlight. The Sun’s ultraviolet rays and the mild bleaching action of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide will help whiten the tree.
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