How to Decorate a Flocked Christmas Tree

To give a surface a pleasant feel, microscopic synthetic strands are attached using the flocking technique. Using materials like wheat or cotton, flocking is an older method that first appeared in the 1800s and gained prominence (along with new artificial additives) in the 1950s. This method is employed in fashion, home décor, crafts, and Christmas trees.
Many people enjoy having Christmas trees that have been fluffed. The Christmas tree with flocking is just a tree that looks white like snow. So you may adorn it with the aid of fake snow. It is one of the best things that can make your decorations look unique. 

What is a flocked Christmas tree?

Merry Christmas appears to be said to everyone who enters the house by the white branches shimmering beneath the brightness of white or colourful lights. Christmas trees with flocking come in fake and genuine kinds.

Include some flocked ornaments in your holiday decor. You may include vibrant decorations. Hang it from your flocked tree; it looks lovely and ornamental. Dark hue decorations appear dazzling and appealing when placed on white artificial snow. In addition to this, you may add vibrant lighting.

Are flocked Christmas trees still popular?
As they look perfect and classy the craze for these trees is growing a lot day by day. For those unfamiliar, flocked trees are artificial Christmas trees with a thick layer of artificial snow on them. The only difference between frosted and flocked trees is the lighter and gentler precipitation. Even if a white Christmas is not in the forecast, a flocked tree makes a stunning statement and offers a hint of a wintry atmosphere. On the other hand, a normal tree resembles a Christmas tree on the opposite end of the seasonal spectrum but is just as successful in fostering a joyful atmosphere.

What colour should a flocked Christmas tree be?

The traditional Christmas colour scheme is a safe bet. Even burlap will give the modern tree a rustic flavour, while plaid ribbon will make the flocked tree stand out. Most designers adore utilising jewellery made entirely of white or pearl since they seem so elegant and stylish! Although a bold choice, red and white Christmas tree decorations always appear very classic.

How to decorate a flocked Christmas tree?

Your home will look the best when it comes to decorating and having a perfect tree. It’s also no secret that decorating your fir, genuine or fake, during the holidays is somewhat of a religious tradition in most houses, so even the straightforward act of hanging decorations on every branch will undoubtedly unite the entire family.
From the moment you take those boxes out of storage or choose your Normal fir until you put up the final touches, whether it’s a conventional angel or another adorable tree topper, excitement is released. This festive job will lift your spirits and make your house feel more cheerful, even if you are decorating alone this year.
Wear old tube socks or something similar while fluffing a flocked tree to prevent scratching or hurting your arms! Experts always appreciate the wonderful Instagram followers who share this advice with them. 

Recognize the different species of Christmas trees
There are different varieties of trees available online but the one which suits your decoration needs to be decided. Just look for the right looking tree. 

First, select a tree and gather your materials.

  • You must bring this into consideration that the tree is in a perfect shape and not going to fall.
  • Before the tree’s decorations are added, any problems may be remedied quickly.
  • Designers suggest lighting the tree while you adorn it.
  • While embellishing your tree, you’ll probably want ornament hooks, floral wire, pipe cleaners, zip ties (for large or bulky ornaments), wire cutters, and scissors.

Start from the top in step two.

  • The Christmas tree topper, which is thought of as its crowning glory and is usually quite elaborate, establishes the general aesthetic of the tree.
  • It’s best to avoid placing anything, whether a star, angel or other decoration, right at the top of your tree. Depending on your use, positioning it around a hand’s breadth below the tip-top can look excellent.
  • It might be secured using floral wire or zip ties. If you attach it slightly lower from the top, it should appear more like it is buried within the branches rather than floating on their tops.

Add the garland 

Garlands lend an opulent, “more is more” aspect to Christmas tree decoration ideas. Use a traditional glass handcrafted Christmas garland for a wonderful vintage look. Always attach thick glass garlands after hanging your fairy lights, but keep in mind before hanging any decorations. Last but not least, tinsel garlands can be added for a more casual appearance.

Add ornaments that look classy.
Spread out all of your bigger decorations evenly around the tree. A large, fluffy Christmas tree, a particularly artificial one, may support more decorations at the top. If you’re going for a more formal or modern design, big ornaments scattered all over the tree, as long as they are colour-coordinated, could look stunning. For a more informal decorating approach, just use smaller decorations on the upper part of the tree.

Add filler.

  • Put inexpensive Christmas ornaments like simple, spherical ones deep into the tree.
  • They’ll only be seen briefly, but they’ll help reflect the lights, make the tree look bigger, and fill in any gaps.
  • It is easier to hang small filler ornaments when the “outside” of the tree is not yet covered with other, larger decorations. You must pay extra attention to shopping for the fillers so that your tree looks the best. 

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