How to Decorate a Pencil Christmas Tree

Any home is made merry with a nicely decorated Christmas tree. The gorgeous pencil Christmas tree ideas we will show you are perfect if you live in a tiny flat or don’t have the additional space in your home for a large Christmas tree. A lack of room should not prevent you from decorating your house for the holidays with a unique Christmas tree.

What is a pencil Christmas tree?

Those trees’ very small form makes decorations and tinsels stand out. These trees may look slender but sturdy enough to support your ornaments. You can choose how to decorate a little Christmas tree, but you may get some inspiration from the stunning pencil Christmas tree ideas. Compared to a standard Christmas tree of the same height, narrow trees require fewer ornaments and decorations but still look lovely and festive. Some like the pencil tree without lights, so they may customise the tree’s appearance each year.

Reasons to buy a pencil Christmas tree.

When it comes to buying the best quality Christmas tree, there are a lot of things that come to mind. If you are planning to buy a pencil Christmas tree, then let’s first understand the reasons for it:

Saves space.

Finding a spot for the tree is simple because it takes very little space. You may put it in the corners of rooms about the same size or on your front porch to greet visitors.

Available in a range of sizes.

Unlike ordinary cone-shaped trees, the circumference of a thin Christmas tree barely increases as it grows taller. 

Look revolutionary.

Your classic Christmas will take on a new twist with a slender tree. Planning up Christmas themes that coincide with your new tree can let you be more creative.

Holds numerous decorations with ease.

The small shape of this ornament makes it simpler to put the decorations on your tree.

No unsightly cables

Lights are neatly hung on the branches to conceal the unsightly cable lines that link the pre-lit range’s lights to the power socket.


Slim artificial Christmas trees have the same endurance level as traditional bulky trees, thanks to their solid metal stands and premium PVC branches.

Both cost- and time-effective.

Even though this is true for most fake trees, slender trees are simpler to store and maintain. This is ideal for those who appreciate the sparse usage of tree accents and don’t have much time for tree decoration.

Pencil Christmas tree decoration steps

It’s almost time to set up your tree and get out your decorations now that Christmas is on the horizon. A slender or pencil tree nevertheless brings festive pleasure to your house without taking up too much area if you don’t have many places. You won’t need as many ornaments on a thin Christmas tree as you would on a large one since they are much smaller. We’ll show you how to create various styles and some of the most common methods to decorate your tree so you always have a lovely centrepiece!

Pick two or three colours to emphasise in your design. 

Picking too many colours will overwhelm your design and make your tree look cluttered, so choose just a few that stand out. Put your ornaments and decorations in a colour-coded order to make it simpler to browse through them and find what you need. To make the entire design seem cohesive, stick with your colour theme throughout.

  • ● Remain to the traditional Christmas colours of red, green, and white if you want to seem festive.
  • ● Try sticking with white, silver, and gold for something more contemporary.

To give the branches a bit more shine, wrap lights around them. 

Most fake thin trees are pre-lit; however, if you add additional decorations, the lighting may appear sparse. Choose multicoloured lights to create a more cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Stick with pure white lights if you’re searching for something more elegant. 

  • ● Work toward the top branches, starting at the bottom and wrapping the lights. 50 to 100 lights per foot of height is the ideal range.
  • ● They are a little more costly than incandescent bulbs.
With bulb decorations, cover any openings and the bottom branches. 

Find places where the centre pole may be seen through the branches in your tree. Pick up a globe and fasten it on the nearest branch.
  • ● Put the ornament in the centre of the tree to conceal the trunk and give the impression that the tree is fuller. 
  • ● To make the tree appear fuller, you may also hang some of the biggest decorations from the lower branches.
  • ● Additionally, metallic or reflecting decorations might give the impression that the tree is fuller.
  • ● Large decorations should not be placed on the top branches close to the exterior as they may cause your tree to seem imbalanced and deformed.

To give your additional tree volume, wrap wire ribbons around it. 

Pick wire ribbons to better fit around your tree since you can bend and curve them. To create a loop, fold the ribbon’s one end by 1-2 in (2.5-5.1 cm). Hold the looped end close to the top of your tree, so it curves slightly backward. Use the nearest limb of the artificial tree to wrap the ribbon around and secure it. To give the illusion that the ribbon is entering and exiting the tree, fluff it up and wrap it around a different lower branch.

  • ● To avoid overpowering your pattern, choose a ribbon that is 1 12-4 in (3.8-10.2 cm) broad or less.
  • ● If you want the ends of the ribbon to arc and spiral downward, try spinning them.
  • ● For a genuine tree, wrap the ribbon around the limb once or twice to ensure it is securely fastened.
  • ● Try with several ribbon textures to give your tree a more eye-catching appearance.
To add a splash of colour to your design, string garlands. 

For something homemade, you may make your garlands out of paper or popcorn or purchase already ones. Start by draping the garland freely between the branches of your tree and attaching one end of it to a limb towards the bottom. To fill the remaining branches, climb the tree in a diagonal direction. 

  • ● Choose a beaded garland for a traditional Christmas appearance.
  • ● Get a tinsel garland if you want something glitzy and sparkling.
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