How to Decorate A White Christmas Tree

How to Decorate A White Christmas Tree 

Most of us are exhausted from decorating our Christmas trees in the same traditional way every year. People have now started shifting towards decorating a white Christmas tree because of multiple reasons. The white Christmas tree looks so vintage and classy, and it doesn’t harm nature as well because it is completely artificial. If you are also planning to bring a change to your Christmas decoration this season, you can definitely think of bringing a white Christmas tree. 

In this article, we are going to discuss everything which can help you in decorating your white Christmas tree to make it look different and more exciting than others. Let’s get started. 

What is the best way to decorate a white Christmas tree?

A white Christmas tree can be easily decorated by choosing a theme and implementing it as nicely as possible. Check out the below-mentioned tips that you can use to start decorating your white Christmas tree:


  • Choose a Suitable All-White Theme 

  • As you have chosen to decorate a white Christmas tree, keep an all-white theme this year. It will make your house look elegant, and the guests will be amazed to see the alluring white Christmas tree.

  • Add layers with different shades of white 

  • The next tip is to add various layers of different shades of white. As you have chosen an all-white theme, you can not add other primary colors. Show your creativity using shades of white.

  • Use yarn to add length 

  • Layering the tree is the coolest way to make it look huge, but for adding length, you will need yarn. Hang the off-white and cream yarns on the branches of the Christmas tree to give it a rich look. 

  • Place gifts 

  • Complement the decoration of your white Christmas tree using gifts wrapped in shades of white. Make sure not to mess up the decoration. 

  • Install lights 

  • Lighting is an essential step while decorating a Christmas tree. Install adequate twinkling lights with minimal colors to enhance the ambiance of your house. 

What Color decorations look best on a white Christmas tree?

Well, no one can deny the fact that bold and vibrant colors can definitely make your Christmas tree look astonishing, but it depends on the theme you have chosen. 

If you are thinking of a Christmas tree with minimalistic colors, then you can think of gold, silver, and light shades of blue. Otherwise, for a bold and vibrant white Christmas tree, you can go for mainly black and white colors with red and blue metallic ornaments to complete the look. 

What color lights do you put on a white Christmas tree?

The decoration of any Christmas tree is incomplete without lights. Lights add that warm glow to the Christmas tree and emphasize the other ornaments as well. However, it can be a complicated task to choose the lights for a Christmas tree. 

The best thing about white Christmas trees is that they can be decorated with almost any colored light. You can choose from anything between solid colors, light colors, icy blue lights, multiple colored lights, and more. Well, the best method for choosing the color of lights you use on your white Christmas tree is to focus on the theme you wish to maintain. 

How do you decorate an artificial white Christmas tree?

Artificial Christmas trees are a good choice for a variety of reasons. They can last in the heat. They are easy to maintain and affordable as well. Also, there are several ways to decorate an artificial white Christmas tree and make it look appealing.

  • Decorate it with peach and blush ornaments.
  • Use mixed metal ornaments. 
  • Highlight your artificial white Christmas tree with champagne and shiny silver elements.
  • Use white lights and silver ornaments. 
  • Give it a bold look with grey and champagne ornaments. 
  • If you have kids at home, then you can use big black letters to decorate your white artificial Christmas tree. 

While these are some of the ways that you can try out for your artificial white Christmas tree, you do not need to hesitate to experiment with your own ideas as well.

Simple white Christmas tree decorations 

If you are bored of your regular Christmas tree decor and wish to keep things simple and minimalistic this year, then the following are some simple white Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can try:


  • Neutral pre-lit white Christmas tree. 
  • Vintage pearly Christmas tree. 
  • Blue ornamented frosted white Christmas tree. 
  • Gold glittery Christmas tree. 

White Christmas tree decorations ideas 2022

As the trends are changing and people are avoiding traditional methods for decorating their white Christmas tree, there is very less scope for doing something different. Yet you can check out these 4 ideas for an extraordinary white Christmas tree in 2022:


  • For a frosted look, you can use blue and silver ornaments. 
  • For a more colorful and bold white Christmas tree, you can add colors like orange, pink, and fuchsia. 
  • Golden ornaments are ideal for a luxurious white Christmas tree. 
  • The combination of blue and turquoise will definitely make your white Christmas tree look unique. 

These fresh ideas will definitely make your white Christmas tree look outstanding and different from others. 

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