How to Decorate an Artificial Christmas Tree?

An extravagantly decked-out Christmas tree is one of the few things that may brighten one’s mood more throughout the holiday season. Even though it is simple to hang baubles on a tree, if you follow just a few expert guidelines, your artificial Christmas tree will have the appearance of having been professionally made and will be particularly festive. This helpful guide will walk you through the steps of decorating a Christmas tree like such a pro, from deciding on a design to selecting the ideal topper for your tree!

  1. step 1. fluff up the branches
  2. step 2. don’t skimp on ornaments
  3. step 3. drape a greenery garland
  4. step 4. tuck in real branches
  5. step 5. add an authentic scent
  6. step 6. spritz it with fake snow
  7. step 7. top it with tinsel
  8. step 8. add pinecones
  9. step 9. use a standout tree stand
  10. step 10. supplement with strand lights
  11. step 11. pedestal for christmas gifts
Step 1. Fluff Up the Branches

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The flexible branches make fluffing your tree a breeze, even if it does take some time. Fold the limbs of your Christmas tree in an upward or descending manner. Be very careful and start fluffing up the branches of the tree until they start looking like the real ones. 

Step 2. Don’t Skimp On Ornaments

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Clusters of ornaments are a great way to spruce up your tree. A seamless appearance may be achieved by grouping decorations of the same pattern together. Alternatively, employ a variety of styles to create depth and texture. 

When it comes to ornament hanging, there are no set guidelines. Experts, on the other hand, like to start with bigger decorations and tuck these deeper into the foliage to create depth. Because of this, you end up with a stunningly layered appearance. It’s also possible to create a draping effect by hanging smaller decorations from trees.

Step 3. Drape A Greenery Garland

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From a delicate lush greenery garland to a broad ribbon, the options are endless. When it comes to garland décor, there aren’t many restrictions, as long as you pick something that matches your theme. 

Begin at the top and work down, being sure to equally space the garland and then let it hang freely from the tree’s primary limbs. Aim for around two garland strands per tree’s vertical foot in terms of amount. 

Step 4. Tuck in Real Branches

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The next step is to tuck in the real branches. You need to be extra careful here as you can end up hurting your fingers. Slowly and carefully tuck the branches in. 

Step 5. Add an Authentic Scent

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Species of Christmas trees affect the scent. The most common Christmas trees are fir, spruce, and pine, all of which generate the terpenes responsible for their unique fragrances. It’s common for pine and fir odors to contain strong camphor or menthol aromas.

It is possible to find Christmas tree odors that range from fruity to toasty and peppery to menthol-like or a mix of peppermint as well as citrus scents in plenty of other evergreens, such as spruce. You can use scented candles, burn incense, or even use diffusers to add your favorite authentic scent to your tree. 

Step 6. Spritz It with Fake Snow

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If you decorate your tree with snow, it will not only make it seem more beautiful but also make it appear much fuller. It is not necessary to completely cover the Christmas tree with flocking; rather, the emphasis should be placed on strategically placing the white and wintry elements. Simply spritz it with glittery and real-like snow and you are good to go! 

Step 7. Top It with Tinsel

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Tree toppers aren’t merely necessary—they’re just icing on the cake! Depending on the height of your ceilings, selecting tinsel that won’t go over the top is vital. We suggest measuring the distance from the top of a tree to the eaves to ensure that the tree tinsel will fit perfectly.

Step 8. Add Pinecones

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Pinecones are an understated way to give a touch of refinement to the space without competing with the other decorative elements. It seems to be a little accent item that may be attached to a tree by sliding the shaft of the pick into a limb. They are useful for filling in empty spaces on the tree while your other decorations and garlands haven’t filled up. Alternatively, they are ideal for sprucing up the appearance of the tree by giving it a burst of aesthetic appeal!

Step 9. Use A Standout Tree Stand

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The second last step is to use a standout tree stand for your artificial tree. You can use a real tree stump, rocks and wood, and other such realistic stands for your artificial Christmas tree. It is often a smart option to connect the summit of the tree to a structure or some other solid surface for additional stability, and this may be done regardless of the kind of stand that you employ.

Step 10. Supplement with Strand Lights

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Traditionally, Christmas tree lights are strung on emerald or white cable, but you can now purchase black versions as well, which are ideal if you have a chance to get a black tree. So that the wire is not visible, choose a strand color that complements your tree. The best way to give your Christmas tree a dynamic appearance is to light it from the inside out. 

Begin by putting lights around the bottom of the tree and gradually build up, alternating between the trunk and the top of the tree. Continue to fluff the limbs as you make your way all around the tree’s perimeter. Try out several lighting arrangements until you discover one that works best for you. There are several ways to decorate a Christmas tree, such as using colorful lights to accent a white or clear backdrop.

Step 11. Pedestal for Christmas Gifts

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Make use of a tree stand or a generous piece of cloth to completely conceal both the tree stands as well as the tree stump at the base of the tree. Even the costliest artificial trees have extremely thin tree pedestals, which is readily apparent when looking at the base of a Christmas tree. Your tree’s pedestal matters a lot; always choose one that goes perfectly well with the other elements of the tree. 

Parting Thoughts 

The cost, adaptability, and user-friendliness of artificial Christmas decorations have all contributed to their meteoric rise in popularity in recent years. Bear in mind that even though purchasing one of these synthetic Christmas trees may first seem like a significant financial commitment, if it is maintained and cared for properly, it may survive for many years. If you are looking for the best artificial Christmas tree, here is where you need to go!