How to fix your Christmas tree lights in 2022: A step-by-step guide

Every year we buy lights for Christmas decorations. There is nothing wrong with buying lights every year. But it can be bad if your lights become useless just after one-time use. How can you prevent that? Proper care and the right handling are enough to keep your Christmas lights functional. But what will you do with the lights that are not working? Don’t worry! Today, this blog will help you learn how to fix Christmas tree lights. But have you checked the amazing Christmas trees that COSTWAY is offering to light your next Christmas grand? If NO, you should explore this link now: 

Well, when it’s all about fixing the lights, the blog should start with the tools and materials important for repairing and testing. So, without further ado, let’s get started- 

Tools required

Bulb Tester, Gloves, and anything you need for your own safety

Materials required

Generally, experts make use of light string fuses. Apart from this, you should arrange replacement light bulbs. If one or more bulbs become ineffective, you should replace them to keep the string complete and functional. 

How to fix Christmas lights

Many of us already know the pain of uncooperative holiday lights. And if you know the lights are not working just before Christmas eve, the level of frustration will reach the next level. Actually, we use those lights only once a year, and that’s why they become useless. If you use them more often and have the proper maintenance regime, you can easily restore their functionality. If you find that your Christmas lights are not working, you should try repairing them first instead of heading to buy new lights. Just a little repair is often enough to restore their charm and functionality. Let’s take a quick tour of the steps of the process to learn how to fix Christmas lights easily without investing a lot of time. 

How to fix Christmas light fuses

You will wonder, knowing that repairing the Christmas tree is actually very easy. In the first step, you should slide back the plastic covering on the plug to check the Christmas light fuse. There can be more than one fuse in many Christmas light strings. Fuses may be placed next to each other in some strings. Now, you need to replace any blown fuses with new ones. 

Find the issues and repair lights accordingly 

You should have an inexpensive tester to test Christmas light bulbs. This is an essential tool, and you should not skip it. Before starting the repair job, you should ensure you have all tools and materials on the table; otherwise, it will create a huge mess. While repairing bulbs, you will find out that some light testers work by sliding each bulb through a hole. To get rid of the problem, you should replace the bulb with the string. In this way, your entire string will be functional again. 

The light tester will also help you to easily find out which bulbs are bad and need to be replaced asap. Many people cannot understand how to make the string functional again, they can try fixing the faulty bulbs. It is the quickest method to fix Christmas tree light bulbs in 2022. 
While conducting the test, you should make sure that all lights are rightly plugged into the electrical outlet. The narrow hot blade should be in the narrow slot, and the wide neutral blade into the wide slot. 

Use Christmas tree light tester pen

It’s pleasing to know that with light testers, you can easily check each bulb and complete checking an entire strand in just a few minutes. Checking the entire strand is important, as there may be more than one defective bulb. So, if you check the entire string, you don’t need to face any last-minute hassle. 

Prevent broken Christmas lights

While repairing the Christmas tree lights, you should consider one fact, and that is not all inexpensive bulbs run for years. Inexpensive lights are not made durable. So, when the celebration is over, you should take down the lights from artificial Christmas trees with great care. You should not pull hard on the wires. While identifying the reasons for the malfunctions of light, you will find out that there is a loose bulb or a broken socket, or frayed wire. You should inspect accordingly as it will help you have the best solution. 

After taking them to the lights, you should store them in their boxes accordingly. You should store them accordingly, otherwise, they may lose their functionality. 
Before putting the lights into their boxes, you should carefully wrap the lights. You should also make sure two bulbs are not in contact; otherwise, it may lead to unexpected breakage. If you wad them up in a coil and stuff them into their boxes, you can stay assured that they won’t work for you in the next year! So, store them accordingly. 

Some safety tips

  • ● Christmas light repair is not a hard thing. But that does not mean you will skip the safety tips. You should remember that these light bulbs come with a short life span. They may run for 1000 to 1500 hours. So, you can say that they may last for one to three years, depending on your usage and care. 
  • ● But with LED lights, you will enjoy an increased lifespan. COSTWAY offers amazing lights that take your Christmas decoration to the next level. On the other hand, COSTWAY offers the best Christmas trees with lights so that you can enjoy more and get rid of time-consuming decoration jobs.

  • ● While repairing the lights, you should ensure children and pets are not there. The place is not wet, and there is no contact with water. 
  • ● You should test each piece and ensure its functionality. The job takes no big time, and that’s why you should not take any short cut. 

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