How To Move A Treadmill?


The choice to purchase an electric treadmill is ambitious. Moving a treadmill from one location to another is possibly an even more demanding undertaking. Even the fittest people may easily be hurt if they move this bulky piece of workout gear incorrectly.

This manual will show you how to move a treadmill from one place to another and contains several suggestions to make the procedure easier. You might be able to move a treadmill by yourself in some circumstances. However, when moving awkwardly proportioned furniture and weighing more than 50 pounds, it is usually helpful to have an extra pair of hands.

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Step #1: Check the manual for moving instructions.

The manufacturer and model of your electric treadmill may be found on the rear of the machine if you have problems finding a user manual. Search online for the owner’s manual. Before moving a treadmill, you’ll need to know the answers to the following questions:

  • ● Can the treadmill be folded in half?
  • ● Does the treadmill have wheels so you can move it around?
  • ● How much weight does this apparatus have? Consider hiring a furniture dolly for any treadmill that weighs more than 100 pounds.
  • ● Does the instruction manual cover how to disassemble the treadmill?

Step #2:Unplug the treadmill and remove the safety key.

Even though this step might seem straightforward, many individuals skip it when they are in a rush. A treadmill that is hooked into the wall should never be moved.

Fold the cable and wrap it with moving tape after removing the plug to prevent it from hanging. Remove the safety key, and put it somewhere out of the way in a plastic bag that you attach to the treadmill.

Step #3:Fold the treadmill or disassemble it.

No need to dolly or fold, you can roll the folding treadmill as far as you can on the same level if it has wheels. 

  • ● Stand by either end of the treadmill and stand them up.
  • ● The upright bars will be held in one hand, while the belt section’s underside will be held in the other.
  • ● The treadmill will be carefully tipped back until it is balanced on the wheels by the person at the belt section.
  • ● If there are no steps, slowly shuffle the treadmill out of the house or to another room.
  • ● Make sure to steer the individual walking backwards clear of any impediments.
  • ● If you need to know how to manoeuvre a treadmill through a doorway or downstairs, then take it down and place it there. 

The top portion of most treadmills will fold down, while the lower, heavier section will fold up. It should have a locking system that keeps it in a folded state. There are various treadmills, though, including ones that disassemble. Your best chance in this situation is to locate the owner’s handbook and learn how they advise disassembling or making it more portable.

Step #4: Check the Weight and Size of the Treadmill

What size electric treadmill do you use? Do you walk on a regular treadmill at the gym or at a standing desk? These queries will be pretty beneficial to your machine-moving strategy. The most portable and lightweight option for moving a folding treadmill and workstation on your own are likely to be one with no help. Move more giant, more industrial-style treadmills with caution. If you have a gym friend, you will undoubtedly need their assistance moving it.

Step #5: Prepare the Treadmill for Disassembly and Moving

Making preparations is the first step in learning how to maneuver a treadmill. The equipment must be unplugged before folding, and you must do so according to the owner’s handbook.

If your treadmill cannot be folded, it may still have specific components that you may move about to make it easier to travel. You might be able to take the treadmill apart in part (or at least remove the console). Consult the owner’s handbook for details.

Pro Hint for Moving a Treadmill: Before you start folding up your treadmill, locate the safety key. This tiny, detachable component latches into the apparatus and secures everything in place. Keep in mind to lock the treadmill with the safety key so it won’t suddenly open.

Step #6: Lift the Treadmill Safely

Position the stronger person to descend the stairs first while pushing a treadmill down them. They will bear the majority of the burden. Verify the hold of the individual on the top side. Wear movement gloves that can improve your grip if your hands are sweaty, and clean them off if they are. Be sure to communicate and do the move one step at a time if one person finds it difficult to carry the weight. The individual at the lower end should have a backup plan in place if they require more help. It is preferable to be cautious than to take a chance of getting hurt.

Step #7: Transport the Treadmill

Plan how to transport the treadmill to its destination without running into any other items. For the dolly to pass through securely, doors may need to be unhinged, or rugs may need to be taken off. Include the following advice in your plan:

  • ● Make room for you to pass with the treadmill by clearing the path. It’s a great chance to clean up your house.
  • ● Ask someone to point the way if you are transporting the treadmill without a dolly.
  • ● Gradually move the treadmill. Make break pauses to avoid accidents.
  • ● It’s crucial to ensure you have a straightforward way to the treadmill’s location, just as you did with your moving path from your previous residence.

Step #8: Use a furniture dolly in certain circumstances.

Since most treadmills can be folded, relocating the treadmill is significantly more straightforward. However, some treadmills that aren’t foldable do include transfer wheels, so you can quickly move them. A foldable treadmill is something you can move by yourself. However, you will need some support from a helper to move non-folding treadmills. Even when transporting foldable treadmills, it is usually advisable to enlist a helper so that you can securely manage the enormous weight and mass.


Keep all these things in mind when moving your electric treadmill from one place to another. Want to grab your hands on some of the best treadmills? Then you can have a look at the collection of Costway. The store offers endless choices that you can look for and enjoy getting back to shape with the best one at your home.