How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree?

You quickly realize that hanging Christmas Tree lights is simple once you learn how to place lights on a tree. But it’s considerably more difficult to get the lights to look exactly right and take them down at the end of the Christmas season.

Each year, when December (or even November) arrives, you could be eager to watch all the holiday movies on Netflix and spread your favorite Christmas sayings, but you can also be dreading the most strenuous activity associated with Christmas: stringing lights. If you have a steep roof line or a lot of outside foliage to cover, even understanding how to install lights on a Christmas tree might not be helpful. The sad reality is that although seeing Christmas lights is wonderful, learning to hang them is difficult.

Things You Should Avoid

People frequently make the error of hastily hanging their Christmas tree lights, intertwining strands to create a wire net that is virtually hard to remove. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to make it simple to set up and take down your Christmas lights. Use these suggestions from floral design specialist Michael Walter to become an expert at Christmas tree decoration, whether you choose to hang your lights vertically, as is more advantageous than horizontally, which is what we recommend.

What You’ll Need

Obviously, holiday lights! Determine how many lights your Christmas tree needs to get started. A reasonable rule of thumb is to use 100 lights on average for every foot of the tree, but you can use more (or fewer) lights as you choose.

A few holiday skills you can only acquire by doing include cooking a turkey, making grandma’s stuffing perfect, and making the ideal ribbon curl. It can be difficult to place the lights on your Christmas tree. Even if you know how to install lights on a tree, calculating the number of lights your Christmas tree will require might be a mental challenge. Unfortunately, there isn’t a general guideline for determining how many lights your tree should have. But there are some straightforward rules to follow when determining how many lights your Christmas tree needs.

A simple general guideline to remember is that you should use one strand of lights for every foot of your tree because the typical tree is 6 feet tall. The 150-bulb strands are an all-time favorite.

First, your tree’s height is a major factor: A bigger or wider tree will obviously require more light than a small or skinny tree. Second, you’ll discover that everyone has a particular choice for their Christmas tree. Some individuals prefer a glowing, extremely brilliant appearance, but others prefer the attention to be on the decorations rather than the lights and opt for a less spectacular appearance. However you decide to go about it, you also need to think about how much room you have to store all those lights for the months of the year when you don’t have a Christmas Tree up.

Calculate the height of your tree and allocate one strand of lights for every foot. Naturally, if you decorated a tree of a similar height last year and were happy with the way it looked in the end, stay with the number of lights you used back then—after all, if it ain’t broken, don’t repair it.

Complete Guideline for Hanging The Lights On Your Tree

Finding a beautiful Christmas tree doesn’t have to be difficult. It only requires a basic grasp of how the components interact with one another and a few simple instructions from our tree-decorating experts. We’ll demonstrate how to properly adorn a Christmas tree. Just keep in mind that decorating as a family is more essential than trying to position everything perfectly. But if you follow these three instructions, your tree will be adored and stunning.

How to Hang Christmas Lights on an Artificial Christmas Tree

The parts of many fake Christmas trees unfold like umbrellas. Make careful to light each area independently if you use little tree lights ($8, Target), which you can wrap around the branches and leave on all the time. Because they are simple to handle as you wrap the tree branches, we prefer to use 100-light strands.

Here Are a Few Steps You Can Take to Complete It More Quickly and Creatively

Hang Your Christmas Tree Lights

Adding the lights is the first step in decorating a Christmas tree. Although black wire strands are now available, which are ideal if you happen to have a black Christmas tree, tree lights are normally sold on green or white wire strands. To ensure that the wire is concealed, choose a strand color that complements your tree. Your Christmas tree will seem its most vibrant when lit from the inside out. Wrap lights around each significant branch, working your way up from the base of the trunk to the tip and back. You should fluff the branches as you circle the tree.

Try several lighting setups until you find one you like; you may combine different types of lighting. For instance, strands of colorful lights wrapped around the tree’s exterior might stand out against a background of white or clear lights.

Add Christmas Tree Garland

When it comes to putting garland on a Christmas Tree, there are no hard and fast rules. Start at the top of the tree and gradually increase the quantity of garland between each wave as you work your way down the branches to prevent limbs from bulging between tightly tightened garland strands. For every vertical foot on the tree, aim to use around two strands of garland.

Decorate your Christmas tree with a range of garlands, from simple to elaborate, to avoid having a cluttered appearance. Thicker paper, ribbon, or foil garlands look best freely wrapped around the entire tree, while thin, beaded garlands look best draped from branch to branch. Or pair a lovely flocked garland with your flocked Christmas tree. This Christmas season, you may also think about crafting your own garland if you still need one.

Instead of using a garland, many people choose to use ribbon to decorate their Christmas trees. Wrap the entire tree in horizontal strips of broad, patterned ribbon. Make large bows from a similar ribbon and use them to adorn the tree branches to add interest. Once you’ve mastered the art of ribbon tree decorating, attempt to increase the ante by placing ribbon vertically on the tree, creating cascading ribbon streams from the top to the base, tucking the ends beneath the tree topper, and fastening around the trunk at the base.

Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hanging your Christmas decorations is the last stage in tree decoration. Here are some things to think about before putting ornaments on your Christmas Tree.

  • ●  Put your favorite ornaments in the best spots on the tree to display them.
  • ● After that, hang your larger decorations around the tree in a uniform pattern. From top to bottom, ornamental balls in a single hue that comes in a variety of sizes and textures will provide consistency.
  • ● Hang the larger ones at the bottom, followed by the smaller ones.
  • ● Add little and medium-sized decorations to the area around those focal points. To provide depth and intrigue, hang some decorations closer to the trunk. Your tree will glow from the inside out as a result of its light reflection. Add unique decorations, such as handcrafted ornaments, clip-on ornaments, or icicles, to personalize the tree.
  • ● Add a straightforward tree topper and a colorful tree skirt to complete the design.

Consider straining your eyes as you stand back and examine your tree from various angles to see if there are any spaces that need to be filled.

How To Hang Christmas Tree Lights Horizontally

When it comes to tree decoration, hanging Christmas lights horizontally is the most common method. Although it’s rather self-explanatory, you should adhere to these instructions if this is your first time hanging lights:

  • ● Each pair of lights should be plugged in to ensure that all of the bulbs are operational.
  • ● Wrap the lights around and beneath the tree’s limbs, starting at either the top or the bottom of the tree, depending entirely on choice.
  • ● By varying the patterns and inserting certain lights “deeper” into the tree than others, you may add some variety and make the arrangement appear more natural. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

How To Put Lights On A Christmas Tree Vertically

A recent trend in Christmas Tree lighting installation is to hang the lights vertically. With this technique, the tree will always glow brilliantly since the lights are more apparent and less likely to be hidden by branches. Bonus: After the holiday is over, taking them down is much simpler!

  • ● To check that each set of lights has functioning bulbs, plug each strand in.
  • ● Let your lights sit vertically like a seam, starting with the plugless end at the top or bottom of the tree.
  • ● Turn the lights back the opposite way every time you reach the top or bottom until the entire tree is covered by a sideways “S” pattern.

Advice on How to Decorate an Outdoor Christmas Tree

  • ●  The first step in this will be to find the appropriate tree. There are a number of things to take into account when selecting an Artificial Christmas Tree, but the words “indoor/outdoor usage” on the box or label are the most crucial item to check for when purchasing an outdoor tree. 
  • ●  It is safer to put up and decorate the tree with two people, just as it is better to have two Christmas trees than one. It is advised to get a companion to assist you in moving the tree outdoors and to act as a spotter for you as you ascend the ladder to hang the outside lighting.
  • ●  An outside tree may be placed in your yard, on your patio, or even on your front porch! However, there are a few things to think about before choosing a location for your outside tree: Make sure the location is close enough to an outlet if the tree is tall so that you can connect an extension wire to the tree for lights. If you have a huge tree, you’ll also want to make sure the area is safe, level, and suitable for setting up a ladder. Additionally, if the tree is on the smaller side, make sure to plant it in a location that will shield it from the wind.
  • ●  It’s not a good idea to utilize excess ornaments outside, even if your inside décor is complete. In addition to the possibility of cracking them, indoor decorations’ unique features, such as beading, glitter, and the paint itself, are readily harmed by the weather.
  • ●  Don’t take a chance on your beautifully adorned tree toppling over in the wind!

How to Hang Tree Lights Safely: Considerations and Tips

  • ●  Christmas Tree lights can be stacked or placed end to end (also known as string to string). Make sure the boxes on your tree lights are all compatible before you buy them. More strands can be joined with stacked plugs than end-to-end plugs can.
  • ●  Never connect more than two extension cords together for the sake of safety. Instead, make sure they can support the power of the lights by purchasing them in the lengths you want.
  • ●  All of the lights you use should have the same wattage. By doing this, power spikes are avoided and bulb life is increased.
  • ●  Before you take the lights out of the box and attach them to the tree, plug them in to test their functionality.
  • ●  For your basic lighting, think about utilizing tiny clear (white) lights, then for color and variation, add strands of the new huge cool-burning bulbs. As an alternative, include collections of novelty lights in different shapes or with flashing, flickering, or bubble effects.

Introduction To Costway Christmas Tree & Lights

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