How to put lights on a real or artificial outdoor Christmas tree

Christmas comes only once a year, and that’s why you should make it grand. It’s the best time to celebrate the holy vibes with your friends, family, faith, and giving. When it comes to turning the yard into a fairy-tale-like wonderland using sparkling lights, a lot of people feel clueless. But don’t worry! We are here with the best tips, rather a step-by-step guide, to make your outdoor Christmas light decoration more fun and exciting. This blog will concentrate on how to decorate Christmas tree lights on a large outdoor tree or an artificial tree. 

The more organized you start, the better the result will be. So, let’s take a quick tour of the required tools that you will need for decoration. 

Tool list:

  • ● Lights- When it’s all about Christmas decorations, how can one skip the lights? You should have Christmas-themed lights to add a new dimension to your entire decoration. If there is any particular theme of decoration, you will get suitable lights from COSYWAY. Apart from hanging string lights, you can use LED bulbs and so many other lights that will make your Christian outdoor decoration stand out. To enhance the theme, you can consider 6 Feet Christmas Lighted Reindeer and Santa’s Sleigh Decoration with 4 Stakes available at COSTWAY. It will complete the theme and let you get many compliments. 

  • ● Extension Cords- You need to ensure the source of power for all your Christmas lights. But the power connectivity should be safe and secure. And that’s why you should have extension cords from reliable brands. You should also use the extension cords safely so that they remain out of the reach of your kids and children. 
  • ● Sturdy Ladder- A study ladder is one of the most important things that will be required for better decoration. If you choose a large tree, you have to use a sturdy ladder to reach all the best points of the tree. You can buy one or simply borrow from a provider and make your Christmas light decoration hassle-free. 
  • ● Measuring tape- keeping a measuring tape is always effective. You may need to cut a part of the wire or extend it elsewhere. For the perfect measure, you should have a measuring tape. You can use it for light decoration. It will help you to find the best places and maintain a certain gap between light bulbs. 
  • ● Sharpie-Type Pen- You may need to take important notes or mark the lights for organized decoration. Having a pen won’t add to your budget or create any mess. To stay better prepared, you should consider a sharpie-type pen. 

Step 1: Choose the tree you’ll hang lights on

You cannot decide how many lights you will require to decorate. At the first move, you should decide on the tree. If your yard has a tree, it will be great to decorate it with amazing lights. Generally, trees with more textured bark are easy to hold lights. 

If you have no trees to decorate in your yard, don’t worry. COSTWAY has a solution for you. At COSTWAY, you will get large Christmas trees that you can install in your yard and decorate with pleasing string lights. On the other hand, COSTWAY offers complete Christmas trees, i.e., they are decorated with lights and other things that take your Christmas decoration to the next level. Some of the large artificial Christmas tree options are- 

Step 2: Set up your ladder

You need to set up your ladder accordingly. If the tree is strong, placing a ladder won’t be a headache at all. You can place the ladder, climb it, and install the best lights. It’s truly easy. 

But if you are using an artificial tree, you have to place it carefully. There should be no pressure from the ladder. Otherwise, the tree may lose its shape. You should ask for a helping hand. If another person supports the ladder, you can easily climb it and install the lights. In this way, you can ensure safety for yourself and the Christmas tree. 

Step 3: Mark your tree

This job is easy. No expertise or precaution you won’t need. You need to arrange a yardstick or measuring tape or your sharpie. Using these things, you can easily mark the tree. According to expert decorators, you should keep a mark about every three inches up the length of the trunk. It will also help you to install the lights accordingly. If you are using an artificial tree, you are free from doing this step. 

Step 4: Attach your power source

Now, you need to run the cord from your house to the tree. Wrap the cord around the base of the tree and tie it in a simple knot. It will help you to ensure that there is no chance of unplugging it. It’s better to start about one inch up to keep the wires out of water or snowdrifts. You should also keep it out of the reach of your children and pets. 

Step 5: Start wrapping the light strand

It will be better if you wrap your lights firmly enough so that they better sit on the tree bark. But you should not wrap it too tightly. If the tree you have chosen swells after heavy rain, it will get the required space without damaging your decoration lights. So, wrap it accordingly. 

Step 6: Plan proper spacing for branches

If you have a plan to wrap multiple branches with the same light string, you should space your wraps twice as far apart going up so that you can wrap in the middle as you descend. 

Step 7: Secure the end of your light strand

You must secure the light stand ends; otherwise, any slip can occur at any time. It’s an easy job. You just need to secure the light stand end with a simple knot or twist tie. 

Step 8: Plug your lights in and admire!

You are close to finishing. You should check the power supply, ensure there is no water contact, and that all wires are safely placed. After checking everything, you can plug your lights in and get indulged in the wonderland that you have created in your yard. 

You can be creative in decorating the outside Christmas tree. Be it a real tree or an artificial one you got from COSTWAY, you should feel free with lights. COSTWAY also offers the best lights with amazing varieties. Here, you will get both lights and trees to make your Christmas decoration hassle-free and pleasing. Decorate everything in your way, and share the best pictures of your Christmas tree decoration with us.