How to store artificial Christmas tree: A 6-step process

Christmas is over! It feels bad to hear! But to make the next Christmas truly glam, you should take proper care of your Christmas tree. Buying a Christmas tree is quite a good investment, and you should make sure you can use it in your Christmas decorations for years. Generally, artificial Christmas trees do not require much care, you just need to store them accordingly. Many people cannot understand how to store artificial trees without affecting their shape and decorations. If you are thinking the same as you should, you should continue reading this blog. 


  1. 1. Check for ornaments 
  2. 2. Check the Lights
  3. 3. Disassemble the Tree
  4. 4. Clean the tree 
  5. 5. Use the perfect bag 
  6. 6. Keep it at a distance 
Storing an artificial Christmas tree is easy. Following a step-by-step process will make it easier. So, let’s start with those steps- 

  1. 1. Check for ornaments 
You should take off all the ornaments that your tree is wearing presently. Before storing the tree, you should make sure that all ornaments are removed. If you store trees with ornaments, soon they will lose their shape. You should do this job while taking time. In a hurry, some of the ornaments may be left with trees, and it will affect the shape later. So, remove everything and then observe minutely. Try to see the Christmas tree from various angles. If there is any small ornament hidden, it will be visible to you. You can ask others to help you here. In a group, the job will be done fast, and you will enjoy it. But make sure everyone is really gentle while taking off ornaments. 
  1. 2. Check the Lights

Many Christmas trees come with in-built lights. You do not need to spend on buying lights. But while storing the tree, you have to be extra careful; otherwise, lights may break, and your next Christmas tree will be a disaster. Many people think that buying lights separately will save them money. The reality is different. Artificial trees that come with lights not only save money but also look prettier in most cases. If you are looking for such trees, simply visit the vast collection of COSTWAY. Here, you will get amazing artificial Christmas trees with lights. Trees are of various colors and sizes to best match your themed decorations. Some of the best sellers of COSTWAY are- 

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When it comes to storing them, you should check whether all lights are working accordingly or not. You should plug them in and make sure all lights are working finely. If you find any burned-out bulbs, you should replace that and save time for next Christmas. 
  1. 3. Disassemble the Tree
Many artificial trees come apart in sections. If you have a similar one, you should start at the top of the tree and lift each section off until the entire tree is completely disassembled. If you have a pre-lit tree, you should be extra careful to disconnect each section of lights as well as trees. You can flatten each section of the tree for easier storage. You can gently push the tree branches up and in toward the center of the tree. If your Christmas tree comes off separately, you should bundle each colour-coded section individually. This way, your reassembling job will also be easy next Christmas. 
  1. 4. Clean the tree 
Many people skip this part. Just after taking off the lights and disassembling them, they try to put them in bags and skip the cleaning matter. You should not commit the same mistake. During the celebration, foam spray, spills, etc., can sit on the tree. If you do not clean them, it will affect the colour of the tree or even ruin the entire tree. To preserve the charm and glamour of the tree, you should clean the tree accordingly. While cleaning, try to be gentle. You can use a soft cotton cloth. Using any harsh detergent or water is not recommended. Just simply rub the area and take away the dirt. You should keep the cleaning process simple and gentle. 
  1. 5. Use the perfect bag 
To retain the actual shape and size of the tree, using the right bag is very much important. Many people use cardboard, but they are not durable. Instead of cardboard, you should use a proper Christmas tree storage bag. You should start by placing the center pole into the storage bag. Here, you should ensure that the pointed edges of the tree stand are capped or facing the center of the bag. In this way, you can prevent a hole in the bottom. After that, you should put the stand itself followed by the branches. Closing the bag accordingly is important to keep out dust, dirt, and critters. After following all these things, you should place the storage bag in the tree’s original box to safeguard it from outer hazards. 
  1. 6. Keep it at a distance 
Now, you need to maintain social distance. Yes, you should keep the box in a place where it will face no interruptions. Try to keep the bag at a distance where your pets or kids have no access. If you have a loft or cellar, you can use that for this purpose. But the place should be dry. If the place has dampness, it may ruin your entire tree. Moisture or dampness can deteriorate the box and damage the tree. Even mold can grow there. So, do the place selection wisely and keep the tree safe and secure. 
Following these steps, you can easily store your artificial Christmas tree without worrying about its shapes and sizes. A bit of care and a perfect storage bag is all you need to keep your glamorous Christmas tree safe. But it is also evident that if the tree is made of low-quality material, it will start to degrade after a while, irrespective of high care and maintenance. So, always invest your hard-earned money in the right products. If you want to purchase durable and beautiful artificial Christmas trees, visiting COSTWAY online is worth your time.