How To Take Care Of A Real Christmas Tree?

How To Take Care Of A Real Christmas Tree?

Choosing a real Christmas tree this season may seem to be a fun thing but can turn out to be quite hectic if you aren’t aware of the process of taking care of a real Christmas tree. However, leaving the difficulties aside, you are surely going to enjoy the adventure of bringing a real Christmas tree to your home. 


You should know that your efforts will decide whether your tree will look alive and fresh or brittle and dry on Christmas Eve. Well, it is a fact that the Christmas tree will start getting dry within a few weeks, yet you can try to keep its charm for an extended period. 

A real Christmas tree bought from any nursery or a land owner can last up to five weeks with proper care. It is recommended to bring a real Christmas tree to decorate in the first week of December. There are a lot of things that you should know to increase the life expectancy of your Christmas tree. In this article, we are going to share some useful tips that can help you in taking better care of your Christmas tree. Let’s get started. 

Choose a Healthy Christmas Tree 

While looking for a Christmas tree, start the hunt in your locality first. You may think of buying a Christmas tree from a garden store or a roadside lot, but it is not a good idea at all. Trees sold by these sellers can get dried in 1-2 weeks only, and there are a few chances of restoring them. This happens when the trees get exposed to air, which makes them dry. So, make sure to buy a Christmas tree from your nearby farm. But before you buy, you should consider the below-mentioned tips to buy the best real Christmas tree. 

  • Search for a green and healthy tree with the least number of brown needles. 

  • Run your hands over the branches to know if the leaves are falling. 

  • Choose a tree that is being displayed in a shady area, away from the direct sunlight. 

  • Use the rise and fall technique to check the freshness of the tree. In this, you need to raise the tree to a certain height and just drop it. Only a few green needles must fall off as it is common. 

Trim the trunk (again)

You must thoroughly check your Christmas tree while making the purchase. You must check if the trunk of the tree is cut. A freshly cut trunk is important to support the tree’s water absorption capacity. Accumulated resin can block water absorption in the tree. You should put your freshly trimmed Christmas tree in water to keep it well-moisturized. Also, try to keep your Christmas tree away from heat or freezing temperatures because both can cause dryness in the tree, and it will die soon. 

Water your Christmas tree regularly to keep it healthy 

You will have to be very consistent with watering the Christmas tree. Not giving adequate water to the tree will lead to the formation of resin, which will directly impact the water absorption capability of the Christmas tree, and it will start getting dry rapidly. You must have heard of people mixing other components, like soft drinks, medicines, etc., in the water while watering the Christmas tree. Well, these things don’t do anything special with the tree, and the normal water is enough to keep it fresh and green. You just need to have a close check on the water level of the plant daily to maintain its moisture. Decreasing the room temperature can also prove to be effective if you don’t want the tree to dry faster. 


Don’t let it get too hot under the tree!

People love to keep their decorated Christmas tree by the fireplace in their house. However, it is important to know that decorating your Christmas tree near any kind of heat source can increase the speed of drying and death of your tree. 

If you can feel that the interior of your house has a dry atmosphere, then you can maintain the moisture with the help of a humidifier. Using a humidifier can keep the air inside your house moist, and you can make sure that your Christmas tree is not drying quickly. 

Promptly take down the tree before it dries out

It could be a really difficult task to manage the dead pine needles at your home. The longer you wait to remove your Christmas tree, the more pine needles you will have to clean. However, there is an easy method to get rid of these needles; you can simply vacuum them. The open end of the hose, without any attachments, can be the best solution for the problem of needles. 

There are different possible things that you can do with your Christmas tree. This includes recycling, making compost, or turning it into mulch.

Shop Costway’s artificial Christmas trees 

Artificial Christmas trees can be a good option as well if you don’t have sufficient time to take care of a real Christmas tree. Costway’s pre-lit artificial PVC with LED lights and stand Christmas tree is a good choice for this year’s party. This product is made up of completely eco-friendly materials. The blades are made up of high-quality PVC material as well. This tree, available at Costway, can easily be assembled and installed in your house.

Apart from a normal Christmas tree, Costway provides artificial trees made in different themes. For example, you can buy a trending artificial white Christmas tree as well.