How To Water A Real Christmas Tree?

If you are planning to buy a real Christmas tree from a nursery or a shop, you will have to take care of it in order to make it last longer. People think that taking care of a real Christmas tree is hectic, and they end up buying artificial ones, but in reality, it is just a myth. To keep it for a long time, you simply need to adhere to a few simple guidelines.


In this article, we are going to share every vital piece of advice that you can follow if you have a real Christmas tree. Before going further, read the below-mentioned tips in brief if you have bought a real Christmas tree recently: 

  • 1. You need to cut off the bottom of the trunk because the pre-cut made by the owner may be sealed; hence, the tree would not be able to suck the water.

  • 2. Put the tree immediately inside the water. It can not survive without water, and once it gets dried, there is nothing that you can do to restore it. 

  • 3. Keep checking the moisture level of the tree at least twice a day to ensure that it doesn’t get dried up. 

The above-mentioned tips are going to be very helpful as the initial steps in the process of taking care of a real Christmas tree. Let’s gather some more information about the real Christmas tree and how you can prolong its life in detail. 

Buying The Christmas Tree 

You should know exactly what kind of Christmas tree you want before you go out and buy one. 


You can buy a Christmas tree from a reputable local nursery or from a landowner who has planted trees for the purpose of selling only. In case you are buying a tree that can be replanted later, then you need to understand two important things. First, there are very few chances that the tree will survive as it is going to be indoors in winter. Second, you can keep the tree alive if you have made up your mind to keep it for a maximum of one week only and not more than that, as the heat and dry atmosphere of your house will adversely impact the tree. 

The best Christmas tree that you can buy belongs to the options like Scotch pine, Douglas fir, White pine, and Balsam fir respectively. If you are thinking of keeping the tree even after Christmas in your house, then you can go for Norfolk Island pine. People use it as a houseplant as well, so there won’t be any issues while taking care of the tree. 

Gather Tools And Materials 

If you have the basic garden tools, there is no need to buy extra tools and materials for taking care of the Christmas tree. For the Christmas tree, you will need sharp scissors to trim the pine leaves while recycling, tools for mixing the soil with water, etc. You are also going to need some handy tools for sawing the wooden blocks or cutting the trunk into pieces. Don’t think of buying heavy machines as handy tools that will do the work.


Christmas Tree Watering Tips 

The process of watering starts from day one. Cut the trunk of the tree to open up the sealed pores again. The open pores can easily absorb the water and minerals afterward. A freshly cut tree can consume around one gallon of water a day. Always keep the water above the tree’s base. Make sure that there is sufficient moisture in the soil. You don’t need to mix anything in the water while watering the Christmas tree. 


Christmas Tree Care 

After bringing the Christmas tree to your house, keep it away from hot spots. You should know that the tree will do better under cold conditions only. Mix the soil properly with water because the soil of the tree should be wet almost all the time. Never follow the videos that advise you to add soft drinks to the soil; an appropriate amount of water is enough for the soil.


Ways To Recycle A Real Christmas Tree 

As you have chosen to bring a real Christmas tree to your house, you should now think about ways of recycling it. One way of recycling the tree is by donating it to the curbside pick-up during the weeks after Christmas. They can convert the live, biodegradable tree into mulch that can be used by you in your garden to enrich the soil. 


Apart from donating the tree to the curbside pick-up, there are some other ways of recycling the Christmas tree as well. Here are some ways to recycle a real Christmas tree: 

  • 1. You can use the branches and pine needles inside your garden to provide the perfect amount of moisture and insulation during the winter, such as mulch. Cut the branches into 2-3 inch pieces and chop off the needles to allow them to spread with ease. 

  • 2. Use the old tree as a staging place for the little birds to climb and reach the bird feeder. Or, create a biodegradable bird feeder, and hang fruits on the branches for the birds.

  • 3. You can make fragrances at home from the pine leaves. Put them in potpourri and enjoy the freshness of the fragrance. 

  • 4. Cut the Christmas wood into several pieces and use them to keep the fire alive in your fireplace. Make sure not to throw branches into the fireplace.