How to Wrap an Artificial Christmas Tree for Storage?

Looking for the best ways to wrap your Artificial Christmas Tree for Storage? We are here to help. This article will take you through everything you need to do to keep your artificial Christmas tree in the best condition for the year to come. Have a look! 

  1. 1. have a smart christmas trees storage plan
  2. 2. remove all decorations
  3. 3. disassemble your tree
  4. 4. shrink wrap your tree
  5. 5. wrap lights around cardboard
  6. 6. sew storage for your fake tree
  7. 7. label your decoration storage items

  1. 1. Have a Smart Christmas Trees Storage Plan

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The very first step is to have a smart storage plan for your artificial Christmas tree. Without proper planning, things can go wrong. From the type of tree you have, to the number of decorations, from the kind of storage option you are using to the place where you will save it – everything matters a lot when it comes to safely storing your artificial Christmas tree. You need to have a solid plan in hand before you start to make the move. 

  1. 2. Remove All Decorations
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Before dismantling your Christmas tree, you should be sure to clear all of the decorations, since they run the risk of being damaged if the branches are stacked on top of one another in storage. If your tree does not come pre-lit, you will need to take down any string lights that are attached to it.

You should use this opportunity to offer the branches a thorough dusting using either a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a dusting attachment or a moist cloth. This should be done when you are in the process of cleaning up after the holidays. Next year, when you unpack a tree that is already cleaned and set up, you will be thankful that you did this now.

  1. 3. Disassemble Your Tree
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Make sure the Christmas tree is unplugged before you start taking it apart. If you cleaned it down, make sure you give the needles plenty of time to completely dry before using them again. Miniature artificial branches are often constructed from a single element and fold it up like an umbrella when not in use. 

However, full-size trees are made up of several different components. Because you only have to take them apart yearly, there is no guilt in consulting the instructions provided by the manufacturer because they may be difficult to put back together. 

There is, however, a method to get past this annoying step provided you have some more room to spare. You may store your tree in its fully built state, including the base, if you use an upright tree bag. Although they are often costlier than other storage containers, and they most certainly do not help save space, if you already have the room, putting up your Christmas tree the next year would be as simple as unpacking a box. If you do not have the space, however, you should look into alternative options.

  1. 4. Shrink Wrap Your Tree

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Always shrink wrap your tree. Don’t bother conserving the original box that your tree came in. Reducing waste and finding new uses for old things is an admirable goal, but in this situation, it’s not going to get you very far. The branches of an artificial Christmas tree, much like the branches of real Christmas trees, may fluff out significantly throughout the festive season.

Stuffing these branches back into their original packing might cause harm to the artificial tree. That is why always go for the option of shrink wrap. It will keep your tree safe and in the best possible condition. 

  1. 5. Wrap Lights Around Cardboard
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Untangle your tree’s string lights by working slowly and carefully through the branches. Before you put them away, make sure that each strand is flattened down and that any burned-out bulbs are removed. 

New bulbs should be used instead of those that are dim. When you are finished replacing any bulbs that have burnt out, you should gently coil your bulbs onto a cardboard piece so that they do not get tangled.

  1. 6. Sew Storage for Your Fake Tree
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Sewing your Christmas tree storage bag matters a lot. You should look for a Christmas tree storage that is of high quality. If you are going to go to the trouble of purchasing a lovely tree, then you should take care of it. There is a wide variety of choices available to consumers about bags. 

Make sure that whatever kind of bag you decide to sew; it has a water-resistant lining. Put the tree inside the bag one piece at a time with extreme caution. If your Christmas tree is on the bigger side, it is best to come down on the side of such a sufficient storage bag since you do not want the branches to be crushed.

7. Label Your Decoration Storage Items

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Make sure you name every box, so you can quickly locate it all from the tree topping to the lighting of the Christmas tree trinkets next year to prevent having to hunt through all your decorating boxes. Prevent clutter by grouping related products together in that box over the holiday season. 

Set aside a few boxes for the storage of holiday decorations, such as lights, wreaths, and other window treatments. You may still use storage containers with certain Christmas items, such as the wreath, which comes with its own storage bag. Masking tape may be used as a substitute for labels if you don’t even have any ready-made ones on hand.

Parting Thoughts 

To ensure that your Christmas tree maintains its beautiful appearance throughout the year, we suggest putting it away in a location that is as temperature-controlled as it is dry and as spotless as you can make it. Take extra precautions to avoid positioning your tree in a location where it might be knocked over or tipped over easily. 

If at all possible, you should put your Christmas tree in a place where it won’t get in the way and store it horizontally along a wall. If you want to store your tree in a vertical orientation, you should attempt to tuck it into a room and make sure that it is put in the stand that was intended for it. 

We are aware that common sense usually wins out, and then a Christmas tree is the kind of item about which you would rather not think for the bulk of the year. Have a wonderful year, put in your best effort, and be sure to follow the procedures listed above. If you are looking for the best artificial Christmas tree, here is where you need to be!