Inflatable Bounce House – Children Carnival in Yard !

Bounce houses become popular in the last 5 years. If your kids would like having a birthday party, setting a bounce house and inviting their friends is a brilliant idea. Inflatable bounce houses are always a carnival among children and their friends as free for bouncing sliding and climbing. An inflatable bounce house will provide several hours of fun in the backyard. In this essay, you could get some advisory opinions to decide whether purchase an inflatable bounce house or not. 

A Safe Game Way

An inflatable bounce house is much safer than the dreaded trampoline. Jumping and climbing, two vigorous exercise, are important to children’s physical and mental development. Finding ways to get your child fresh air and vitamin D isn’t always obvious between daycare or school and their weekend lessons or courses.

Themed Fun
Having fun is always an important project in our life. When you skim various of shopping items for weekend party, here is a good choice – put up an inflatable bounce house. Whether you’re hosting a princess-themed birthday party or a pirate-themed fundraiser, you’ll be able to find the right bounce house on Costway.  
Price, The Most Important Thing

If your kids get addicted to the fun of an inflatable bouncy castle, they would beg to possess a particular kind bounce house for another day. Remember what kind of bounce house is your children’s favorite would end up renting bounce house with quite costly. Purchasing your own bounce house online probably is a cost-effective way than renting for long-term. Furthermore, parents could rent their idle bounce house to their neighbor or someone need it on Facebook. Then they would get their money back quickly through rental (depending on the size and model of bounce house).  


If not cleaned completely, a bounce house would become a hotbed of germ. Don’t forget that rented inflatable bouncer house are used by children from all around town. In the era of COVID – 19, consumers would like to take care of themselves and their family. Checking whether rented inflatable bounce have been disinfect or not before it sent to your home, or just buying an exclusive bounce house for your children. 

Time Restrictions

Children have an endless energy to jump in a bounce house until nightfall. If you intend to rent a bounce house, you are able to use it during particular time probably. Most rental companies will rent out bounce house at 10AM and take back between 3 to 5PM. Time restrictions can be a major disadvantage if you have kids who want to spend more time on the bounce house. Purchasing a personal bounce house, you are no longer worry about the bagging faces and tears of kids. You can even run it into the night if you have an outdoor family day plan!

Cost-Effective In The Future

Most of the time, buying an inflatable bounce house is cheaper than renting it. Once your kids growing much stronger to the old bounce house, consider selling it in the second-hand market. Here’s a quick skim through the costs for buying a bounce house. If you keep your bounce house clean and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you are even able to sell it after several years. An inflatable bounce house in good condition would to be worth about 1/2 to 1/3 of original price – a $300 bounce house could sold about $100 in second-hand market. 

Having Fun in Rainy Days
Depending on weather, you would like to setup bounce house in the backyard or garage. When meeting a rainy day unfortunately, you would find a small bounce house that more fit your garage is perfect for kids. Choosing bounce house take the size of your garage as reference could give children a surprise time. Tell them that they can still have “bounce castle day” when it is raining outside.

Social Benefits

The mainly social benefit of setup a bounce house in yard is that encourage your kid to learn more social skills. Children would learn particular physical language and social etiquette in playing with the other children. Try to make children participate team game. Facing the same age friends will arouse their social nature – whether your kids are introverted or outgoing. If your children are new through the neighborhood, investing in a bouncy house could improve their social circle and make it possible for them to make new friends.

Inflatable Water Park Bounce House with Climbing Wall Without Blower



● Multiple Play Areas: This inflatable bounce house integrates multiple functions and entertainment for kids to play. It includes double slides, a climbing wall, a splash pool and a basketball rim, which allow children to enjoy fun with multiple games at the same time and create a happy childhood.
● Quick Inflation and Storage: This inflatable water park is inflated in just a few minutes. After use, it can be quickly deflated through the air outlet tube, then folded and stored in the carrying bag. Notice: The 480w blower is not included in the package.
● Excellent Materials: The slides and climbing area are made of 840D oxford fabric with superior wear resistance. And other areas are covered with premium 420D oxford, which is durable to accompany your children for long time. Besides, this massive water park has passed ASTM certification.
● Safe Design and Sweet Accessories: The top of the slide is surrounded by a comprehensive and breathable net to ensure the safety of children while playing. It comes with a carrying bag, 8 bouncer stakes for stability, 4 repair patches, a hose and an inflatable ball for added enjoyment.
● Perfect Gift for Kids: The water park is spacious enough to accommodate 2-3 children from 3 to 10 years old to play. Kids can compete in the climbing wall, slide down the smooth slides, spray friends with water cannon and more. They can learn to share while playing to enhance friendship. 

Inflatable Mighty Bounce House Jumper with Water Slide without Blower



  • Exclusive material: This inflatable water slide features a climbing wall, curved slide and large wading pool area. It is made by extraordinarily heavy-duty puncture proof 420d oxford materials, while the bouncing area is made by exclusive 840d oxford to strengthen its ultimate durability. Suitable for 2-3 kids play together.
  • Practise Climbing: Challenging inflatable rock wall leads to the jumping area → a curved water slide → splash pool. Heavy duty grips will offer your kids full strengthen on the process of climbing.
  • Protective Netting: Tall mesh walls surround the jumping area which will keep your kids safe while jumping and allow for maximum ventilation. Through the mesh netting, you can keep an eye on all the action.
  • Water Fun: Connect the hose to a tap, use a suggested air blower, your kids will have endless full with this water slide. The pray hood is designed on the top side of the water slid to keep the sliding surface slippery continuously.
  • Quick Inflation & Deflation: Set this bouncer up no matter at yard, park, lawn with a continuous-flow, heavy-duty blower. One oxford carrying bag is included for conveniently take on-the-go.

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