Job Hunting Tips for Fresh Graduates


Graduations are unforgettable memories – but not as we planned this year. The Covid19 pandemic surprised the world just as you hit the end of college. However, the positive news is that new graduates will definitely continue to seek employment amid these trying situations.

So how do you search employment during a pandemic ? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions you may have to help you get your first job. (hint: new graduate job in banks or hospitals is your best bet for a stable and secure employment.)

Prior to Job Hunting

The pandemic has delayed our graduation.  Do I still have a job I can apply for? 

Yes. Companies still recruit new graduates as long as you can prove you did. Be ready and the recruiting officer will ask you to provide a copy of your credentials and certificate of graduation. 

Are businesses actually still accepting new graduates?

Yes, even as businesses transition to the new regulations, you should expect a slower employment and on-boarding process.

Where can I begin looking for work? 

Start with a powerful Resume. This is the first job before you apply for a job. You should tell who you are and the story of your career. Go for content instead of length when composing your resume.

What kind of job do I have to apply for? 

You should preferably pick a work that you prefer. But with all of the confusion right now, you will even have to look outside your own industry. 

The aim here is to know which capabilities can be translated and how they can be adapted to other positions. But the main thing is to learn new things and make progress on your chosen career path. your work could be different from what you majored in.

During Job Hunting

I concentrated on making the perfect college memories. Sadly, this has often turned out to be low grades. Because of my poor GPA, I am concerned that I will not be hired. 

Are you a student at university, a varsity athlete or a college leader? Launch your career quest with these experiences. Speak about what you achieved at the time. Emphasize unique qualities that are vital to the work for which you have applied. Instead of academic success, it would demonstrate your soft skills and ethics.

A work is tough to find. There are no career openers that complement my credentials in the businesses I want to work for. What am I going to do? 

Subscribe to more jobs portals online and register for multiple career posts. Check and use their pages for the best businesses you choose to join. The better your chances of being recruited, the more jobs you put out.

So many other fresh graduates I’m competing – what can I do to stand out? 

Be yourself and take the career hunt personally. Tailor your request to your company and be confident with how you market yourself. 
Grow your network. Grow your network. Back to friends and colleagues. Create partnerships that can become possibilities. 
Practice answering questions about typical work interviews. Keep in mind that you are still kind, vibrant and polite. Be the kind of person with whom you would like to work.

Job Interviews make me uncomfortable. I stutter when answering questions from the recruiting manager.  What do I do? 

Find out and read about the business as best as possible. This not only impresses the recruiting manager but also makes you feel happier and more secure in the interview. 
Prepare the answers and foresee the questions which might be raised. Then keep on practicing. The more naturally your repetition becomes during the real interview. The more naturally. 
Finally, make phone and video interviews comfortable. Much of the time we experience physical distancing it is now conducted online.
Good luck in your Job search!