Landscaping Tips for Your New California Home


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Congratulations – moving into your new California home must be very exciting! You get the chance to design a space that fits all your wants and needs. However, most people neglect the outside of their home as they’re too busy with the interior. But that’s a big mistake. Not only that you’ll boost the curb appeal of your home, but you’ll also raise its value. Landscaping can increase your home’s value by up to an impressive 12%. So, to help you create an outdoor oasis that your entire new neighborhood will envy you for, we’ve prepared landscaping tips for your new California home. By the end of this article, you’ll feel confident and ready to start your landscaping adventure.

Make your garden stand out with our landscaping tips for your new California home

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is the importance of spending time outdoors and having access to nature. However, it’s not just state parks or conservation areas that can make you feel in touch with nature. The answer is simple – landscaping.


Caption: Even though it’s not easy, gardening comes with many benefits and can be fun for your entire family.

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If you don’t have experience or simply don’t know where to start, continue reading. We’ve prepared landscaping tips for your new California home. By the end of this article, we guarantee you’ll feel inspired and ready to go and buy that gorgeous wooden wagon plant bed that you’ve been eying and start working on your garden.

Set a budget for landscaping

It’s not a secret that buying a home costs a lot of money. Besides the home price, you also have to factor in other costs. For instance, closing costs or expenses for hiring movers. Most people who don’t prepare well end up removing landscaping from their budget. However, they are making a huge mistake.
We already mentioned how landscaping has a massive effect on your home’s look and feel. More importantly, it influences its value. Investing in landscaping will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

So to have a smooth relocation without having to worry about having enough money to cover all of your expenses, the team from recommends listing all potential expenses and setting your budget according to them. By preparing well, you’ll ensure you have enough funds to take care of all aspects of your home, including landscaping.

Decide what kind of garden you want

When it comes to landscaping, it’s not enough to only know how to use your great new lawnmower. Landscaping requires time, dedication, and commitment. Therefore, before you decide on your landscape design, make sure to ask yourself the following questions:
●Do you love working in the garden for hours, or would you rather have a low-maintenance garden?
●How much time can you dedicate to gardening each week?
●Do you have the knowledge and skills to take care of demanding plants?
●Can you afford a gardener?

Be honest with yourself, and based on your answers, you’ll be able to determine what kind of landscaping best fits your lifestyle. While some people are comfortable taking care of the rainforest in their backyard, others just want to have a nice place to use their high-quality barbecue and enjoy time with friends in your new California home.


Caption: If your lifestyle doesn’t leave you with extra time for gardening, perhaps you should consider hiring a professional to help you.

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Even though you might start with good intentions, novelty tends to quickly wear off if you’re not a keen gardener. So make sure you are being realistic with yourself.

Consider the climate

Nothing looks nicer than gorgeous decorative planter boxes filled with beautiful flowers. However, before you get carried away and purchase all the lovely plants you like, you need to do your research. Many plants can’t thrive in the Californian climate, so you need to check your options. 
The best way to go is to choose native plants. It’s a great way to help save water, reduce maintenance and pesticide use, and invite beneficial pollinators to your garden. If you bought a coastline home, make sure to check what kind of plants would do best in your garden. 

If you are already a passionate gardener and had a lovely garden at your old property, perhaps you can take some of your old plants with you. Nowadays, it’s very easy to hire reliable movers to help you with your interstate moving. You and your plants can have an easy transfer within the state, and, as it’s the same climate, you won’t have to worry about your garden not thriving.

Prepare the soil

One of the most important landscaping tips for your new California home is to prepare your soil before you plant. This step can make the difference between your whole garden thriving or dying. Also, you can take this time to think of more ideas for your landscape design.

Keep in mind that soil preparation is not an easy task, but it’s definitely worth it. First, you need to ensure you have a sound drainage system in place and that your soil is not compacted. You’ll also need good compost and nutrients to keep the soil healthy.


Caption: If you take your time and prepare the soil well, you’ll ensure that your garden is healthy and thriving.

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If you invest time in preparing your soil, you’ll ensure you have an attractive garden for a lot more time. Most importantly, you’ll help your plants thrive and grow healthy. All that will be left for you is to purchase some great gardening accessories and start decorating! 

The bottom line

We hope you found our landscaping tips for your new California home useful and that we’ve helped you design a perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family to enjoy. Even though gardening can take a lot of time and effort, it’s worth it as it comes with plenty of benefits. From boosting the value of your new California home to improving air quality in your home, there are plenty of advantages you can count on. So take out your gardening equipment and start designing your perfect outdoor space today.

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