Living Abroad


This is not the first time to be living abroad but, its the first time to be apart from the family, since I am on my own. Oh! Gosh, it’s quite challenging and the period of adjustment is not that easy since you are out of your comfort zone.

The day I arrived was like a turning point from the hot weather and seeing the sun clearly to cold weather and minimal scenery of the sun. Temperature from 30C to as low as 3C my body was not ready to adapt to the change in weather so, I had Chills, Colds and my blood pressure rose up for the first few days.

I had to make several adjustments aside from the weather. The type of Clothes to wear, a big NO to summer or casual wear like sleeveless blouses, t-shirts, shorts and slacks. Its Winter Season, I had to layer my clothing not just 2 but up to 3 layers to keep me warm and comfortable. 

Language is another concern since I do not know the local language eventually, thanks to technology in a way I am getting along. From buying food, groceries and asking for directions. It surely is a learning experience, checking the internet for basic words copy and paste in my mobile phone showing it to the store owners I surely can eat and buy what I need.

Food, the taste may have a bit of a difference but, food is food. I love food. Not much difficulty in adapting to the food since most of the food prepared have a similarity to what I have back home. Their is the abundance of fruits which I truly love to eat.

People, thankful they are all supportive and good despite of the difference in language just a SMILE and a NOD of affirmation is a great relief. So far, in the work place I am perfectly fine. The change in work environment is smooth sailing, grateful to my trainer and mentor.