Maintaining a Healthy Emotional and Physical Health During This Pandemic

It’s hard to feel grounded with the
COVID-19 (corona virus) situation continuing to develop. In our lives, we are
all grappling with huge disturbances and daunting unknowns that have shaken our

These are emotionally challenging times for
all of us.

One of the ways we can take care of our
mental well-being is to ensure that we are as safe physically as we can be.

In keeping us mentally well, daily exercise plays a huge role.

It releases chemicals known as dopamine,
endorphin and serotonin which are ‘feel-good’ to help improve mood and reduce

And although our normal physical exercise
approaches may temporarily be unavailable, there are still ways of staying

Walking is also a great way of reducing
stress and anxiety, maintaining healthier and improving our immune system so
that we are less susceptible to infections.

A brisk daily walk is good for the body and
mind if you practice physical distance and keep the required distance away from
other people.


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And you may want to get creative about how
you remain engaged in these odd times, dancing to your favorite songs in your
lounge room, climbing stairs or spending more time playing about pets or kids.

By standing up whenever possible, you can
also decrease your sedentary time-aim to interrupt sitting time every 30

Using one of the many free online courses,
you may want to practice yoga and Pilates, or download a meditation or deep
breathing app to help you remain grounded.

Resisting the urge to snack on fast food or
sweet treats, strive to maintain a balanced diet.

A diet high in fat , salt and sugar is
likely to aggravate anxiety and weaken your immune system, although the
occasional serving of comfort food is good.


It is particularly important to be attuned
to your mental state during this period of uncertainty. It to feel easier to
concede to your anxiety or be fearfully glued to the news 24/7, but
concentrating on preserving your mental health will help you successfully weather
this outbreak and be available to your family and friends as a support net.

Make sure COVID-19 is understood.

In the midst of what feels so unknown,
educating yourself about COVID-19 will help give you a sense of understanding
and control. Check legitimate websites for news and virus information and act
to avoid too much scrolling on social media platforms via alarmist messages.
For reliable updates and helpful tools, you can always rely on the Centers for
Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Bear in mind that this is a situation that
is unprecedented and that your feelings of fear and anxiety are real.

For anyone, this is a confusing moment, and
sometimes it feels easier to downplay your feelings and brush aside your fears,
especially if you do so in the interest of helping someone else. But burying
your stressful feelings will not make them go away, so note that right now it
is okay to be nervous, overwhelmed or scared and then treat those feelings with
the suggestions included here. (or other people!). Remind yourself that this
chapter of your life will pass, and in the weeks and months to come, we will
return to feeling safe, busy and connecting with our communities.

Reach out for assistance if you need it.

Don’t fear asking for help. Make sure you
bring virtual interactions with friends and family into your life, as I
mentioned earlier. Contact a mental health professional or find one for the
first time if you find that you need further help. A great online resource is Talk
space, and Psychology Today can help you find a therapist.