Make your kids playtime more exciting with Tent Swing


Children nowadays are turning into gadgets than playing outside with friends. To minimize their usage on gadgets a tent swing is perfect for your kids for outdoor entertainment. No need to go to the children’s park to play the old school swing. You can easily set up this hanging tent in your backyard and invite your friends. But it’s not only for outside use you can also set it up inside your house or specifically in your room. 

Floating tent swing is not only for playing and swinging. It can also be your kids cozy place to read, draw and if they want a hiding place to be alone. Yes, kids also want to be alone sometimes, especially for those who are not into physical activities. This tent swing hammock is designed to keep your child safe while having their me-time. Just add some cushion to make it more comfortable. 

If you’re looking for a present for your kids, Costway hanging sky tent swing is a great deal for you.

2-in-1 40 Inch Kids Hanging Chair Detachable Swing Tent Set

● Detachable Play Tent: Designed with a detachable play tent, this nest hanging swing seat with adequate height- 52″provides kids with a reading nook, resting pod, and hanging chair. And the screen window and rolling door not only ensure optimal ventilation but also gives kids private areas.

● Flying Saucer Swing: Featuring the giant playing zone-40″ diameter, this saucer tree swing is large enough for two or three children to swing and play together to promote teamwork and social skills. And length adjustable braided ropes from 40″ to 63″ fit different hanging ways and kids in different height.

● Safe and Comfortable Swing: Made of sturdy galvanized pipe with foam padding and heavy-duty PP jumping cloth and oxford fabric, this hanging swing tent has a strong load-bearing capacity of up to 330 lbs, available for kids to jump freely and safely. And the 360-degree tent enclosure design reassures its safety and gentle riding.

● Year-Round Family Fun: This kid hanging chair swing tent set will be an eye-catching addition to your bedroom or backyard and served as the outdoor activity center for your weekly family fun time, greatly satisfying sensory needs and balance training. Perfect for people who need a relaxing therapy zone to calm their minds.

● Easy to Install and Store: Minimal assembly procedure is required for this pod swing chair. With the universal hanging rope, you can easily mount this cozy nook in the bedroom, playroom or backyard tree. The tent is foldable, whose size reduces a quarter of the present size, and portable for travel and camping.


2-in-1 40 Inch Kids Hanging Chair Detachable Swing Tent Set

2-in-1 40 Inch Kids Hanging Chair Detachable Swing Tent Set

2-in-1 40 Inch Kids Hanging Chair Detachable Swing Tent Set


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