Safety Magnetic Fireplace Cover

Almost half of the year and cold season also is approaching! It’s much better to prepare early for this year and for the long year ahead! Make your Fireplace Safe. Our Safety Screens protect your family from touching hot glass and are custom sized to fit any gas fireplace.

How do magnetic fireplace covers work?

All Fireplace Fashion fireplace covers are held in place by strong industrial strength magnets. The magnet strips are placed on the inside, along all of the edges, at the top, the bottom and both sides of the cover, lining the entire perimeter, to seal the opening and stop the air flow.

As an added benefit, magnetic fireplace vent covers help to keep stink bugs, spiders and other insects out of your home. Assists in keeping smell and ashes where they ashes where they belong: in the firebox behind the cover, not in your house, covers up soiled, discolored, or damaged fireplace doors or screens. Hide ashes from the last fire that you neglected to empty, stops hot, humid summer air from the entering your homer and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. You can watch the fire in the fireplace through the mesh metal screen panel, but sparks and embers can’t come through the screen to hurt you and your family.

What are you waiting for! Buy while it’s still in available!

Fireplace Screen with Hinged Magnetic Two-doors Flat Guard

● Lightweight Tubular Steel and Heavy-duty Mesh: The fireplace screen is made of a tubular steel frame that is lightweight and rigid in design. The mesh screen is heavy-duty and prevents flames from coming out. Moreover, the frame is designed with a powder-coated finish which has wear-resistant features.

● Safe Design and Sturdy Construction: The fireplace screen is equipped with a stable screw, that allows it to stand firmly even on uneven grounds. Also, you can adjust the distance of the backrest support bar, making it suitable for fireplaces of different sizes. There are 4 supporting legs to ensure its stability, balance and great load-bearing capacity.

● Flat Guard Design to Protect Your Family: The height of this fireplace is 35.5″ making it a perfect fit for most fireplaces on the market. It can also be used as a protective fence to keep your children and dogs away from the fire, providing you with a safe and comfortable environment.

● Two-doors with its magnet design: The two-door design is incorporated for your convenience. The handles are designed to be more solid and sturdy than the round handles available in other fences on the market. The doors have magnet-adsorption features, making it difficult for kids to open. It is also equipped with a secure closure system for added safety. Moreover, the scroll design elevates the overall design of the product.

● Elegant Shape and Easy Assembled: The elegant design makes it blend in well with any decoration style you have in your home. It is created with a scroll design to add an eye-catching appeal to any living room or bedroom. Just follow our step by step instructions and you will assemble it in no time.


Fireplace Screen with Hinged Magnetic Two-doors Flat Guard

Fireplace Screen with Hinged Magnetic Two-doors Flat Guard

Fireplace Screen with Hinged Magnetic Two-doors Flat Guard


If you are looking for such a magnetic fireplace cover, don’t hesitate to buy it!