Season in the summer

Now it’s the end of summer. On weekends, Let’s take our family or friends with us, get away from the crowded and hot city, then find a cool place with mountains and water, spend a leisurely time. Take out the beer and fruit, chill them in the stream. Set up a tent in the shade of a tree and spread out a picnic blanket. Face the stream, set up a grill and prepare for a short barbecue camp.
So what do you need to prepare for a perfect camping trip?

1. Campsite

In general, the campsite should be close to the water source, which can guarantee the water supply. But if you’re camping in the mountains, you’ll encounter wildlife close to the water, so be careful. Secondly, it is important to set up a campsite on safe ground. The ground should be flat, without roots and gravel, and do not build camps on sloping ground. If there is a lot of debris scattered, it is absolutely not allowed to set up a tent, which means there is a risk of falling rocks. Of course, none of this matters if you choose a highly artificial campsite.

2. The tent

First of all, you need to choose a tent according to the camping environment. If your destination is seaside or highly artificial campsite, you can skip the option of a sealed tent for better ventilation and views. For family and friends, a spacious and easy set-up tent is the best choice. It is more suitable for family camping, and the bracket is close to vertical, which provides more space for people to play without bumping into each other and avoiding many accidents. It’s a little bit heavier, but it’s not a burden at all for a family that’s driving.


6 Persons Pop Up Easy Set-up Camping Tent with Bag 
Outdoor 10’ x 10’ Pop-up Canopy Tent Gazebo Canopy
10′ x 9′ Family Beach Tent Canopy Sunshade w/ 4 Poles


3. BBQ

One of the great pleasures of camping is barbecuing. Take out the prepared ingredients, unfold the grill, tables and chairs in the open area in front of the tent. Light the charcoal fire, put in the ingredients, and get ready to start barbecuing. There’s no way to be short of drinks with a barbecue, and if you haven’t prepare an incubator to chill drinks in advance, stream under the shade is a good choice.


Costway Outdoor BBQ Grill Barbecue Pit Patio Cooker 
Foldable Outdoor BBQ Portable Grilling Table With Windscreen Bag 
Folding Camping Table w/ Storage Organizer 

4. Others
Depending on your needs, there are a number of other tools that may be useful during your camping trip. For example, various types of moisture-proof pad can be used to insulate the cold ground from mosquito bites and can also be used as picnic cloth. The weather can change quickly in the wild, especially in mountain and forests, and you’ll definitely need wind ropes and wind cloths. This can prevent wind and secure the tent, but also can divide the tent inside and outside, prevent dew wet clothes.