Shoe Storage Solutions


If your closet is overflowing with too many pairs of shoes, it might be time to invest in a better shoe storage solution. Drawer for shoes is handy furniture that offers to declutter your home with over crowded many pairs of shoes and a great value for your hard-earned cash. 

Keeping the Floor Clean: It’s not hard to change into clean house slippers before walking around your home if there are drawer dividers for shoes in a hall closet or in the entry way. It prevents shoes that are used to work in the garden, plays at school, or do other activities to roam inside the house. This makes your floor cleaner, minimize dirt or stains on the carpet and easier to clean.

Dust-free Shoes: If you have an organizer – plastic drawer for shoes, it is one of the ways in protecting your beloved shoes. When you put them away for a while, they will be covered by dust. That’s why you should invest in a properly designed shoe cabinet like drawer organizer for shoes to prevent unwanted dust on your shoes.

Perfect storage for footwear: It is an essential benefit of keeping your shoes in an organized manner especially when you have ample footwear laying on the floor. Having standing shoe storage shelf is the best and dedicated place to keep your shoes neatly. 

Saves Time: A well organized shoe storage saves time. Morning is quite a busy time for all of the madness especially in finding the right pair of shoes. If you have the attractive option of shoe storage drawer, there’s no need to waste your time finding the perfect pair of shoes to match your outfit. This is because all of the shoes are well organized on the shoe storage shelf.

Shoe rack with drawer will keep your shoes neat and tidy by allowing you to see your filed shoes in bird’s eye view. For a small-space solution, consider Costway Wooden Free Standing Shoe Storage Shelf with Fabric Drawer.

Wooden Free Standing Shoe Storage Shelf with Fabric Drawer

● Multiple and Staggered Tiers: The shoe rack is designed with multiple staggered shelves for different shoes. It is able to store 7 pairs on left side and 6 pairs on right side. And 2 layers on the right are little higher than others, which can be used for storing high-heeled shoes.

● Additional Storage Space: Equipped with a fabric removable drawer, you can place essentials in for convenient taking. And there is a spacious top on the rack to place decors. With raised edge design, things won’t fall down from the top. Plus, 2 hooks are on both sides of rack for hanging umbrellas and keys.

● Stylish and Versatile Design: Not only for shoes, the multiple shelf but also can be used for storing tiny things which needed to be accessible in daily. With modern and concise design, the rack can match really well with the rest of your furniture or decors in living room, hallway or bathroom.

● Sturdy Frame with Selected Materials: Made of premium density board, the shoe rack with solid frame that would not make your shoes wobble or even let them down. The materials provide enough durable and skin-friendly surface which let you reach the shoe rack comfortably.

● Convenient to Install and Clean: Comes with an installation manual and all required accessories, it is easy to install the shoe rack by yourself in short time. In additional, the surface of the shoe rack is scratch-resistant and waterproof which is easy to clean with wet cloth.


Wooden Free Standing Shoe Storage Shelf with Fabric Drawer

Wooden Free Standing Shoe Storage Shelf with Fabric Drawer

Wooden Free Standing Shoe Storage Shelf with Fabric Drawer


Give your shoes a well deserve housing. Shop at Costway by creating a good-looking system designed around your shoes and your lifestyle.