Should You Move Your Furniture or Buy New When Moving?

Furniture is always a part of the home
that best represents its owner. When getting new furniture, we aim to choose
the items that reflect our personal style. With this in mind, it’s to be
expected that it won’t be easy for any homeowner to part with the things they
spent a lot of time, creativity, and money acquiring. Even so, sometimes leaving
some of your things behind is the easier, cheaper, and more stress-free
solution. Sometimes it is even more financially prudent to re-buy at an affordable retail shop than to pay to move
most of your furniture. We’ll try to offer you the best option should you
choose to move your furniture or buy new when moving.


A woman surrounded by boxes thinking whether should you move your furniture or
buy new when moving


Does it possess sentimental value?


Valuable and sentimental items should have a special treatment, so consider
carefully whether you should move your furniture or buy new when moving.  Alt-text: A man and a woman carrying items
and boxes.


A piece of furniture may sometimes hold
special meaning or value. Maybe a sofa has been passed down through generations
in your family. Although its time may have come to an end, and you may be
better off upgrading it with a practical
foldable couch
that will save you space and offer double function, parting
ways with it is not easy. Even today, seeing a bookcase from college may bring
back pleasant recollections. So sometimes it’s understandable that those items
won’t be left out during the move.

Still, not all furniture in your house is
a family relic. Most of your furniture will probably be seen primarily from a
practical standpoint, with perhaps one or two pieces truly holding sentimental
value. Also, a personal item may be too costly to move or may just not fit in
your new location. In this case, consider putting such an item in storage. When
it comes to valuable and sentimental items, Roadway Moving representatives
suggest that you find a moving company that offers a custom-tailored storage
solution for your needs. Another solution would be asking family or friends to
“adopt” the treasured object for mutual benefit. Whatever choice you
make, you’ll know that your valuables are in safe hands.

Will it look and feel out of place?

We’ve already established that
sentimental pieces are in a category of their own. All other items should be
considered from multiple angles. Think about the appearance and function of the
furniture in your new place. For example, will you have enough
room for your treadmill
? Some other instances are:

·      A corner bookshelf won’t have
much purpose if your new place has no free corners due to window positioning
and other structural circumstances

·      A tall wardrobe closet is
pointless if you’re moving to a space with lower ceilings

·      A lava lamp will certainly be
out of place in a classically furnished and decorated home

What is the objective value of your

It is worthwhile to move pricey, high-end
furniture if you have it because it will last a long time. Just remember that
expensive furniture needs to be appreciated. If you are hanging onto a designer
couch merely because it was expensive when you bought it, leave it behind. If
that is the case, accept that it’s not
worth hauling with you
. Instead, sell it or give it away.

Consider what will make you happy in your
new home and weigh your options against your budget. The only way to succeed is
to balance moving costs with what you want in your new home.

You should consider what you will be
carrying with you and where you will be taking it. Be mindful of that because
you should treat your new home with the same respect you gave your old one.
Hopefully, after reading this, you’re more decisive when pondering whether you should move your furniture or buy new when moving.

Meta: Should you move your furniture or
buy new when moving? Here are a few considerations that will help you decide.