Space Saving Foldable Couch

Staying in a small apartment but having a hard time choosing furniture that will best suit to your taste? A small area is very challenging to organize especially if you have lots in mind that you want for your home. You can design your place without sacrificing the style with the space saving furniture just like the foldable couch that you can convert from sofa into bed. 


Minimalist, Practicality and Comfort

If you have a small bedroom a floor foldable couch is a good choice that you can get to fit and do other things that you want in your room. Just simply fold it in the daytime to make more space. You can also use it as an extra bed and convert your living room into a sleeping area whenever you have visitors who want to sleep over. 

Adjustable foldable couch is one of the practical and good investments. It will serve its function and help you maximize your space without ruining your decors. It will also bring comfort for you while relaxing after a long tiring day. It offers you a variety of positions based on the things you’re doing, like watching TV, reading books, playing games, or sleeping. 


Benefits of Foldable Couch

1. Multi-purpose use – You can use it as a bed at night and fold it in the morning to convert it into sofa.

2. Maximize your space – you can easily move it around to make more space whenever you want.

3. Save money – Instead of buying both sofa and a bed, you can just have this foldable couch and you have an instant sofa and bed.  

4. Extra Bed – No need to worry if you have guest coming over to stay. Just unfold it to make their overnight stay comfortable. 


Foldable Floor 6-Position Adjustable Lounge Couch

● Flexible Recline Angle: The backrest of this floor sofa has 5 tilt positions with an adjusting range from 90°to 180°. It is very easy for you to find a perfect relaxing position while reading books, watching TV, or playing video games during your leisure time.

● Most Comfortable Experience: The surface is made of composite suede, which is not only skin-friendly but also durable enough with the feature of wear-resistance. A soft and cozy seat provides you with a long-period comfortable experience. In addition, 2 soft pillows allow you to relax your neck or lumbar vertebra.

● Build for Everlasting Service: Made by a premium steel frame, it is strong enough to support your body without the need to lean against the wall at the back. Stuffed with high-quality cotton and sponge, this sofa is thick and elastic, and not easy to deform after long-time sitting. The bearing capacity of this floor sofa is up to 330 lbs.

● Foldable and Washable Design: Compared with conventional sofas, this floor sofa is foldable, which makes it easy to carry or store. A smooth zipper on the side of the sofa and pillow allows you to remove the cloth cover and wash it, thus you can always stay in a clean environment.

● The necessity for Modern Life: From an upright position to a flat position, it can be served as a sofa or a bed to meet your different requirements. Suede texture makes it look superior and chic, perfectly matching your bedroom, living room, reading room, or balcony.


Foldable Floor 6-Position Adjustable Lounge Couch

Foldable Floor 6-Position Adjustable Lounge Couch

Foldable Floor 6-Position Adjustable Lounge Couch