Spacious Children Table and Chair Set


All children need a spot to do their homework or get creative with art supplies, and kids’ desk and chair sets are the perfect proportions for young bodies. By purchasing a desk and chair as a set, you know the chair is just the right height to fit comfortably at the desk, plus the desk and chair match, which is more aesthetically pleasing than mismatched furniture.

If your child is educated at home full time, you’re probably wondering whether a kids’ desk and chair set is comfortable enough to sit in for a whole day of schooling. The chairs that come with these sets aren’t usually ergonomically adjustable, so they’re not the best option to sit in all day. The fact of the matter is, however, that many kids don’t learn best when they’re sitting at a desk. While a desk is useful when your child needs a flat, hard surface to work on, if you’re homeschooling full time, you should take advantage of the fact that your child isn’t forced to stay seated at a desk all day like they would be in a classroom. 

 Having their own desk and chair gives children a dedicated spot to sit and do schoolwork, art, or creative writing. Sure, they could do it all at the kitchen table, but having their own space can help children focus. If your child is being schooled at home, a desk is vital, but even if they just use it for their own creative hobbies, it’s still a worthwhile investment.

1. Teaches practical life skill and table manners:

Children can help set the table prior to mealtime and clearing and cleaning the table afterward. My children love wiping the table and even take time to carefully check everything to ensure they get all the dirty spots off the table and chairs.

2. Allows for quiet time:

The table is not used for just mealtimes. My children use it for doing arts and crafts, playing with playdough, practicing writing skills, reading, and much more. Instead of running around like cave people and destroying the house, my children are able to sit down at the table and do some quiet activities. This allows mommy to stay sane … most of the day anyway.

3. Promotes good posture and comfort:

Imagine having to sit with your legs dangling all the time while eating. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable!

The small chairs allow children to sit with their feet flat on the floor and back against the chair (as opposed to a booster, which provides no back support). Moreover, the children can adjust their distance away from the table to ensure that they are not straining their shoulders or backs trying to reach their food.

4. Supports independence:

The children are able to sit on and get off the chairs on their own. Instead of always needing adults to help them get into the high chair or booster for mealtime or playtime, they are now able to make their own decisions as to when and what to eat or do since they have a place they can sit down and eat their food or do their activities. For example, when my children want to draw, they would just go and grab a piece of paper and crayons and sit down for some quiet art time.

5. Encourages healthy sibling interaction:
My daughter follows her older brother around everywhere, wanting to do anything and everything he does. Most of the time, a fight ensues because she tries to interfere with what he is doing or he doesn’t like how she is always in his personal space.

Having everybody sitting in a chair allows the kids to sit and play together on the same table, but each with a space to call their own. And instead of having the older sibling sitting in a booster seat at the adult table and the younger toddler crying because she can’t see what he is doing from the ground, a small table levels the playing field.

Children reading and drawing when they are just literate; learning after reading, practicing calligraphy, and writing homework; even looking at mobile phones, ipads, computers, and children’s tables and chairs are all necessary. Children’s tables and chairs can not only prevent children from myopia, forward neck, and hunchback, but also increase learning interest and concentration, and play a key role in children’s happy growth and learning efficiency.

And as children grow up, the height and function of children’s tables and chairs are also different. Parents should also pay attention to this. So, what kind of children’s desk and chair should I choose?

This is the functional children’s desk and chair, providing fun and safety for children in different ages. Made of premium materials, this set is sturdy and safe. Legs constructed with high quality steel frame and the updated leg reinforcement design and non-slip pads prevent chairs from tilting back and sliding. A hook on the side of the table allows you to hang a backpack or water bottle. 
The height of the whole desk and chair can be adjusted as child growing up. It also comes with a large storage drawer for storing books, papers and bookshelf for additional space. This student table is your best choice! It can help children correct their posture, protect their eyesight and develop good study habits.


Spacious Children Table and Chair Set

Spacious Children Table and Chair Set

Spacious Children Table and Chair Set



● Pull lifting desk and chair can find the most suitable height for children

● Embedded groove to hold pens and pencils more easily

● Iron frame and MDF to ensure stability and durability of desk and chair

● Rubber and pencil can be stored in the recessed groove to reduce clutter

● Ergonomic backrest provide a comfortable sitting experience for children

● Equipped with anti-pinch plug to prevent kid’s hands from being pinched

● Spacious drawers under the desk for books, paper and other school supplies

If you are looking for such product, don’t hesitate to buy it now!