When the weather gets cold, turn the heat up and keep your house at the right temperature.

It’s important to stay protected against a drop in temperature as cold weather. Staying well especially during freezing weather is to keep warm always. Now is the time to be boastful of oil heaters and wondering why it is popular nowadays? There are several advantages including: energy efficiency, portable and compact , and safety.

How Oil Filled Space Heaters Work

Oil filled heaters are made from a series of built radiator fins or flat panels.  The fins or the flat panels is filled with oil that serves as a heat reservoir. Once the unit is powered on, the electricity will be channeled into the resistor in the heater and the energy will be converted from the electricity into heat. The heat will then be absorbed by the oil inside the heater. As the oil warms up, it begins to circulate through columns built into the radiator fins and flat panel and eventually starting to circulate out heat around your room evenly.

How Efficient the Oil Heater

Oil filled heaters are energy efficient. Oil heaters are impressive at high heat retention, an oil heater will stay its heat for hours even after it is switched off. All energy consumed will be directly converted to heat and don’t need extra power to control a fan.

Once reached at the desired and set temperature, they can save you a ton of energy only using low power to maintain the warmth.

Is it Safe to Leave on Overnight

Yes. Oil heaters are designed to be very safe and don’t expose any heating elements. Oil heaters are the sort of heater you need to leave on all night and keeping warm the room safely. Also, there’s no fumes or gas emitted so can be used safely. Nowadays,  there are oil filled heaters that have safety features built-in which switch off the heater  and programmable timers just like.

Portable and Compact

Oil heaters are designed for flexibility that you can move it from one room to another.  Not only ideal for bedroom but also great fit for small offices or living space. Place it under your desk or across the living room for soft, warming comfort on cold nights. 


1500 W Electric Portable Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater with 3 Heat Settings


Lastly, when the temperature is coldest just before daybreak time, make sure  your room window is closed at nighttime and close curtains at dusk to keep the heat stay longer inside your cozy room.