Storage Hamper: Organize In Appealing Way

Fact: we use clothes everyday! But the thing is when we open the door of our dressing room, bedroom or washroom, stockpile of clothes are so overwhelming. Understandable that we do not have the energy to wash and clean it on daily basis because of children and various needs to be taken care of.  This is the time when storage hamper will have its grand entrance– plays a key role in organizing your laundry and other essential things in an appealing way. 

What Is A Storage Hamper

To simplify, it is a container purposely to carry clean or dirty clothes to and from the laundry room. With innovations, it’s not only for clothes but also a practical storage solution with stuff. Just like colonial storage hamper, this can be placed in your dressing room or bathroom to look neater without showing cleaning materials and other essentials.

Choose your Storage Hamper Material

The most common and easy to grab storage hamper in the hypermarket is made of lightweight plastics offering in different colors. Yes, it’s ok having it in few weeks of usage but one way or another you will desire to blend your hamper with the design of your room. There are storage hampers that come in different materials that compliment the design of the room like wooden storage hampers or wicker storage hampers. These earthly materials give a sense of breadth and bring natural charm. Stainless steel with woven fabric hampers is pretty to match your domestic decor while keeping the clothes from piling up on the floor like a mountain.  Most of the large hamper benches are made of wood that can be installed easily with having the tools to assemble them.

Benefits Of Having Storage Hamper

If your laundry has to be out in the open in your bedroom, the storage hamper with lid is a precise selection. This would cover up the clothes that needed to be washed soon. Some have several bins for sorting, and with removable canvas bags for transport to and from the laundry area.

Wicker hamper bench is another helper that is a discreet way to declutter your space and add of country touch to your decor. This wicker material offers neutral aura and fantastically utility storage you will be proud to have on display.

Functional and versatile is what you are looking for in a storage hamper? Here comes storage hamper bench that can be used as a bench or laundry hamper. Not only that, having a toy hamper bench in your child’s room can clear up the wacky toys everywhere on the floor and can add some colorful cushion on top of it to have a comfy seat.

For more demanding storage needs and to find the perfect solution for your space and laundry, scroll down below to see available storage hamper products.

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Tilt out Bamboo Shelf Slat Frame Storage Laundry Hamper


– Tilt-Out Bamboo Laundry Hamper: Beautiful lightweight design,space-saving two-in-one design with eye-catching bamboo finish. Add a touch of modern flair to your bathroom with this shelf with a tilt-out hamper.

– Space Saving Design: Single load tilt-out bamboo hamper stand with 2-tier shelves and 1 fold out polyester cloth hamper, easily access your laundry via the tilt-out slatted front, provide ample storage space.

– Removable Liner: The hamper liner itself is a removable,the hamper liner lifts out of the hamper for easy handling and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

– Sturdy & Durable: Construct of wooden bamboo frame and includes 600D polyester cloth hamper, suitable for daily use and to remove the hamper, simply pull back and lift.

– Convenient Use: Handles on liner and frame make transport easy, easy assemble required with all hardware packed in the package. You can place one in the bathroom, and keep fresh towels stacked on top.


Handwoven Laundry Hamper Basket with 2 Removable Liner Bags


– Enough Storage Space: With a storage capacity of 110L, our laundry basket provides large inner space for you to place your soiled clothes. Canvas liner bags are tied to the basket to prevent it from falling while hook and loop fasteners keep the cloth lining stable at certain place. Besides, it can also be used to store toys and other items.

– Two-section Laundry Sorter: Coming with divided compartments inside, the hamper laundry is easy to separate colors, helping you save time and preventing some parts of the cloth form being dyed. It makes sorting and organizing laundry simple and easy, which offers a convenient solution for daily use.

– High-quality Materials: This laundry hamper is made of heavy-duty steel frame, which is sturdy enough for long service life. It also comes with premium rattan and canvas material that feature durability and waterproof, making it an appropriate choice for damp environment. In addition, solid connection and exquisite craftsmanship will serve you better.

– Delicate Craftsmanship: With its exquisite weaving and bright natural finish, this laundry basket matches well with any furniture design style in your house. As the perfect combination of functionality and practicality, it will work perfectly in the bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

– Portable & Convenient Design: Removable design allows you to simply untie the liner bag from the hamper and carry the laundry to the washing machine. Weighs only 4kg, it brings much convenience to transport the laundry hamper from room to another. Two cut-out handles on the lid offers easy access to put your clothes in the basket.


Laundry Hamper Hand-Woven Synthetic Rattan Laundry Basket


– Waterproof & Durable Materials: Made of premium PP and heavy-duty metal, the laundry hamper is durable, lightweight and harmless. The top and bottom boards are equipped with extra metal tubes in the middle. What’s more, the basket is ideal for damp bathroom with waterproof surface.

– Foldable Design to Save Space: Comes with a removable board at the bottom of this laundry hamper, it is easy to fold the basket when not in use as long as you pull out this board. And the basket after folding is thin and won’t take up too much precious storage space.

– Flip Top & Ergonomic Handle: The laundry basket is designed with an easy open lid which offers convenient access to put your clothes. And this design can prevent odor emission effectively. In addition, the grooved handles on the side allow you to effortlessly hold and move this hamper.

– Ample Inner Space with Removable Bag: With large inner space, all of your dirty laundry and other sundries can be placed in this basket. It keeps your home organized and makes it tidy. You can take out the liner bag and carry it to laundry room or washing machine when you need.

– Versatile Basket with Concise Style: This hand-woven synthetic rattan laundry hamper in retro color is simple but fashionable. It can decor perfectly your bedroom, bathroom, apartment or laundry room. The basket can also be used to store kid’s toys and other items in addition to storing dirty clothes.


120L 3-Section Laundry Hamper Sorter with Wheels and Mesh Cover


– Bulky Capacity for Multiple Scenarios: Delivering 3 sections of the total volume of 120 L, this laundry hamper is able to well store your dirty laundry. Besides, it can be a perfect storage solution for kids’ toys, books, and other daily essentials as well. And, it can fold out when not in service.

– Cards Pocket & 6 Sorting Cards: This 3-section laundry basket has three card pockets and 6 sorting cards for better marking and sorting. Your dirty laundry can be classified based on colors, materials, washing methods, as well as applicable ranges.

– Detachable Casters with Leather Handles: Benefited from 4 casters with one that has a braking system, this laundry sorter has excellent portability and fixation. If necessary, you can also remove the wheels. Leather handles are durable and contribute to easy control of the relocation.

– Reliable & Water-Proof Design: 600D Oxford fabric with PE liner makes this dirty cloth organizer not delicate to water and daily use. The built-in high-density wood board at the bottom makes the laundry basket enjoy stronger carrying capacity while 4 glass fiber rods shape the laundry sorter upright and stable.

– Drawstring Mesh Cover for Dust-Proof: Good ventilation has been ensured via the drawstring mesh cover which also offers dust-proof and prevents the cloth from falling during moving. Turn the cover over and acquire easy access.


Foldable Handwoven Laundry Basket with Removable Liner


– Great Durability and Sturdy Construction: The frame of our laundry basket is made of premium steel, which endows it sturdy construction. With such a stable structure, it has strong load-bearing and is deformation-resistant. And its canvas is durable ans wear-resistant, which ensures that it can be used for a long time.

– Non-slip Design: This laundry hamper is equipped with anti-slip foot pads, which can make it stand on the floor stably. Besides, such design can keep the laundry basket from touching the ground and getting wet or dirty, and prevent accidental scratches or dents on the floor.

– Ample Space for Versatile Uses: This basket offers an ample space for storage, which can completely satisfy your daily requirement. It can serve as laundry hamper for clothes storage, which need to be washed. Apart from this, it also can be used to as storage container for toys, little items, etc, to keep your home organized.

– Flip Lid and Humanized Handles: The lid of this hamper is easy to open, providing you convenient access to place clothes. When its lid is closed, it can protect your privacy when storing clothes, and it can keep your storing items from getting dust. Its easy-to-hand handles enables you to transport it conveniently.

– Folding and Space-saving Design: This laundry hamper is folding. Thus, you can fold it back to a compact size for good storage when you don’t use it. It can make sure that you can save a lot of space to put other things. This laundry hamper is crafted form high-quality synthetic PE rattan material with meticulous handwoven skill, which makes it has a unique and charming design.


Folding X-Frame Laundry Hamper Clothes Storage Basket


– Save Space: The wall cabinet can be assembled on wall or over the toilet and comes space-saving, provides extra storage without taking up valuable floor space.

– Multi-founction: The cabinet combined with modern style and ample storage space for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other occasions.

– Flexible And Convenient: Very suitable for small space, according to the needs to meet the storage of various items.

– Multi-function: You can use this table as a coffee table, decorative display table, or end table, it will meet your various needs.

– Extra Storage: The convenient bottom shelf is great for storage, allowing you to conveniently put away items while still giving you easy access to them.

– Sturdy Construction: The table’s sturdy wooden frame ensures the table is not wobbly.

– Easy To Assemble: This coffee table assembles in minutes.

– Light Weight: The light weight design allows you to easily transport the hamper to the washing machine.

– Storage Easily: Bamboo laundry hamper can be folded flat for compact storage.

– Solid Construction: Bamboo construction is eco-friendly and incredibly durable.

– Stylish Appearance: modern, elegant design is perfect for families, individual use, dorms, apartments, etc.

– Useful: It can withstand heavy and frequent use.


Rectangle Bamboo Hamper Laundry Basket


– Bamboo Material: Made of bamboo, durable and lightweight. Rectangle bamboo hamper laundry basket which can provide sufficient storage for your laundry.

– Removable Liner Bag: With a withdraw-able inside liner. Inside liner can prevent the odor release. Moreover, the inside liner can be taken out.

– Sturdy and Useful: With a PU leather handle in the left and right side for convenient transporting.Thickened lid with a PU leather handle for simple and convenient opening.

– Easy To Assemble: Providing sufficient storage space for laundry,It simplifies your house working and keeps your home environment clean and tidy.

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