10 Best Ice Makers

Ice is sometimes unnoticed as a necessary, until hot summer days comes or when during a gathering there’s nothing ice cubes left to scoop out from the bucket. With summer weather is right around the corner, it’s important that ice machines can beat up the pressures that warmer weather presents.  How does ice maker work? The machine typically uses a motor, a water valve, and a heating element to complete the ice-making cycle. Once...... read more
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Carol C.
Jul 19, 2021


Coffee is a widely popular beverage around the world that has a host of amazing health benefits.  Coffee beans rise on a vine. They are simply the pit of a berry, which makes them an apple. There are two major types of beans: green and red. It was said that coffee was found by a goat herder in Ethiopia in the 1500s. He saw his goats chewing coffee cherries. Afterwards, he found a difference in their behavior; they acquired a ...... read more
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Jun 17, 2021